Film breakdown: The Eagles need to beware the “sluggo route” from the Redskins

The Redskins have been wildly successful running the football this season.  They run for 164.4 yards per game, at 5.3 yards per carry.  They’re 2nd in the NFL in both categories behind only the 49ers.  My friend Mark Bullock of Hogs Haven did a phenomenal job breaking down the evolution of the Skins’ option rushing attack earlier in the season.  If you love X’s and O’s, it is definitely worth checking out.

Everything starts with the run game for the Skins, and once they begin to get opposing linebackers to cheat up a little, they love running 10 yard slants with their receivers behind the linebackers off of play action.

It all started Week 1 against the Saints.  On the Skins’ first drive, they “dinked and dunked” their way down the field throwing quick screens to the receivers and running the ball. They got the Saints linebackers cheating up, and on the first play of their second drive, they hit the 10 yard slant for a long TD to WR Pierre Garcon, and “Griffining” was born:

They would continue to run the 10 yard slant throughout the game.

Play action:

Redskins slant 10

10 yard slant complete for 14 yards:

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