Week 12 NFC East picks, and thanks

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  The site keeps growing, and I’ve even begun to pick up various paying jobs at newspapers and/or other “mainstream” media outlets writing about the NFC East teams. Which is awesome.  I owe that to my regular readers.  Thanks for coming back.  Onto the picks:

Redskins at Cowboys: I’m just going to be blunt. I think the Redskins are the better team.

My biggest issue with the Cowboys, minus DeMarco Murray, is that their offense is far too one-dimensional.  Here are the Cowboys’ rushing numbers ever since Murray has been inactive:

Not only are they failing to move the ball on the ground, but they’re doing so against defenses that haven’t been able to stop the run.  That has a domino effect.  Opposing defenses begin to no longer respect the run.  They begin to pin their ears back and attack the QB.  That’s what we saw last Sunday when the Browns defense dry-humped Tony Romo up and down the field.

The Cowboys’ offensive line isn’t equipped to handle such a one-dimensional pass-heavy offense, and now Tyron Smith is banged up with an ankle injury and might not play.  He’s the Cowboys’ best offensive lineman on an already bad OL.

The Skins aren’t without their problems on defense, but as long as they can continue to shut down the Cowboys run game like everybody else has been doing, that should set the table for them to get after Romo. Love the Skins today in an upset, 27-20.

Panthers at Eagles: Raise your hand if you can give me a reason why the Eagles can win an NFL football game right now.  (Scanning the crowd)… Nobody?  Me neither.  The Eagles are 2 point dogs… at home… to a 2-8 team.  And that line should be higher.  Panthers 28-16.

Packers at Giants: Apologies. I haven’t yet sunk my teeth into this one.  No pick until Saturday or Sunday.  I’ll have a much more detailed breakdown of that game once I watch a little more of the Packers.


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  2. brisulph says:

    Just pick the Giants, and get your reverse jinx over and done with!

  3. Horatius says:

    Damn you and your KoD Jimmy!!!!

    1. Ha, my picks were horrible last year, but this year they have been OK, especially lately. I picked the Skins last week, and certainly didn’t “KoD” them then.

  4. Mike K says:

    Thank you, Jimmy! Your blog is the only football site I check regularly. It’s not one-dimensional like the fan blogs, and not superficial and all over the place like the mainstream sites.

    Great content, fun and solid writing, and a good look behind the enemy lines. I only wish there were even more updates!

  5. Some Random Dude Who Still and Always Will, Love the Eagles says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Jimmy 😀 Keep Up The Awesome Work!

  6. Mike Jenkins is Back= Carr at Safety big +

  7. Corry says:

    Thanks for the good articles Jimmy!

    If the birds lose to the Panthers, I have to wonder if they can win another game this year. As a fan, I hope they can turn it around and send Andy out on a positive note, but for the long term, I kind of hope they lose out and get a top 5 pick. That felt wrong typing that.

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