Random notes from the Cowboys-Redskins Thanksgiving showdown

• There are going to be a million articles about RG3 today, as there should be.  I’m not going to dive too deep into his play, since we all know he has been spectacular the last two weeks.  I’ll just say that about a month ago, I thought he deserved MVP consideration.  His play of late only bolsters that opinion.

• Tony Romo missed a gimme.

• Pierre Garcon’s catch and run was one of the plays of the year.  Incredible body control to reach back and make a juggling catch at full speed, then regain his footing, turn it upfield and score.  There’s a new epidemic in the NFL among wide receivers.  If they are unsure what might be lurking around them, they’ll immediately go to the ground to avoid getting blasted.  On Garcon’s catch, it would have been easy for him to go down after making his catch instead of trying to keep his balance and make an even bigger play.  Had he done that, we’d have all given him a golf clap.  But he didn’t settle for that.  That’s a rarity.

• Anthony Spencer is having a hell of a season.  I criticized the Cowboys all offseason for franchise tagging Spencer, with the thinking that they could have plugged multiple holes for the $8.8 million they paid Spencer.  I saw Spencer as a stop-gap… a guy that would get you through the season and play “good enough” football, but not be a “game-changer.”  Those aren’t the kinds of players you pay $8.8 million.

Welp… Spencer has been a game-changer this season.  He’s been extremely active, and he’s having the best season of his career.  The Cowboys will have a tough decision on Spencer this offseason.  If they tag him again, it’s going to cost them about $11 million.

• It continues to baffle me how Brandon Banks is still in the NFL.  How do you field a punt in your own end zone?  On the plus side, Banks had his long reception of the season.  8 yards!  Woooooooo!  That more than doubled his receiving total this season.  He now has 8 catches for 15 yards.

• Doug Free notched penalty #12 yesterday.  That leads the NFL.

• I’ll have to wait for the “All 22” to be released, but it looked to me like the long TD to Aldrick Robinson was the same exact play they hit on against the Eagles last week.

• In my NFC East picks this week, I noted the Cowboys’ inability to run the ball:

No change this week.  In fact, the Cowboys barely even tried running the ball.  Only 7 rushes by Dallas running backs, 22 yards.  Meanwhile, Tony Romo had 62 pass attempts.  Balance!


• Love that Kory Lichtensteiger tried to use RG3 as his own personal battering ram, trying to limit the loss on a sack, as more Cowboy defenders got shots in.

• Mike Jenkins is an awesome tackler after an opposing player is 8 yards deep in the end zone.  Otherwise, not so much.

• Kai Forbath… Ice water in the veins.  Impressive.

• The Cowboys struggled all day defending the read option.  I thought they’d be more prepared for it.  They saw plenty of it against the Panthers a few weeks ago, struggled against it early, but got better as the game progressed.  I figured that would be a point of emphasis for Rob Ryan this week, and maybe it was, but the Cowboys didn’t look like they were ready for it.

• Ryan Kerrigan does a great job tackling the football.  How many times have we seen Tony Romo spin out of a sack and make a play.  Well, he can’t do that if he doesn’t have the football.  On Kerrigan’s sack yesterday, he grabbed Romo’s throwing arm, and simply made Romo concede and go down.  Smart player.

• I will give the Cowboys some credit yesterday.  They don’t quit.  They had big deficits against the Ravens and Giants this season, but roared back and almost won those games.  Yesterday’s (albeit short-lived and fall-short) comeback was impressive in its own right.  Of course, they lost all three of those games, but at least the fight was there.

• DeAngelo Hall… I appreciate the slide short of the goal line, but it wasn’t necessary.  That would be DeAngelo Hall pretending he’s an unselfish and/or smart player.

• Is Jerry Jones paying the FOX crew not to show him during bad Cowboys moments during football games?  There had to have been a dozen great opportunities to show the boss with a sour puss, but we never got one.  Come on, FOX!  It’s Thanksgiving.  Isn’t that something we can all enjoy?

• One of my favorite things on Earth are the “fans” that crowd the stage during halftime football shows.  Their cheering is often choreographed, and sometimes they’ll even break out props (like glowsticks or something) all at the exact moment.  I’d like to hire them for when I’m about to publish a blog post.

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  1. Sam Hobart says:

    The bomb TD to Robinson came on the same pattern from him but it was off read option play action. Last week’s TD came off of a playaction fake reverse from under center.

    1. Sam Hobart says:

      Actually last week was playaction plus a fake end around.

  2. DerfDiggy says:

    I hate D.Hall more than anyone else in the league right now. Him recovering that onside kick was a kick in the nuts:(

  3. WeGotLinemen says:

    Hall’s slide meant the game ended with a kneel-down and zero-impact.

    Had he scored the Cowboys may have tried to onside kick again, a high impact play that risks injury.

    With the slide, the game ended. Scoring would almost certainly have guaranteed the win, but it wouldn’t have ended the game. Considering the amount of injuries both teams have, the slide produced the best outcome.

    1. The Cowboys would have had to kick off to the Skins after the Skins scored? That doesn’t seem fair. 🙂

      1. WeGotLinemen says:

        Fair point, well made.

      2. yehti says:

        Jimmy- i think it was suck a balanced attack is cuz of the score. i really hate to say but RG3 is looking like a good player….but so did Cam for a year…no talk on another very good game by Dez?

        1. yehti says:

          suck = suck

          1. yehti says:

            lol damnit suck = such

        2. Jimmy Kempski says:

          You’re right. Dez definitely deserved a mention. I had him in my notes for the long catch and run. My bad.

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