Current 2013 NFL draft order, updated after Week 13

Order Team Record Strength of schedule
1 Chiefs 2-10 0.505
2 Jaguars 2-10 0.552
3 Raiders 3-9 0.464
4 Eagles 3-9 0.510
5 Panthers 3-9 0.516
6 Chargers 4-8 0.464
7 Browns 4-8 0.505
8 Titans 4-8 0.536
9 Cardinals 4-8 0.552
10 Lions 4-8 0.563
11 Bills 5-7 0.49
12 Saints 5-7 0.503
13 Dolphins 5-7 0.51
14 Jets 5-7 0.516
15 Rams 5-6-1 0.526
16 Buccaneers 6-6 0.466
17 Rams (from Redskins) 6-6 0.497
18 Cowboys 6-6 0.516
19 Vikings 6-6 0.526
20 Bengals 7-5 0.453

*Strength of schedule calculated on the entirety of each team’s 16 game schedule, not just the games they have played to date.

Playoff seedings:

NFC: 1 Falcons, 2 49ers, 3 Packers, 4 Giants, 5 Bears, 6 Seahawks

AFC: 1 Texans, 2 Patriots, 3 Ravens, 4 Broncos, 5 Colts, 6 Steelers


  1. […] wasn’t helped with the win, obviously, but it wasn’t hurt either.  All the teams that were immediately behind Philly (Panthers, Chargers, Browns) also won […]

  2. […] of schedule over the entire season (and not just the games that each team has played so far), the Eagles would be drafting 4th overall in the 2013 NFL […]

  3. DraftMatt12 says:

    A few key games coming up that could move the eagles closer to the top (or at least keep us in the top 5), assuming we continue to do what we’ve shown we are so good at this year (losing):

    Dec 9: KC vs CLE ; JAX vs NYJ
    Dec 16: KC vs OAK (somebody has to win!!!!) ; JAX vs MIA
    Dec 23: OAK vs CAR
    Dec 30: OAK vs SD

    Oakland has to win one of those games and move below us in the draft order.

    1. mjoedgaard says:

      If we lose out and Oakland wins 1 game (quite possible they win vs either KC or SD) and KC and Jax wins 2 more games. We will have the no.1 draft pick.

      1. deg0ey says:

        Only need Jax to win 1 more game because of strength of schedule.

        Chiefs remaining games are: @Browns, @Raiders, vs Colts and @Broncos.

        Winning two of those will be tough. Denver have already locked up the division but are still in the running for a bye; if that has been decided either way in the next 3 weeks their backups might give us more of a chance of a Chiefs win there.

        Raiders have got: vs Broncos, vs Chiefs, @Panthers and @Chargers.

        I’d be pretty surprised if they can’t take at least one of those.

        And the Jags: vs Jets, @Dolphins, vs Pats and @Titans

        Could easily see them winning one of those – the Jets, Dolphins and Titans aren’t exactly good teams.

        Finally, Philly will be playing: @Bucs, vs Bengals, vs Redskins and @Giants

        The Buccaneers have scored more points than any other NFC team this season and are one of only 3 teams to have scored more points than the Eagles have given up (the other two are the Saints and Giants). With the way the Eagles D seems to have started their vacation early, I can’t see that game being close.

        The Bengals are still in the wild card race, so they’ll be playing hard; Eagles should be able to lose that one.

        And the Redskins now hold the tie breaker over the Giants, so there’s a very good chance those final two games will decide the division whereas the Eagles will just be trying not to get injured.

        In conclusion, I think it’s probably unlikely that we’ll take the #1 pick, but 2nd or 3rd is very very possible.

        1. Also possible for the Chiefs to only need one more win, and the strength of schedule might work out. Both teams are very close. A coin toss for the #1 pick would als be a very good possibility. Imagine that. They’d have to televise that.

          1. deg0ey says:

            What about if the Panthers’ SoS changes too and we ended up with a three-way tie? Coin-toss tournament? That could be even better :p

  4. I think the Redskins have emerged as the team no on wants to make the playoffs at this point though

    1. Well, they have a nice little roll going there, and if it’s between the Seahawks and Skins, I’d rather play the Seahawks. But I’d much rather face the Skins than pretty much any other team in the playoff seedings above.

    2. mjoedgaard says:

      That secondary will doom em.

  5. Packers-Seahawks will be quite the playoff draw. The Referee Bowl maybe?

    1. Look at 4-5 in the AFC.

      1. The AFC needs to stay, Manning vs the Colts could be pretty Epic and another Ravens-Steelers matchup.

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