Eagles fire defensive line coach and wide nine guru Jim Washburn

Per the Eagles’ release, here’s what Andy Reid had to say:

“Jim is a fine football coach and we appreciate the efforts he gave to this team over the past two years.  However, I determined that it was in the team’s best interest that we move in a different direction in terms of trying to maximize the production of that position group. We look forward to having Tommy Brasher back on board to work with the defensive line.”

Well then.

Reuben Frank of CSN Philly noted that Washburn had become “difficult.”

No word if “difficult” went on Washburn’s chart:

That must have been an awkward flight home.

Can somebody with knowledge of everything that went down inside the walls of the NovaCare complex this year please write a book about it?  Thanks in advance.


  1. Eagleburt says:

    I just get the feeling that this is something that increases Andys chances of sticking for one more year. Not really sure why but I just get the feeling.

    1. Jimmy says:

      There’s no chance he stays. However, I do get what you’re saying.

  2. ATLEagle says:

    is there a drawing every three days now? Short straw is fired.

    1. More likely, the short straw means you have to stay.

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