Initial random thoughts from Eagles-Redskins

• The Eagles point differential is now -90.  That’s minus… NINETY.  If the season ended today, the Eagles would draft 6th.  If they wanted to go “best player available,” there are no shortage of positions that could be in play.  Ignoring what players may or not be available, it would not surprise me if the Eagles drafted any of the following positions early (1st-3rd rounds): QB, WR, TE, OT, OG, any position on defense.

• I didn’t realize until after the game that RG3 went 14 for 15 passing.  My first thought was, “He only threw 15 passes?!?”  4 TDs, perfect 158.3 QB rating.

• On the long slant and go route to Santana Moss, it wasn’t bad coaching or bad scheme.  It was simply a 5’10 player making a play on a ball in the air, and the Eagles… not.

• In the preseason, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie got hit with a $21,000 fine for launching his shoulder into Byron Leftwich’s head. When asked if he had any regrets about the hit, DRC told Philly Mag’s Tim McManus, “The Bible said don’t live a life of regret.”  Here was his hit on Leftwich last week:

And here’s what DRC tried to do to RG3 yesterday, although he missed:

DRC is only doing what the Bible is instructing.


• Staying on DRC for a second… Can you make a play?  Please?  On RG3’s lone incompletion on the day, DRC broke on short route and had a chance to pick it off an take it back for a TD.  Nope.  He was content to bat it down.  For all his faults, that was the kind of play that Asante Samuel would have made.

• Another fumble by Brandon Banks that he didn’t lose.  Also, another catch for no yards.  That brings his receiving totals this year to 7 catches, 7 yards.

• The Eagles had 2x as many penalties (12, although 3 of them were declined) as points (6).

• I thought Brandon Meriweather had a nice game, before he got hurt… again.  He had a pick of course, but he looked like he was constantly around the football.  I also thought his replacement, DeJon Gomes played well when he was in there. The Skins clearly need help on the back end, and that’s be a point a focus this offseason, but maybe… if he can stay healthy and stay out of trouble and that’s a huge maybe, they might have something in Meriweather.

• Riley Cooper did a fantastic job blocking downfield on a couple of LeSean McCoy screens.  That’s about the only nice thing I have to say about the Eagles from yesterday.

• Ryan Kerrigan does such a great job of stripping the football from QBs.  That was a big part of his game in college, and he got himself a strip sack yesterday.  I was shocked to see that was his first FF of the season.

• Brent Celek had another huge drop.  That led to an INT.  I don’t recall Harbor dropping a single pass in training camp, but he had two yesterday.  Bad day for the Eagles TEs.

• London Fletcher was injured yesterday, and Keenan Robinson got some extended playing time (somewhere around 20 snaps).  Robinson was a player I liked at the Senior Bowl, and I liked that pick for the Skins when they drafted him.  Nothing particularly good or bad stood out to me watching the game live, but I’ll be interested in getting a second look at him on film.

• Nate Allen blew two coverages yesterday that resulted in TDs.  On the season, he has no INTs, no FFs.  No FFs in 2011 either.  Also, Kurt Coleman just isn’t good.

• Very nitpicky here, but what were the Shannys doing at the end of the first half?  With 14 seconds left, an 11 point lead, 1 timeout left, and 2nd and 11 from the Eagles’ 15, they ran a “not-going-anywhere” draw play, then they let the clock run down to 2 seconds, called their last timeout, and settled for the FG.  I guess that makes sense to some degree if it’s Week 16 and you’re fighting for a playoff berth.  You get the 14 point lead over a team with a struggling offense.  But come on, Mike.  You’re 3-6, and toast.  Try to score.

• Mychal Kendricks’ rookie season has gone downhill fast.  On a long 3rd down play yesterday, he took a horrid angle, allowing RG3 to get around the edge for a first down.

• RG3 broke a record yesterday, just FYI.  Most completions by a Redskins rookie QB.

• Ugh…

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  1. dans105 says:

    Does anyone else see the irony here? A few years ago it seemed like the Eagles switched to the Vinny Cerrato approach to team building: signing big name, slightly older free agents to big contracts and trying to “buy” a championship team rather than build one. It didn’t work for the Redskins (who, thankfully, are now building through the draft though it’s a slow process) and (surprise!) it isn’t working for the Eagles either. I’m surprised that Reid went that route, but maybe after 10+ years in the city with no championships he figured he’d go for broke and either succeed or fail miserably. Am I off base with that comparison?

    1. I think there are some differences. The biggest difference is that a number of the free agent acquisitions were successful their first year in Philly. Babin had 18 sacks. Asomugha, while not the shutdown guy that everyone expected, was still a massive upgrade over Dimitri Patterson. Evan Mathis had a Pro Bowl kind of year. Cullen Jenkins played well.

      Plus, the majority of the contracts were structured in a way that they can get out of them fairly easily if they’d like. The Albert Haynesworth contract, meanwhile, will continue to hurt the Skins all the way through past the 2013 offseason.

  2. SteveH says:

    Hah, Jimmy, I figured you were going bananas when Banks had another fumble (that he didn’t lose, of course).

    Also I’m still hoping you’ll post a video of King Dunlap knocking down Jeremy Maclin on the WR screen during last weeks game. I mean just watching it was incomprehensible.

  3. Brian says:

    Jimmy, I hope you accept responsibility for your Meriweather jinx.

  4. Steve says:

    record wise, yes. But probably not by play………

  5. Noah D says:

    The worst part about all of this is that this year’s quarterback class is dreadful. Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson…just terrible. The only guy who is actually intriguing is Tennessee’s Tyler Bray, a rocket-armed gunslinger in the Brett Favre mold. Accordingly, he has a lot of interceptions. He’s a Junior but it seems the Tennessee staff is going to disintegrate after this season, so there’s a chance he comes out and lasts into the 2nd round.
    Really not a stellar draft class by and large, which also leads to the natural concern that Howie goes out and spends on this free agent class, which is packed with talent.
    Ryan Clady, Jake Long, Brandon Albert, Andy Levitre, Jarius Byrd, Louis Delmas, CB Sean Smith, Mike Wallace, Dwayne Bowe, DT Henry Melton, and so on.

    1. KeepSwinging says:

      Bray’s only asset is his big arm. He makes poor decisions, struggles under pressure, and has a bad attitude. He’s Matt Leinart’s mind with Joe Flacco’s arm and a star tattoo.

  6. Birdbrane says:

    Jimmy- I would just like to point out the play of DeMeco Ryans. If you can stomach re-watching this game, DeMeco played great. He looked like he was the only one still trying. He’s one of about 5 or 6 players I would care to keep on the defense.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Agree. I thought DeMeco played well.

      1. Birdbrane says:

        Sorry, wasn’t trying to nit pick, its just that I was trying really hard to look for bright spots yesterday. He was the only one I could find.

    2. SteveH says:

      Outside of a couple of games Demeco has been a stud for us this year. I’m not sure what his total on the season is but it seems like he’s making at least a couple of TFL’s every week. You can criticize a lot of the Eagles recent FA moves but bringing in Ryans has been a gem. Just imagine how bad this defense would be if we DIDN’T have DR.

  7. Corry says:

    Wait…there are actually 5 teams in the NFL that are worse than the Eagles??

  8. I’m not gonna cheer for the eagles to lose, but I’m not gooing to be mad about getting a higher draft pick either.

    1. SteveH says:

      At this point it might not be an issue of trying to lose games, the Eagles just might flat out not be able to win anymore. Which is just really fucking sad when you think about how high expectations were coming into the season.

      1. Daz says:

        Not be able to win, or not want to win? (Or both?!) These guys (except for the few like DR) are playing with no desire or heart, there’s no pride in their performance.

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