Initial random thoughts on the Giants-Packers shellacking

• Yes, the Packers were without Clay Matthews, Charles Woodson, Sam Shields, and Greg Jennings.  And yes, those are huge losses.  But let’s not diminish what the Giants did on Sunday night.  That was a massacre.

• The bigtime performance from the Giants may have come at a cost though.  Kenny Phillips re-injured his right knee, and it was determined very quickly that he would not return.  That’s usually an indication that it’s serious, but the lopsided score (the Giants were up 28 at the time) may have played a role in the quick announcement.  I realize Phillips came back to the sidelines and seemed to be in good spirits, but even if it’s not “serious,” it’s the same knee, and a “nagging” injury can often be just as bad as a serious one.  The Giants need Kenny Phillips.  To be determined.

• The Packers repeatedly tried to protect Aaron Rodgers with 5 or 6 blockers.  The Giants kept getting into the Packer backfield and either sacked Rodgers, hit Rodgers, or flushed Rodgers out the pocket and made him throw it away.  Speaking of which, who woke up Osi Umenyiora?  Oh, right… Marshall Newhouse.  That Giants defensive line has largely been a disappointment so far this season.  Sunday night, it sure as hell looked like the DL that earned its reputation as the best in the NFL.

• The Giants OL completely dominated in both the passing game and the running game.  Dominated.  If they can get anything close to the kind of the performance their OL displayed Sunday night, this offense could be the best in the NFL, bar none.  I hope that statement doesn’t sound like it’s coated in overreaction glaze and hyperbole sauce.  I really do believe that.  I’ll be interested in taking a deeper look at that group this week.

• Quick: Try to think of a Giants missed tackle Sunday night.  How many you got?


• Aaron Rodgers leads the Universe in pump fakes.  They were ineffective Sunday night.

• Where did that burst from Ahmad Bradshaw come from?  On his long run on the opening drive, a crease opened… and zip… gone.  Haven’t seen that from him in a couple years.

• Hakeem Nicks looks as healthy as I’ve seen him all season, with the exception of… you know… the 200 yard game he had against the Bucs.  I guess that’s a pretty easy thing to do: Notice a player playing well, and say he looks healthy.

• Corey Webster has become a liability.  I know he had an INT, and that was fine and good, but the list of big plays he has allowed are piling up.  And it’s not like opposing offenses are simply making good plays despite good coverage.  Webster is simply getting smoked.  He was so good.  I wonder what’s going on there.

• The 3-safety look was interesting from the Giants.  They even showed a 4-safety look.  Last season they ran a ton of that with Phillips, Antrel Rolle and Deon Grant, but have gone away from it this year.  Sunday night it was Phillips, Rolle, and Stevie Brown.  With Phillips being injured much of this season, Brown got a lot of playing time, and made the most of it.  The Giants now trust him, and the 3-safety set can become something that the Giants mix in more as the season progresses… that is at least if Kenny Phillips’ injury isn’t too serious.

• This may sound nitpicky, and it is, but David Wilson has to do a better job catching kickoffs with his momentum moving forward.  Far too often he’s catching kickoffs with his momentum on his back foot.  That extra fraction of a second can be the difference between hitting a hole and taking it to the house… or not.  Wilson is a good returner as it is. He can be better.

• If I know Tom Coughlin, and I think I do, Reuben Randle won’t be seeing any more punt return duty for the rest of the season. Two muffs.

• Giants fans might have the best incredulous collective “Ahhhhh!” after any call that goes against them.

• The idea by NBC to play salsa music after a Victor Cruz TD is the worst thing in the history of mankind.

• I wrote like 1000 words with film breakdowns in preparation for this game, and I feel like it was a complete waste of time because of how lopsided this mess was.  Thanks Packers.

UPDATE: Broken fibula for Andre Brown.

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  1. Turd.Ferguson says:

    Watching that game makes me wonder how good of a read we can actually get on Foles this year because of the o-line. Even Aaron Rodgers looks like a lousy QB if he can’t count on his line.

  2. brisulph says:

    Andre brown gets injured, just when the coaching staff was FINALLY giving him carries? Well, David Wilson better grow some big boy shoes real fast, as there is no way Ahmad Bradshaw’s feet/ankles will hold up.

    Also, I have to partially agree with this, though I am sure there are worse things ultimately:

    The idea by NBC to play salsa music after a Victor Cruz TD is the worst thing in the history of mankind.

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