How good is the NFC East? Let’s figure that out via a very unscientific poll



Those are your division leaders.  Where would you rank the Giants among that group?




Those are your 2nd place teams in each division.  Where would you rank the Redskins among that group?



Those would be your 3rd place teams. Where would you rank the Cowboys?

And finally…



Your bottom dwellers.  Where would you put the Eagles among that group?


  1. mattman says:

    I’m an Eagles fan. My girlfriend is a Kansas City native and a Chiefs fan. My best friend, who hosts our football viewing, is a Jaguars fan. His girlfriend is a Steelers fan. So on Sundays, our motley crew has the joy of watching the Eagles, Chiefs, Jags, and Charlie Batch. Been a hell of a year.

    The Chiefs, by the way, are far and away the worst team this year. Eagles are next. The Jaguars were right there with them, but Henne has bumped them up a couple notches. The Raiders belong in the worst team conversation too.

  2. Mick says:

    I based my thoughts on who I would pick head to head in the groups. I would pick the Giants against every one of those teams on a neutral field tomorrow (not at Giants stadium! LOL). I would pick the Skins against several of those teams (tossup on the Colts), I would pick the Cowboys against 3, and I wouldn’t pick the Eagles against anybody tomorrow.

  3. mandmeisterx says:

    To the majority that rated Dallas fourth: Who is the 3rd team better? Cincy?

    1. Personally, I think the Bengals are the best team out of that group.

      1. WeGotLinemen says:

        I agree the Bengals are at the top of that group. I’d put the Cowboys second.

        1. Harry says:

          I put the Cowboys 4th. Saints (even at 5-7) are the best of that bunch IMO. Cincy is 2nd. I debated between Minn and Dallas at 3/4. I gave the edge to Minn cuz they have a RB and not so many injuries. We are talking about at this point in time (not next year, last year, next week, etc.).

  4. Texans – Niners – Giants

    Atlanta can do anything they want in the coming weeks, and I still won’t believe they’re a great team.

  5. matt.h says:

    Anyone who ranks the eagles higher than fourth is a joke. They lost to three teams who are currently in last place and almost lost another.

  6. JasonE says:

    I put the Giants third behind the Broncos and Texans. I think the 49ers are a better team, but I think the Giants would beat them 9 out of 10 times. (I know. That doesn’t make sense. Science!)

    1. JasonE says:

      As far as the Eagles, the chiefs are the only team on that list that I think the Eagles could beat. And even then it would be a challenge. God we suck.

  7. brisulph says:

    How they can be rated the worst when they beat the holy hell out of San Fran IN San Fran, beat up GB (who will win the NFC North, not the Bears), and have a proven track record in recent years against the Pats, is beyond me. I also don’t think the Broncos are all that good either. The Falcons keep finding ways to win though, so the head to head match-up with them ought to be enlightening.

    1. The Giants have excellent head-to-head results against a few teams in their sample set, as you noted.

      But just for the sake of debate… The Bengals smoked the Giants. Philosophically, would you consider them to be a better team than the Giants?

      1. brisulph says:

        As for that game, I cannot speak on it, as I was absent from my couch that day (Family emergency). The question was “how do they compare to these teams in the lead of the other divisions”, and I compared them between those teams.

        I never did give my thoughts… as it stands now:

        1. Texans
        2. Falcons (they keep winning, particularly in close fashion)
        3.-5. Giants/Pats/49ers (all have weaknesses, all are very scary for periods of time)
        6. Ravens (D is weak link, for sure)
        7. Broncos (Peyton is getting better, D rush is good, but they are benefiting from weaker competition… Steelers in Week One is the best team they have beat)
        8. Bears (who the Bears have beat: Indy [week one for Rookie QB[, Rams, Dallas, Jags, Lions, Panthers, Titans, Vikings… not exactly a murderer’s row. Their losses: Green bay, Texans, 49ers… ie very good teams. This team is smoke and mirrors 8-3).

  8. TylerD says:

    Eagles falling off the cliff was a huge suprise, Cowboys are about where they should be and the Skins are dangerous. Giants can beat anybody and can loose to anybody. Not one of the stronger years but a super bowl champ coming out of the division would not be a that big of a suprise.

  9. By the way, here’s something I learned. The darker the helmet, the more likely you are to lead your division.

    1. willgfass says:

      Science at work!

      1. Harry says:

        Not in the Eagles’ case….

        1. Vince says:

          Or Jacksonville’s.

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