A bunch of film breakdowns of Jason Babin being awful this season

Jason Babin was released today.  One season after registering 18 sacks, he was awful in 2012.  While I never saw it coming this soon, this move does not come as a surprise in the slightest.

I’m not even going to write much about it.  Instead, let’s just take one final look at a bunch of film breakdowns of Babin being awful this season:

See ya.


  1. Ryan says:

    I was trying to deal him at the trade deadline. I thought maybe we could send him to the Lions (style of wide-9) for a draft pick.

      1. NYG_slater says:

        heh, would of enjoyed to listen in on Andy’s sale pitch…

        so ya, hey Ozzie (I’d imagine they tried Baltimore), have I got a bro-deal for you! got a stud pass rusher for ya, sweet eh. We would love to keep him, but ya know…..trying to get younger on that defensive line rotation. Best part, he’s only 32 and in the first year of a 5 year, 27 million dollar contract…..*click*…….*silence*…… hello….Ozzie you there?

  2. Iskar36 says:

    While Babin had a disappointing season, does this decision really make sense timing-wise? I just don’t see how it benefits the Eagles to release Babin now. Why not just give more of his playing time away to Graham/Curry/Hunt? They had already started to do that with Graham, so it wouldn’t cause some mythical “locker room issue” that everyone seems to be worried about in terms of making any kind of moves on this 3-8 team. It just seems to me, cutting a guy that had 18 sacks last season should be left to the coach next year, not AR who is now simply going through the motions.

    Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t really like Babin, so I am not trying to defend him as a good player, but I just don’t see what it benefits and even more so, why AR should be cutting a starter, regardless of how disappointing he has played, when he will not be here next year.

    1. mjoedgaard says:

      I have read a few places that Babin is a jerk in the lockerroom, so combine that with bad play and to many bonehead mistakes.

    2. Trent Perry says:

      You’re able to remove him with the least amount of cap hit now, as well as make room for other players to make the 53 and see playing time.

    3. NYG_slater says:

      Babin was a pseudo “stud” last year with his big 18 sacks, new contract, etc…As for this year, he wasn’t playing well, so you don’t lose any on field production. He isn’t a good locker room player, not a team first type-of-guy ( instead he’s selfish and sells out for stats) so you don’t lose any team chemistry with him gone. Ultimately, you lose nothing by cutting him, save some money, and it also sends a bit of a message–nobody is safe.

      1. iskar36 says:

        I think it is a little late for the team to be sending messages. If anyone doesn’t realize they are not safe at this point once the AR-era comes to an end, they deserve getting cut.

        As for Babin, I fully agree that he was a selfish player who has not been productive. My point is shouldn’t the new head coach make the personnel decisions once he gets hired? My guess is that he would likely come up with the same conclusion, but there is also the possibility that the new head coach says, “Actually, Babin would serve well as a situational pass rusher in our new scheme and if he takes a pay cut and plays in that role, he is worth keeping.”

        I just don’t think it makes sense for AR to be making these decisions now when he has basically officially signed his termination papers. If this move was made a month ago, I would feel differently. Then, you could argue the team still has a chance and AR still was fighting to win games and keep his job. Now, winning games doesn’t help the team. The focus moving forward is simply evaluation, and you can do that with Babin on the bench.

        1. Gitano says:

          It makes sense to keep all the players motivated until the end of the season, and remind them that anyone could be cut anyday.

          Moreover, it makes sense for the team to get more evaluation on the young players (Graham and Curry), it’s why I think Roseman could have pushed for the move.

  3. horatius says:

    I love a firesale. Everything must go!

  4. Halls says:

    Wow, great post

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