Vegas was very, very wrong about the Eagles

Before the season began, Cantor Gaming released point spreads for every game, with the exception of Week 17.  The Eagles were favored in 13 of their 15 games.  They have yet to cover the spread in any of them so far.  A look back at what Vegas thought of Philly prior to the season:

The rest of the NFC East after the jump…


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  3. TylerD says:

    Well a lot of people were wrong about the Eagles, looks like that 4 game winning streak at the end of last season was really a mirage.

    1. Joe D says:

      I called that shit the day after those 4 games were all over. Dumb fans were getting hype about beating : Mark Sanchez, Matt Moore, Stephen McGee and Rex Grossman. Whoever thought that 4 game streak was anything but beating bad competition is an IDIOT

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