Eagles-Redskins Q&A with Kevin Ewoldt from Hogs Haven

Kevin also asked me some questions about the Eagles, which can be found here.  Let’s just get right to it (his answers in quotes):

We all know that Pierre Garcon is in charge of monitoring water temperatures in the training room tubs, Brandon Banks’ job is to catch bubble screens for a loss of 2, and Josh Morgan provides intimidation by throwing footballs at opposing DBs.  But those jobs aside, what exactly are the roles of this team’s receivers?

Pierre Garcon – Redskins fans are not happy. After Landry blasted the Redskins medical staff for screwing up his recovery (always playing hurt), Garcon’s case seems to follow suit. The Redskins brought him back a few weeks after his week 1 injury and he injured his foot more. In Shanahan’s latest presser, he said they plan to play Garcon vs Eagles because he’s not 100% and they don’t know if he ever will be. Wut???

Brandon Banks – I’ll be the first to admit fans get most personnel decisions wrong, but most of us wanted him in the final cuts. Shanahan is a person that hates being wrong, seriously, so he’s going to keep playing Banks until he’s proven right and he makes a play. The Redskins don’t have a Djax…so this is their attempt in finding one.

Josh Morgan – I’ve actually met Josh and he’s the most low key guy I’ve met. Jimmy, if you played for the Redskins, wouldn’t you throw balls at people and curse out refs? I would say at least it hasn’t driven anyone to heroin, but it’s too early for that joke and hearing how affected Andy Reid was this summer is heart-breaking.

Madieu Williams and Reed Doughty?  And yes, that’s my entire question.

Neither were meant to be starters this year. Now, it is fair to criticize Tanard Jackson who was suspended indefinitely before week 1 and Brandon Meriweather (aka Big Bang Clock) who will start FINALLY this week. Yea, he concussed his own teammate in game warmups several weeks ago. That’s some great personnel work there. I do sympathize a bit since Goodell put the cap penalty on the Redskins right before free agency started.

London Fletcher is one of my all time favorite non-Eagles.  Has this season been the beginning of the end for him?  Has he been healthy?

Fletcher is definitely not the same player. He’s been seeing a specialist for dizziness for some time and it’s clear his speed is not what it used to be. I’d be shocked if this wasn’t his last season. Just put him up in the Fedex Field Ring of Fame now. The development of Keenan Robinson has been encouraging. The plan is for him to take over.

I think that people are generally familiar with RG3’s body of work so far this season, but what about Alfred Morris?  RG3 is of course the golden child and the face/future of the franchise, but has Morris actually been more important to the success of the offense, and what makes him so effective?

Morris means SO much to this offense. I knew he was something special when one of his first carries of pre-season he trucked Lance Briggs. No one does that to Briggs. With the running options between Morris and Alfred…LBs have to hold. Have to. With RGIII’s accuracy, that leaves holes. Losing Fred Davis has meant so much though. He was the leading Redskins WR in targets.

Earlier in the season, one of your writers (UkRedskin) did an awesome job breaking down the Skins’ read option offense and the looks they’ve shown in the passing game building on the success of the Skins’ ground game.  Have opposing defenses simply caught up to those looks in recent weeks?

I think so. It doesn’t help our WRs have been dropping so many passes. In the Steelers game, there was 11 drops…2 of which were sure TDs and I’d say a total of 7 of them were easy drops. Last week there were a couple. You’re not going to keep drives going or score much that way. Shanny is rotating starting WRs trying to find consistency. With how porous the Redskins defense is, the offense sadly has to play mistake free. RGIII is tied with Tom Brady right now for fewest INTs at 3, so, go buy your RGIII jersey today.

Is Trent Williams going to the Pro Bowl?  Anyone else?

He should be there. He deserved to go last year until he fell to the siren of sweet Mary Jane. As good as Trent has been in pass pro, he’s a mauler on rushing plays. As for others…Lorenzo Alexander needs to make a Pro Bowl already for Special Teams. He’s always making huge hits…just ask Jorrick Calvin. Alfred Morris is worthy of discussion. if Peyton Manning is on one side of the Pro Bowl curve, Madieu Williams and Billy Cundiff are on the other. Or maybe Nnamdi Asomugha.


Eagles 38 Redskins 34. Shanahan is 0-2 after the BYE with the Skins. Ironically, both losses were at Fedex vs the Eagles.


  1. McMVP says:

    As I said to Tommy on Igglesblitz…thanks for keeping me laughing during this dreadful Eagles season. I listen to all your H2H shows…I was laughing out loud at the most recent one. I really wish you guys were in control of his pressers…

    Great blog Jimmy…keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks, much appreciated.

      1. Peter says:

        Ditto. You and Tommy give me sanity and perspective in times like these. Actually I’m convinced that the reason real for our losing streak is that opposing teams read your stuff and have the Eagles all figured out. Thanks for nothing traitor!

  2. Peter says:

    I love Kevin’s optimism on our behalf but there’s no way in h*ll the Eagles are scoring 38 points. Our season high is 24 against the Ravens, and that was when we still had 4 starters on the o-line. 2 weeks ago we faced the worst D in the league (Saints) and only posted 13 points.

    The reality is we’ve had atrocious red zone offense for years because we don’t have any consistent red zone weapons. Jackson is too small, Maclin plays too small, Avant is a great slot receiver and blocker but doesn’t provide anything extra in the RZ, Cooper lacks solid hands, and Shady can’t push a big pile. Celek is the only RZ threat but he can’t do it by himself. Harbor has yet to prove himself. Vick’s decisions aren’t quick and anticipatory enough to handle the cramped space down there. The play-calling also stinks, probably because Andy/Marty are over-compensating for the fact that we lack scoring threats. In past years we could make up for this by hitting HRs, but Shady doesn’t have Westbrook’s straight-away speed and is often caught from behind. On top of that, Vick’s timing/accuracy with his deep throws is off this year so the 30-40-50 yard pass TDs that defined us for years have evaporated.

    To make matters worse, our return teams are so bad that we routinely start drives between the 10-22 yard lines. I get genuinely excited when we start beyond our own 30…that should tell you how sad it is.

    And for the cherry on top, our turnovers are so frequent that it can’t possibly be sustainable. I keep waiting for our luck to average out and return to normal, but it amazingly hasn’t happened. Turnovers in the red zone are especially problematic, which of course was a huge theme last year as well. The Eagles are constantly inventing new ways to turn the ball over, just like they’re finding ways to lose games.

    Now you know what’s funny? I haven’t even explained the o-line yet. But for the sake of our sanity I’ll stop here.

    Anyway if the Redskins score 30 points, that’s an automatic win for them.

    1. horatius says:

      Let’s just say that as confident as you Iggles fans are in your team, we skins fans are equally confident in our world-class defense. We have given season highs to many teams and we pride ourselves on the fact that we can let Tim Tebow throw for 400 yards and 4 passing TDs.

      Does that explain Kevin’s prediction now?

    2. Quite a rant there. Well done.

  3. […] Here is his Q&A with a Skins blogger.  The guy picks the Eagles to win 38-34.  38 points?  Does he mean this week or the season series? […]

  4. SteveH says:

    I love how each guy picked the other guys team to win. That tells you plenty about how we all feel about our teams this year.

    Oh and I wouldn’t worry too much if I’m the Skins. RG3and6 will carve up our defense. I’d have taken him in fantasy this week if it weren’t for the whole start start people against your own team thing.

  5. Weak, Kevin…..weak. If Foles drops 38 on the Skins Defense, Philly is going to crap their shorts with excitement for what that may mean. I just don’t see that happening behind that hideous offensive line. The Skins and Eagles pass rushes have vastly underperformed this season, but I see this as a game the skins can add a handful more sacks to the register (probably the Eagles too) but I don’t see Foles avoiding the costly turnover while under pressure.

    Skins 32 Eagles 21

    1. Kevin says:

      Under what pressure though? You’re assuming the Redskins can force it. I haven’t seen it all year so I don’t expect it to magically be better now (I hope I’m wrong….good chance I will be).

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