Discussing the potential head coaching positions around the NFL, and where are the most appealing landing spots?

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk put out his Power Rankings a couple days ago, and here’s what he had to say about the Eagles:

30. Eagles:  Good luck persuading a new coach to take over an aging roster with cap issues and no franchise quarterback in a division that faces Eli Manning, RG3, and the Cowboys twice per year.

I can’t say I disagree with the placement, but the blurb is one part inaccurate, two parts stupid.

Then later, I was alerted to this piece by Daniel Jeremiah of NFL.com, who ranked the most ideal potential coaching openings.  Jeremiah is a writer I respect, but let’s just say I found his rankings puzzling.

And so, those two articles spurred Tommy Lawlor of IgglesBlitz.com and I to discuss the potential job openings around the league and what franchises would be the most appealing, and what you have here is podcast gold. Seriously though, it’s a good episode, so I demand you listen. Now! Go!


  1. Hope says:

    QB and LT are the biggest questions for the eagles. As Jimmy mentioned before, you can’t win without a QB in this league. Who will be your starting QBs next season?

    Vick? Who is hurt every year and is expensive. Most will be agree that he will be release.

    Foles? What has he done in the last 2 starts? Anyone here think he can carry a team and be a franchise QB? Could be a nice decent backup.

    Draft Geno Smith or Matt Barkley? We all can agree that 2013 class is not strong at all. No guarantee to be great either (just look at the NFL draft history… ie.. Leaf and Smith).

    Free Agent QB? What is the chance of signing a top TIER QB?

    Jason Peter hurt his ACL twice and is a year older! Can anyone guarantee he will return to Pro Bowl level? Most O-linemen are close to 30 or over 30s.

    McCoy and Brown are nice but you better find a coach that will run the ball instead of throwing it 40+ times a game. Also McCoy had a concussion, we don’t know how serious it is (hope he is ok) but that can be a problem for a RB who get hit every time he touch the ball, ask Jahvid Best.

    What good are Jackson and Maclin when you have no QB and O-line? And Maclin is soft.

    I am not a cap expert but is there a cap hit of $15mil for the Eagles if Asomugha were to be released after the season? He signed a 5 yrs $60miln w/$25 mil guarantee. IF ALL $25 mil was signing bonus then it will be $5 mil per year and he is only 2 years into the contract so 3 x $5 mil = $15mil if release. Some could be workout bonus or other roster bonus so I will let Jimmy answer the cap questions. (how about Vick and Cullen Jenkins contracts?)

    Asomugha (bust), DRC will be UFA, how many times Coleman got beat?

    1. Asomugha cap hit would be $4 million.


      …but a lot of fair points there otherwise.

      Peters’ injury was his Achilles, but that’s also not easy to return from, although the latest reports were that he was actually working out with the team at practices.

      I think the OL will be OK, at least for another 2-3 years, but they need to begin re-stocking.

      As mentioned, the biggest issue is QB. They don’t have one.

      1. Hope says:

        You are right. It is the achilles and not ACL. And thanks for the website.

  2. DerfDiggy says:

    Hey Jimmy, first time tuning into your podcast…Listened to about 20 minutes before I turned it off…I think what you guys are missing is that “Young” doesn’t equal “Good”.

    The Eagles have somehow found themselves into a Cowboys-esque blueprint of developing young talent through the draft to the Cowboys-esque, proven failed plan to give big money to players 30+. You basically have Lesean McCoy, a decent to great O-Line(when healthy), and Desean on Offense, Maclin needs to go(which you’ve stated yourself…need a bigger WR)…..Defensively you’ve cut your most productive player, and have a bunch of question marks everywhere else, besides a couple DL players. Demeco failed to assimilate to Wade’s system, who knows how he’ll adapt to the new system(whatever that is). Safety has been a cause of concern for years(and really in the entire Division), and Nmandi has proven to not be who y’all thought he was. DRC on the other side can obviously hold things down, but he’s a FA correct?

    Youth doesn’t equate to talent…and your arguments against the Cowboys (I.E.Dez hasn’t performed, but the potential is there). You can’t knock a team for having “potential”, and then credit the team you cheer for the very same thing.

    I don’t want to get into what’s a more attractive position, because I wish Dallas wasn’t on ANY list where potential candidates are the topic of discussion, but here we are. The Eagles has more holes than you’re allowing yourself to admit, a defense that has been among the leagues worst for 2 years(despite all that “Talent) that’s aging, and an offense with just as many question marks without a QB.

    Lesean is the best back in football though, and him paired with Bryce should be awesome to watch.

    On another note:
    Your assessment on Jerry is offbase(or was it the other guy on the Podcast..I dunno)…I’m sure Jerruh is off putting to some, and the issues with Jimmy are well documented..Parcells quit coaching and to this day hasn’t had a bad thing to say about Jerry the GM/Owner/Pizza Salesman…He was just…Done..tired of coaching. Wade has no spine, never has…but there’s a large misconception when it comes to Jerry, and it may have been previously true, but these days its not.

    NFL fans really overrated how much Jerry is involved. His primary role for the team is A) $$$ and B) face of the franchise. If you don’t want to root for a team with a egotistical owner you should definitely look elsewhere. That being said.

    His son Stephen handles contracts.
    Jason Garrett has final say on roster decisions including free agents (has been stated multiple times).
    Draft decisions have been the same since Jerry started. Scouts have a MAJOR say. Coaching staff has a MAJOR say. It is there job to “sell” the room.

    Much like most front offices in the league…there’s a general consensus and discussion among the scouts/coaches/gm’s that goes on. You look at who the Boys have drafted and you can pretty much tell what coach had say in what players were picked…Wade had some terrible drafts, and this is why the Boys lack depth.

    A lot typed and it’s probably pointless, because you won’t change your opinion on the Eagles being a good gig or Jerry…but alas…

    1. DerfDiggy says:

      Weird….First line should read:

      Eagles have gone from developing young talent through the draft to the Cowboys-esque, proven failed plan to give big money to players 30+.

    2. Rex says:

      Demeco has been fine. Not an issue at all. If you mean babin was our most productive player ? Um what ? And the argument was because people in the media are claiming the eagles have an aging roster which they do not. Regardless of what you think there is a lot of talent on the team. I just think the right coach can bring it out. Also drc hasn’t been all that good since week 4 so not sure what you’re watching. You could list what big money they gave to players 30,+ I assume you mean Vick and namdi ? Demeco Ryans is 28. Cullen Jenkins is 31 but they didn’t give him huge money. And that’s it there’s our over 30 players. Trent cole just turned 30. Maybe had you listened to the whole podcast you would have gotten to the point where they mentioned that. Herremans and peters are just 30 too but I tend not to put much into that since offensive lineman tend to play more into their 30’s. So 5 players are 30. 2 are offensive linemen and 1 is Vick. Positions where players tend to stay productive into their 30’s. then again I actually listened to and understood the points they made in th podcast.

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        OK Rex.

  3. brisulph says:

    Cap problems? Say what?

  4. When I saw those articles I seriously question the amount of illegal drugs smoked, sniffed or injected the writers did, it had to be a dangerous amount.

    First of all, aging roster? With LeSean McCoy you already have an offense. Put in DeSean, Maclin, Damaris, Celek, Harbor, Havili and Bryce Brown, you have the skill players to be atleast a decent offense. With a good, just good not great, QB you might even have more, just look at the Giants. Its not like the Eagles have zero talent at the line either, but when you lose your LT for the season and your C who is trying to help the QB with the worst abilities to read the blitz in the NFL, it’s not gonna be pretty.
    Defensively, theres young players like Cox, Curry, Graham, Kendricks, Boyking, Allen. Obviously not the best defense in the league, but there is future for a coach to build on, with veterans like Cole, Jenkins and Ryans in there too.

    Cap issues? Forgive me, but isnt the Eagles one of the teams who had most cap room before the season. I know releasing Vick, Nnamdi, Avant, Bell and so on doesn’t reset, but you have plenty of space to work with.

    QB? You’re telling me that a bad team(I.e. a team likely in the need of a coach) needs a QB? In the NFL?Noooo, that cant be right. Of course you need a QB, now more than ever before, but you also have a chance to secure your job by finding the next Rodgers, Ryan etc.

    Division? Thats bullshit. How many times have we seen the worst to first? Thats what makes the NFL beautiful. And to be honest, the Giants have been pretty mediocre for the last 10 years of regular season football, and it’s not like they already have secured the division this year. The Giants are really the perfect example of the fact that the game is not played on paper, and sometimes the underdog wins…twice….
    The Cowboys is led by Jerry Jones, how is that a challenge? You have to WORK FOR JERRY FRIGGIN’ JONES(props to Poolboy87).
    RG3, yeah he is great and i think he will be for a long time, but some people said the same about Cam Newton. The Redskins are still a bad team without draft picks before 2071, the fact that the Eagles are worse doesn’t change that. Oh, and theres this little thing about RG3 that he can call Mike Vick about. He is gonna get injured.

      1. How does any of what you said make the Eagles MORE desireable than any other job.

        Basically you said:

        Bad teams have quarterback issues? Obviously. Finding a great QB will change that.

        The division is not that daunting.


        Every other team listed in any lists ever has A) QB issues B) a division that could be overcome.

        That doesn’t make the Eagles job any more desirable than any other job and thus does not make any of the rankings off-base.

        What is special about the Eagles coaching job? LeSean McCoy?

        1. any lists ever (referring to teams that are bad and likely to fire head

          The Eagles also have some serious issues that are being over looked here

          A) the OL is talented, but old.

          Danny Watkins will be 30 soon. Evan Mathis, Jason Peters, and Todd Heremanns are already over 30.

          There is no franchise QB (believe all you want in Foles-go look at the percentage of third round quarterbacks who amount to anything in this league)

          You mention, Mycal Kendricks, Brandon Boykin, and other recent draft picks. Every team (except the Radiers) has young, promising rookies and 2nd year players. Every team.

          Will Trent Cole ever be the same? Jason Babin is gone. Now you’re back to the promising young defensive ends, which remains to be seen.

          There is severe depth issues all over the team, there are issues on both lines on both sides of the ball, no quarterback, and a fan base that is running Andy Reid out of town and that threw snow balls at Santa Claus.

          There is nothing that the Eagles have right now that you say “wow that’s so much better than every other team in the league. I can win right away”

          Whoever comes in has to change this culture, has to rebuild this roster, and has to find a franchise QB.

          Easier said then done.

          1. There is nothing that the Eagles have right now that you say “wow that’s so much better than every other team in the league. I can win right away”

            Ownership. At least among the teams that have potential vacancies. That’s the #1 thing. Ownership. Now, ownership doesn’t necessarily equate to “win right away,” but that’s not necessarily what every coach is looking for.

          2. What are the “severe” depth issues?

            1. I think they have shown that the Eagles don’t have good Offensive line depth this year.

              I don’t think their WR are anything special, Riley Cooper is ok. Avant is ok.

              if Trent Cole does not a huge bounce back year next year I think the defensive line looks very suspect.

              Do you trust any of the back end of the roster for Eagles cornerbacks or safeties?

              For instance last year the Giants lost a ton of cornerbacks, this year a lot of Defensive linemen and they didn’t win five games (if the Eagles do win that).

              The Packers lost a ton of guys and went to the Superbowl.

              Teams with a lot of depth don’t fall completely apart because they have good depth.

              Now a Great QB will cover up a lot of issues, but the Eagles are not going to have a great QB next year, and their lack of depth will again be exposed in my opinion.

              I do agree about the ownership though. The Eagles ownership is better than Buffalo and Arizona, for sure but I don’t think of any of those other teams with potential head coach openings are significantly worse than the Eagles ownership.

              1. Rex says:

                I’ve always been under the impression that 30 to an offensive lineman isn’t the same as 30 to just about every other position in the league. But hey maybe I’m dumb. I’d hate to get in the way of your making a point. Also I think you’re overlooking the culture in a lot of these cities. Say what you want the eagles are a great org to work for. You can’t say that about a lot of other teams on that list. I mean buffalo and Cleveland for instance are just cultured to lose and other teams on there all have a” new coach mystery win now!” Sign up. Lurie has shown to be a patient owner. Similar to Pittsburg I think a new coach here isn’t going to be under the intense pressure to win now or get fired in two seasons.

              2. 30’s not as bad at OL as it is in other positions (QB is another one), but it’s not desirable.

                Giants age on their OL is showing, Cowboys age the years before this one really showed up as well.

                I’m with you on the Eagles being a good ownership to work with, maybe I’m underestimating that a bit.

                I just don’t see how other than Cleveland and Buffalo anyone could be upset that the Eagles are ranked as less desirable than the other cities. And even those two Cleveland (new ownership), and Buffalo (has to be new ownership here eventually, right?) could turn out to be great organizations for.

                That was my basic point.

                I don’t see the Eagles job as really any Less or any more desirable than any of the other openings it’s all a matter of opinion

              3. Whoa… Hang on with the OL now. They lost the best offensive lineman in the league. Insert King Dunlap. Obviously there’s going to be a major dropoff there, but King held his own early in the season.

                Then they lose Jason Kelce, a really, really good up and coming center, whose speed and quickness was a major part of the run game. Insert Dallas Reynolds. Again, significant dropoff there, but Reynolds has actually decent football.

                They beat the Ravens and Giants without Peters and Kelce.

                Then they lose Dunlap for a stretch, Watkins for a stretch, and Herremans for the season.

                Show me a team in the NFL that wouldn’t have disastrous effects after losing 5 offensive linemen.

                Sure, the Giants lost a bunch of corners last season. But who are we talking about there? A rookie for half the season, and the #2. They had 3 healthy safeties, and their #1 and #3 CBs. That’s not even remotely close to losing basically your entire O Line.

              4. The Ol injuries happened this year and yes losing five offensive linemen will ruin a season, but the Eagles weren’t setting the world on fire last year either and we all just said “oh the team has to gel”. Then it’s happening again this year. It’s probably a talent issue.

                My main point is that the Eagles roster is not more desirable than any of the other teams that are going to be looking for head coaches because there are serious issues with the Eagles roster I think are really being overlooked. If you guys think the roster is in good shape then it’s just an opinion both ways. I read your stuff regularly, just disagree here.

                I bought into the Eagles before last year and though they would challenge for the Superbowl, but I don’t believe that anymore.

              5. I think we agree it’s a talent issue, but my feeling is that it’s a talent issue among the starters, not the depth. The biggest issues:

                – Kurt Coleman is nothing more than a 4th safety. He’s starting, and has been abused all season long.

                – Nate Allen was supposed to be this polished, play making safety. 00 INTs, 0 FFs, all kinds of missed assignments, poor tackler.

                – Kendricks started off well, but his play has tailed off. He could very well turn out to be a really good player. There were definitely some plays this season where you kind of went “Wow,” but he also really looked like a rookie at plenty of other times.

                – Babin was atrocious.

                – Cole underperformed.

                – Nnamdi obviously wasn’t anything close to expectations, and DRC, while extraordinarily talented, doesn’t capitalize when there are plays to be made.

                – Not one player had a “breakout season.” Thought that might be Maclin. Nope. Maybe DRC or Nate Allen? Nope. Nope. Jamar Chaney as a longshot? Nope. Nobody stepped up.

                – The WRs, while very talented, don’t compliment each other. They’re both speedy, but both finesse. No physicality there. Not ideal.

                – And last but not least, Vick was an absolute turnover machine. But equally troubling, he missed all sorts of big play opportunities that were there to be made.

                The dropoff from the starters to the reserves wasn’t really all that great, with the exception of the OL, where you’re trying to replace 5 guys, two of whom are either the best at their position in the league or one of the best.

                Those are the warts, and there are no shortage of them. But there is also a lot to like about the roster. The OL, in my opinion, is not the gaping black hole it’s perceived to be, assuming those guys come back relatively healthy. I still believe that if that unit comes back healthy, it’s easily a Top 5-10 line in the NFL. There’s talent at WR, but it just needs a little diversity. There’s some talent at LB for a change. While they disappointed this season, there’s definitely still talent along the DL. And holy hell, there’s talent at RB.

                By no stretch is the roster anywhere even close to complete, but there are absolutely some redeeming qualities.

                Getting a good QB is about the hardest thing to do in the NFL. That’ll be the biggest challenge for the incumbent. But that’ll be a challenge anywhere a head coaching candidate may choose, save for Dallas, Carolina, or San Diego, all of whom have major front office issues that Philly doesn’t have.

            2. *that being that they are one of the most talented teams in the league

              1. Ok I can see you’re point there. The Carolina, Dallas, and San Diego have front office issues, but potential quarterbacks, much more of win now situations.

                I actually prefer the rosters of Buffalo and Cleveland to that of Philadelphia in many aspects…but they have the same, need a QB issue now. And they have a long-history of losing culture there to deal with.

                That was my main point–the Eagles job to me is really no more, or no less desirable than the other potential head coach vacancies by a definitive measures. It’s all preference, so it’s silly, to me, to claim it’s unfair to rank the Eagles below all of the other teams.

                All have appeal and all have major concerns

              2. Just out of curiosity, what does Buffalo have?

              3. As far as the roster goes.

                Buffalo has one of the best offensive lines in the league, and most of them are young.

                Cordy Glenn has been really good this year, Andy Levtire, Eric Wood, Kraig Ubrak, and Chris Hairston. All are young players. Urbik is the Oldest at 27.

                All five have positive PFF grades (they are one of the best rushing teams in the league and one of the least sacked teams as well–though that’s in-part because of a quick passing scheme)

                They have the best RB tandem in the league? It’s pretty close (I wouldn’t argue with SF/Houston/New Orleans…well watching the early part of the Eagles game as well maybe Byrce Brown if he keeps it up with McCoy). Jackson is aging though. Spiller is a very exciting young playmaker. Leads the league in yards per carry heading into today (Adrian Peterson might pass him after today, Spiller is north of 6.5 yards per carry before today’s game)

                They have a terrific #2 WR in Stevie Johnson and intriguing speed WRs behind him. T.J. Graham and Donald Jones are intriguing young guys, but they could use a true #1 type WR.

                And they need a QB. They also have solid Offensive line depth–they drafted Zebrie Sanders this year (IR), Eric Pears has a lot of starting experience, Chad Reinhart is also very good (16.1 positive PFF last year, but is on IR this year) and Colin Brown/Sam Young have played well in very limited duty.

                They could use a #1 at WR, a #3 RB (Tashard Choice is not an anser), and an upgrade at TE. Chandler is the definition of average.

                On defense


                Mario Williams, Kyle Williams, Marcel Dareus, Mark Anderson/Kyle Moore (started playing about week 6–averaging about 15 snaps per QB hurry–) is one of the best defensive lines in the league. Alex Carrignton a former 2nd round pick has played very well too.


                Linebacker might be their weakest unit on either side of the ball. Nick Barnett is a solid veteran, but Kelvin Sheppard hasn’t been great (drafted to play in a 34 before they switced to the 43). Arthur Moats has flashed as a strongside linebacker and they might be okay there.


                They have a lot of young, talented cornerbacks. Aaron Williams was a high 2nd round pick, Stephon Gilmore is a high first round pick, Leodis McKelvin was also a high first round pick and is playing well this year (Finally, though he could leave via Free agency). They have to take the step forward though, and have Wiliams and Gimore have struggled this year, but they are talented. Ron Brooks, Justin Rogers are the depth. Right now this group is Talented, but have not played exceptional.


                Jarius Byrd is one of the best safeties in the league and George Wilson is very good as well, though aging.

                And lastly The QB is brutal and the coaching is suspect. Fitzpatrick is absolutely terrible and he really holds the team back.

                So that’s the long version-the short version.

                One of the best Offensive lines in the league and one of the best defensive lines in the league, with one of the most talented secondaries in the league. Three of the four most important groups to success. I’d rank them QB, DL, OL, Secondary (personal opinion, of course yours may vary).

                Ownership is not terrible though historically they have been cheap when hiring the coaches, they’ve never really had reservations paying for players. And they have the stupid one game a year in Toronto business.

                Though you do get to play the Jets twice a year. Bazinga!

              4. That defense is awful. Here are their Rush D rankings the last 4 years:

                2009: 30th

                2010: Dead last

                2011: 28th

                2012: 31st.

              5. You get too wrapped up in stats sometimes. For example you mentioned the Bills stats four years ago like it has any significance or relevance at all.

                You know how many starters that are currently starting on the 2012 roster that were starting four years ago?

                3. George Wilson, Jarius Byrd, and Kyle Williams. There are only 4 other defensive players that were on that roster at that time.

                In 2010 there are only 3 starters from that roster remaining (the same three)

                2011 is pretty relevant, but a completely different defensive coordinator than this year (as an Eagles fan you should know that can make a difference).

                We’re talking about building blocks. If you take PFF overall numbers (not gospel by any means) they are 15th, the Eagles are 23rd. In 2011 the Bills also finished ahead of the Eagles. Even though Fitzpatrick finished very negative both years.

                Do you know the Broncos gave up 4.1 yards per rush last year and 24.4 points per game, This year they give up 4.6 yards per play.

                What’s the difference between last year’s defense and this year’s defense?

                Peyton Manning. They added Tracy Porter, Derek Wolfe, and Justin Bannon. Not hall of fame players.

                I don’t know the answer to this, but you can seriously ask yourself how many times you’ve watched the Bills play the last three years?

                If you think the Eagles roster is significantly better than the Bills roster you are fooling yourself.

                It’s all about the QB. If Peyton Manning played on the Bills they would win 10-14 games. And probably lose in the playoffs because he can’t cover up all holes.

                If he played on the Eagles they would win the same 10-14 games. And probably lose in the playoffs because he can’t cover up all holes.

                if he played on SF they might 12-16 games because that’s a complete roster.

                Everyone gets an opinion, I think it’s clear you’ve made up your mind about the huge talent disparity between the Bills and Eagles already so you can continue with that–despite the Eagles having better QB play and a more accomplished coach, (let’s say they go 2-2 over the final four games @Tampa, vs the Bengals,vs Washington and @ NY) they will combine to win 13 games the past two seasons.

                The Bills meanwhile (let’s say they go 1-3 against the vs Rams, vs Seahawks, @ Miami, and vs the Jets) will combine to win 12 games over the past two seasons.

                Clearly! The Eagles roster is much better than the Bills roster.

        2. I think the point was that Florio said good luck finding a coach to want to come here. Which is stupid- he pointing out many reasons to come here.

          What’s special about the Eagles job? You have a nice core of players, and you have an owner willing to spend. That’s pretty special.

          1. I should add that I don’t think the Eagles job is not desirable. It clearly is. I’m just against the thought that ranking the Eagles as one of the least desirable of potential job openings is some sort of grave injustice.

            I think all the jobs come with their own issues (obviously). But also all of the teams but Buffalo and Arizona have good quarterbacks, or recent first round picks to build around. (I don’t love Brandon Weeden)

            The Eagles do not.

            And if you had to choose the talent on the Eagles, Bills, or Cardinals it’d be much, much closer call than most would believe.

  5. mjoedgaard says:

    The worst part for me was his comment about cap problems. The Eagles are 21 mill under the cap this year and if we cut NA, Vick and Bell next year, we will be 40 mill under the cap next year.

  6. ya Boy says:

    The same reason you support the Cowboys even though they have been losing for 15 years ,is the same reason a good coach would come coach America”s Team,Jerry is a good Businesssman,The boys are stil a must c ,Redskins vs The Boys on Thanksgiving Highest rated game this year. P.S. Jerry is friends with some of the top coaches to this day ; Fisher,Payton,Parcells & Mike Hom .

  7. poolboy87 says:

    Don’t get me wrong…I don’t think the Eagles or ANY team would have trouble convincing a coordinator to come step on down for a shot at being their HC…it’s what all those OC’s and DC’s are working towards after all, and the Eagles have shown they could put together a very talented roster…

    But I do tend to agree with the sentiment that it might not be the top destination. Excluding the Cowboys…the Redskins and Giants are probably going to be tough for quite a while, and the new HC is going to have to deal with QB, o-line, and your whole friggin’ defense. Compare that to, say, San Diego (assuming AJ Smith gets the boot) and I know which one I would probably choose.

    As far as the article…that was mostly stupid. I want to start this off by saying I’m a Cowboys fan. What coach in their right mind would choose to go to the Cowboys over any other team?

    1) You have to work for Jerry Jones.
    2) The Cowboys have made a HoF coach, a standout DC, and an ivy league brainiac all look incredibly mediocre. That’s going to be your first choice? Yeah right.
    3) You’ve got an aging QB coming off of his worst season in the NFL, a terrible o-line, and a bunch of guys on D that are getting up there in years or have a nasty habit of getting hurt (or both).
    4) Your GM is Jerry Jones.

    Honestly…I hope Jason Garrett stays. I just hope that he stops assuming that sunshine comes out of his ass, and picks up a real offensive coordinator (oh…maybe Norv Turner?). Another cycle of optimism for a new HC, followed by a couple years of mediocrity, only to restart the cycle is not something I would look forward to.

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