Initial random thoughts on Eagles-Cowboys: Eagles edition

I loaded up on coffee before last night’s Eagles-Cowboys game, so I have an overload of notes.  Therefore, let’s break them up.  We’ll do the Eagles now, and the Cowboys a little later today.  I know, I know… I should just change the name of the site to Blogging the Eagles.

• Here is what the last 6 opposing QBs have done to the Eagles:

I don’t think I could do that in Madden.  The Eagles secondary is unorganized, slow, and most disheartening… soft.  Terrible all around.  Loved this tweet by my buddy Sheil:

• On the Eagles’ first offensive play of the game, they left Brent Celek to block DeMarcus Ware 1-on-1, with predictable results.  Ware hit Foles hard, leading to an incompletion.

• The stretch plays the Eagles kept trying to run around the end were frustrating to watch.  That’s where DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer live, guys.  Meanwhile, the Cowboys were decimated up the middle.  When the Eagles finally decided to run at them, that’s when they began to have success.  The game shouldn’t be so complicated sometimes.  When the opposing defense is missing 4 defensive starters up the middle, you attack up the middle.

• I thought the NBC camera crew did a great job catching Nick Foles’ eyes running through his progressions and keeping his eyes down the field on the first drive.  Foles was patient, and didn’t panic when his first few reads weren’t there.  That was on the same drive in which he got lit up by Ware.  Good to see a big hit not make him get jumpy in the pocket.  Overall, I thought Foles was very impressive.  He made a great throw with a defender in his face.  That throw happened to stand out, but there were more.  I’ll take a closer look at his game as the week wears on.  Foles will be the starter for the rest of the season, per Andy Reid’s press conference today.

• Obviously, the other positive from last nights’ game was Bryce Brown.  24 carries, 169 yards, 2 TDs.  Last week he had 19 carries for 178 yards and 2 TDs.  More on him later in the week as well.  For the second week in a row, an opposing safety took a terrible angle on Brown because they misjudged how fast he is.  Last week it was Sherrod Martin.  This week is Danny McCray.  But the fumbles have to stop.  The Eagles aren’t going to bench Brown because they only have one other healthy running back (Dion Lewis), but I think there would be an argument for sitting him for a game to send the message that fumbling will not be tolerated.  Brown has 75 carries this season, and 5 fumbles (4 official).  That’s a fumble every 15 carries.  Unacceptable.  But obviously, the Eagles have themselves a find here.


• Brandon Graham had a good game, although to be fair, Doug Free is a disaster at RT for the Cowboys.  Still, it has to be encouraging that he was able to produce in his first start after the Eagles ditched Jason Babin.

• Evan Mathis held defenders all night.  But, he didn’t get called for anything, so it was effective, I guess.  Both teams got away with holding the entire game.

• Cullen Jenkins is the worst actor I’ve ever seen.

• Dez Bryant had a play in which it looked like he was boxed in by about 5 Eagles defenders.  He made them all miss and scored.  On a similar open field opportunity, Jeremy Maclin went down… on his own.

• Riley Cooper continues to produce whenever he has gotten opportunities.  He has a one-handed TD grab in each of the two Cowboys games this season.  He’s also, by far, the best blocking WR on the team.  Jason Avant’s days are numbered in Philly.

• Lost in the awfulness of the last two seasons is Alex Henery, who is having a historic start to his career:

Henery even had a tackle last night.  He looked more interesting in tackling than DRC or Nnamdi, that’s for sure.

• Speaking of Collinsworth, at one point during the game he said that no defense works as hard as the Eagles.  I love ya Cris, but that might be the dumbest thing I’ve heard all season.

• Jake Scott has been very good since joining the team.  He’s also one of the scariest humans I’ve ever seen.  The right side of the Eagles line is playing well, with Scott at RG and Dennis Kelly at RT.  Danny Watkins’ future with the Eagles may be in doubt next season, depending on the next head coach.

• Oh yeah, and the Eagles fired Jim Washburn after the game.

More Eagles awfulness:

  • They have not forced a turnover in four games.
  • They’re tied with the Cardinals for the longest losing streak in the NFL, at 8.
  • As it currently stands, the Eagles would draft 4th.  Top 5 would be Chiefs-Jags-Raiders-Eagles-Panthers.
  • The Eagles point differential reached triple digits.  They’re now -103.
  • Turnover differential is now -18.

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  1. boyfromoz says:

    Your view on Dez has been pretty negative to date – any change after the past 3 games? He did have that fumble last week but the defender got a hit right on the ball so I don’t think he gets too much blame for that.

    In my view Dez loves football and loves to compete – reminds me of Irvin in that regard. While he may never have Irvin’s on-the-field smarts he certainly has much greater athletic ability and I think the mental side will greatly improve over the next couple of seasons as he learns and gains maturity.

  2. boyfromoz says:

    Reid was never able to replace Johnson, that is what ultimately brought him undone. After making a poor decision to shift Castillo to DC, he compounded the decision by firing him when Defense clearly wasn’t the problem. That decision seemed to completely take the life out of the defense.

  3. Kben says:

    As you watch these games with a much more analytical eye than most….do you have any thoughts as to why the secondary is so pitiful?

    Is it the coaching? Is it the player execution? Is everyone just giving up since the season is pretty much over anyways?

    1. I really have no idea. It’s so bad that you could pretty much come up with any reason why they’re bad, and I’d just go, “Yeah, probably that too.”

      1. Kben says:

        hahaha that’s so sad but true. Pretty much par for the course for the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles.

  4. Carl says:

    Think Howard Mudd just went to Asgard and signed the first viking he saw so Jake Scott became an eagle

  5. Proxy406 says:

    I know you already said you’d do more EAST coverage later in the week, but 1.5 comments about the cowboys, in your initial thoughts piece on an NFCE blog, is kinda weak.

    I mean this is a game were two teams from the division played each other, and the boys get 1.5 points? come on. Hell its not like the giants or skins even played yet.

    You’re better than that.

    1. Proxy406 says:

      And I just re-read the opening, your splitting the initial thoughts into 2 pieces.

      My apologies.

  6. Tracer Bullet says:

    It’s easier to believe they work harder than anyone to be this shitty than it is to believe they’re this shitty on accident.

  7. Bbird says:

    To be fair I’m pretty sure collinsworth said “the Eagles defense works as hard as anyone.”, which while still probably not something he should be saying at this point isn’t as bad as saying the work harder than everyone which is completely insane.

    That Maclin at drove me insane. I’d rather see cooper take his place when Jackson returns.

  8. mjoedgaard says:

    The Eagles wont cut Watkins. His dead money next year is greater than his cap hit.

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