NFC Hierarchy/Obituary with Week 10 in the books

Obituaries this week:


The Graveyard:


Life Support:


There is almost no reason for optimism left for this team, other than the notion that the rest of the NFC East isn’t good (or in the Giants’ case, not good lately).  I had the Eagles’ obituary written (in my head, anyway), but I just can’t pull the plug yet.  Maybe I’m just curious to see Nick Foles start and finish a game.  I realize that’s that equivalent of saying “Mom’s meatloaf is terrible, but this time she’s making it with a different kind of ketchup.”  Still, I’m interested to see what the kid has in him.

After losing this week to the Vikings, the Lions now find themselves at 4-5 with the toughest remaining schedule left in the NFL… by a wide margin.  Here is their remaining schedule:

Lions remaining schedule

Brutal.  At least the bright side is that they play 5 of their remaining 7 games at home.  But if they lose this week to the Packers, you can probably bury this team.

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  1. slandog says:

    I can’t believe you even have the Eagles on life support, but the Skins in the graveyard. They have the same record and what have the Eagles shown that the Skins haven’t to deserve that spot?

    This coming from an Eagles fan.

    1. Ha, yeah, fair question. Redskins had their bye this week. I killed them off before I saw the Giants play the Bengals.

    2. Joe D says:

      agreed,,,,, eagles are toast

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