New podcast: Intro to the top 2013 college prospects

Podcast is here.

On my podcast with Tommy Lawlor of IgglesBlitz, we began talking about the crop of college prospects that will be (or in the case of a bunch of juniors, likely be) coming out in 2013.  It’s geared more toward the perspective of the Eagles, but I think the discussion has value to Cowboys and Giants fans as well, as there could be some groceries of interest for you guys as well.  For Cowboys/Giants fans, I would skip to somewhere around the 40 minute mark or so, unless you don’t mind hearing us talk about how bad the Eagles season has been. (Or maybe you do).

Probably not for Redskins fans though, since you guys won’t have a first round pick until 2028.  Anyway, I though this show in particular was pretty good.  It’s a nice, quick overview of about 15 top prospects, and for you Eagles fans, we also discuss how the Eagles’ defenders might transition from a 4-3 to a 3-4.

I’ll have a post up tomorrow morning on the Giants-Packers game, which is obviously a biggie. Apologies for the delay on that.

Again, the podcast can be found here.


  1. Football fan says:

    NY Giants is in the best shape in the NFC East with Manning at QB and great D-line (JPP!). Well run front office.

    Redskins are out of 1st round picks until 2015 but they got themself a Franchise QB. The price might be expensive but RG3 looks to be a real deal. They still face a salary cap penalty of $18 million next year.

    Cowboys window is closing as they key players: Ware, Romo, Witten are on the wrong side of 30’s. Not to mention Jerry Jones is the GM of the team. 1 playoff win in the last 12 years?

    Eagles will need to clean house after this season. Expensive OR underperforming players to be consider Vick, Asomugha, Cromartie, Coleman, Dunlap, Bell, Jenkins, and maybe Babin. Oh and a new coach. Foles seems ok but as of now, doesn’t looks like a franchise QB that can carry a NFL team.

    A joke of Redskins not having first round pick until 2028; you should add Eagles could have high draft picks until 2028. I though Dream team or Dynasty usually draft in the late 20’s or 32nd. This is not even fair!

    1. Hope says:

      Right now I will take the Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins team over the Eagles anytime.

      Andy Reid is gone, Bad QB(s), Bad O-line, Bad Defense (or defensive coordinator), overpaid and underperformed Asomugha, Maclin is one of the Softest WR in the league. Time to rebuild. What a waste of time, money, and talents for 2 seasons. Eagles need all the high draft picks they can get!! What a dynasty!

      I remembered Howard Eskin spoked with ESPN980 (Washington radio) last year and laugh at the Redskins and said how stupid they were thinking they can buy Super Bowl and Eagles free agents spending will be different since Eagles front office is so smart. I guess Eagles didn’t learn from other history and not that smart after all.

  2. adcHail says:

    Very funny about Redskins fans but we will have a first round pick when Robert Griffin The Third is 25 years old. We should be ok.

    1. Hope says:

      The most important position is fill with RG3!!! And he is a game changer and can make people around him better. Alfred Morris is also a very good RB and he is only a rookie. Garcon is a playmaker when healthy.

      Redskins still has 7 picks in up coming draft. O-line, CB, and safeties are the needs.

      The price for RG3 was expensive at the time but now I feel it is worth it! No 1st round pick in 2013 and 2014

      The 4 most important positions: QB (RG3), LT (Trent Williams), Pass rusher(DE or LB) (Orakpo & Kerrigan combo), Cover corner (still searching for one)

  3. Mark in Louisville says:

    To: Tommy and Jimmy

    Thank you for mentioning Tavon Austin in the last 2 mins of the podcast. I had 2 flight attendants and 3 passengers threaten to “Throw my ass off the plane” because I wouldn’t turn my phone off before takeoff…..the rest of the flight was slightly awkward and my fiancee still refuses to speak to me. Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Ha, very nice.

  4. deg0ey says:

    As a fan of the Eagles and Ohio State, I certainly wouldn’t object to picking up Hankins if we converted to the 3-4 – he’s big enough to fill holes in the run game without being useless as a pass rusher. He’s had a down year this year, but could certainly be a useful piece.

    Another OSU guy to keep an eye on if we were to switch to a 3-4 (although he’s only a sophomore) is OLB Ryan Shazier. In 23 games, he’s put up 155 total tackles (18 for loss), 7 sacks, 4 FFs, 10 PBUs and 1 INT. He’s just one of those guys that is impossible to miss when watching the Buckeyes because he’s constantly making plays.

    Finally, if we stick with the 4-3, I might be tempted to spend a mid-round pick on DE John Simon. Reminds me a bit of Trent Cole. He’s a little shorter than you’d like, but he’s a leader, plays hard and gets the job done. Urban Meyer has described his work ethic as ‘Tebowish’ and…well I’ll let the man tell you himself

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Good stuff, thanks.

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