Who wants to make a play in the open field, Dez Bryant or Jeremy Maclin?

Dez Bryant:

Jeremy Maclin:


  1. eagles2zc says:

    Man has got to be paid first. Look at the precedent DJax has set for his fellow Eagles receivers

  2. Dan says:

    I thought we cut Steve Smith.

  3. Truthteller100 says:

    Doesn;t this boil down to the fact that Maclin is a pussy and Bryant is a freakin’ MAN?

    1. J-Man says:

      100% agree.

  4. Bill says:

    I am glad you pointed this out. That play really annoyed me. My reaction was, “Well I guess Maclin has given up any pretense at this point and is just sliding like a QB.”

    It’s a shame he couldn’t teach that technique to Vick.

  5. Willgfass says:

    In fairness I’m sure Maclin would look pretty good in the open field if he went up against the Eagles secondary

    1. Willgfass says:

      Well looks like that joke was already made. Apologies for not letting the comments load first

  6. bula says:

    maclin is a decent receiver. no more. no less. dez has a way higher ceiling. if you had maclin’s character and dez’s skill set, you’d probably end up with one of the greatest receivers of all time

  7. […] Dez Bryant is finally performing up to his talent.  And then some.  We noted earlier that he wants to make plays once he has the ball in his hands.  That may sound a little like the Chris Rock bit where parents want credit because they take care […]

  8. Vincent says:

    You can’t compare a freakish WR with drive and hunger to put his body on the line, like Dez, to our Todd Pinkston like first round bust. That is totally unfair!

  9. Turd.Ferguson says:

    Am I correct in thinking that the guys there was the only thing between Maclin and the endzone? The birds have gotten some undeserved press about lack of effort, but when there’s one defender between you and the endzone and you slide, that says something about your effort.

    1. I think there may have been another guy back there.

  10. rabbit says:

    Maclin is good, potentially very good, but he is scared shitless as soon as he gets close to the ball.(or vice-versa)

    1. Average Joseph says:

      I think that would disqualify him as good to potentially good

      1. rabbit says:

        An off-season spent with an extensive mental-training regimen could make wonders while an off-season spent with an extensive physical training regimen couldnt make a fearless guy into a receiver with Maclins skill-set.

  11. DerfDiggy says:

    Dez is a great receiver.

    Maclin is not.

  12. joe jones says:

    Maclin came into the league with a rep as “a dangerous open field runner.” Yeah…..right. He’s an average player. Nothing more.

  13. Corry says:

    Jeremy Maclin is such a team player. See if he goes down there, Foles gets that much more game time. He’s not selfish like that jerk Dez Bryant.

    1. Well that’s true.

  14. Peter says:

    Jeremy Maclin:

    Only a legend and future elite NFL WR in the minds of eagle fans

    1. Logan says:

      Yeah, reasonable Eagles fans absolutely do not think Maclin is a future elite NFL receiver. Especially after this season.

  15. mjoedgaard says:

    Well Bryant knows the Eagles secondary cant tackle, so he knew he was safe.

  16. HE is absolute garbage!!! Get rid of him. Get a legit #1 Wr 6-2 to 6-4 range early in next yrs draft and put #10 as a legit #2 to open up the mid;e and spread the field PLEASE

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