Initial random thoughts on Cowboys-Eagles

• I’ll have some Giants-Bengals stuff up soon.  I watched the first half of that game from the Eagles parking lot, and then the second half was cut off inside the building when FOX moved away to a more competitive game. So I have some catching up to do there.

• Tommy Lawlor and I did an Eagles-Cowboys recap podcast this morning.  A lot of Nick Foles talk, along with some extended talk about the Eagles’ WRs.  Good show, worth a listen, I think.

• If only Dez Bryant’s hand didn’t land out of bounds, this is what the NFC East would look like:

And the Cowboys would have the season sweep, of course.

• Still far too many penalties for the Cowboys.  They now have 3 players with at least 8 penalties.  Doug Free has 11.  Tyron Smith has 9.  Morris Claiborne now has 8 after collecting FIVE yesterday.  FIVE penalties!  And two for offsides.  How does a CB get called for offsides… twice?

• Tony Romo has occasional moments of awesomeness.  His scramble, in which he avoided like 3 sacks, a falling piano, and a swarm of bees before finding an open receiver was a thing of beauty.

• The Eagles were atrocious tackling the Saints last week.  They came out in the first half are were bad once again.  The Eagles have too many ankle divers.


• Before the season began, there was some hype around Jeremy Maclin, who a lot of people thought was poised for a breakout season.  Not so much.  I’ll get into more detail on Maclin later.

• Not related to the Eagles or Cowboys, but I love when two officials do the synchronized “out of bounds wave.”  The officials yesterday, by the way, were terrible, not that it matters/mattered.  That was not PI on DRC on Dez Bryant, nor was that a catch by Bryant.  How does that not get overturned?  Also, there was a meaningless play late in the game in which Dwayne Harris called for a fair catch, then let the ball go and hit the gunner.  That’s illegal.  I saw it from roughly 140 yards away.  Clear as day.  No flag.  Awful.

• Not sure what Rob Ryan was thinking when Nick Foles first entered the game.  If I’m a defensive coordinator and there’s a rookie QB forced into action mid-game, I’m blitzing the shit out of shit.  Ryan rushed four initially, and Foles had time to throw.  If not for some drops/penalties, the Eagles could have moved the ball.  Ryan wised up later and brought the heat, which was effective.

• Mat McBriar: 2x All-Pro selection with Dallas, and he’s still helping out his old Cowboy friends.

• I’ve been watching the Eagles run that roll out throw inside opposing teams’ 10 yard line in which they unnecessarily cut the filed in half for almost 15 years now.  Never works.  At least with Michael Vick, there was the “in theory” threat of the run or pass, even if it never worked.  But yesterday, they ran it with slow-footed Nick Foles.  (RAGE!)

• My favorite tweet of the day goes to my buddy Jason Brewer from Bleeding Green Nation.  I don’t remember which Cowboys TD this was after, but it was after a score in which the Eagles were pretty much put away:

• I should have some stuff later on DeMarcus Ware and Rob Ryan, as I had a chance to talk to each of them after the game.  I just need to re-watch the game before I get into all of that.


  1. Cowboys won Fair& square.

  2. Dan in Philly says:

    Defenses stop tackling when they’ve quit on the season.
    If Maclin were going to have a break out season, he would have had it two years ago. The 3rd year breakout is more accurately described as a 2nd. Mac is a good, not great, receiver and always will be.

  3. Turd.Ferguson says:

    The catch / no catch by Dez is at least arguable. While I would think most people would agree that call wasn’t correct I understand that it happens from time to time and refs always seem less likely to reverse a call when there are points involved. What pissed me off to no end was the TD on the punt return. The two closest Eagles to Harris were both blocked in the back. The one on Colt would have been an iffy call as it was a bit of a push but mostly looked like he tripped, but the other one on Hughes happened about 6 yards directly in front of Harris with a ref on right next to it on the near sideline. I flipped when they didn’t call that.

    1. horatius says:

      Isn’t that the entire point of the damned review of all scoring plays? What’s the point if you are going to not make the right call anyway? There was absolutely 0 doubt that Dez did not catch the ball.

  4. NYG_slater says:

    Giants implosion is in full effect…..this is exactly why coughlin is seemingly on the “hot seat” every 2 years or so. There is always a streak of games where the giants are just putrid…TBH the giants have been putrid since SF, but winning ugly has made people complacent. Now that we aren’t getting the turnovers, they can’t hide the warts on this team….which is, in a way, good. It forces them to address and fix them. If they got by without addressing these problems they would of been bounced in the wild card game. Now they realize the problems and have an opportunity to correct them and succeed, or fail to address them and die a slow and painful death. Considering the problems aren’t entirely health related, (unlike the eagles) there is some hope, and the coaching staff has shown the ability to rebound in previous years. A few warts I’ve noticed:

    1- Ahmad Bradshaw and David Diehl. Why is Diehl starting? Why are they overworking Bradshaw when Brown could be used to keep him healthy, while also being more productive?

    2- Where has the short passing game/screen game gone? Not every pass has to be a 5 step drop, with multiple read’s and progressions. Just get the ball to your play-makers and give them opportunities to make plays.

    3- The offensive line has played horrible, yet they try and execute run plays which emphasize man blocking–Power, Iso, etc… Why not try some misdirection? Counter’s, traps, more zone blocking, let the RB pick his spots. Andre Brown, in particular, has shown a knack for being able to ‘press’ the hole, shows some patience, and makes the proper cut towards daylight.

    4- Perry Fewell playing off coverage…I think this is his response to not having Kenny Phillips or J williams (a LB with good coverage skills) in the lineup. Playing off and a lot of zone can get you a lot of turnovers when your Defensive line forces QB’s to unload the ball early. However, against better QB’s (Big Ben) they’ll avoid the rush and pick you apart. Against cinci, the pass rush was non-existent and Dalton had all day to throw, to anyone he wanted.

    I could go on, but meh, what is the point. If the coaches haven’t realized the problems yet, there’s no point. It will be interesting to see the adjustments they make after the bye.

  5. horatius says:

    “The Eagles have too many ankle divers.”

    This will help them tremendously against the redskins, where the ratio of shoe-string tackles to players out for the game is close to 1.

    1. horatius says:

      I’m looking at you Pierre Garcon…….

    2. A Fine Messi says:

      read and re-read your comment about 5 times. still have no idea what you are talking about.

      1. horatius says:

        Never mind.

  6. Derf Diggy says:

    Your fans and stadium treated me well…shit talking from both sides but it was all in good fun. The LINC is a black hole for phone service though…

    Great stadium too!

    Chickie Pete’s food sucks, BTW.

    1. Agreed. Chickie’s and Pete’s is wildly overrated.

      …as is the perception that you’re taking your life into your own hands by going there in an opposing jersey (although that used to be true in the old 700 level at the Vet).

      And yeah, not only is cell phone reception bad there, but your phone will typically be drained of all its power very quickly since it’s constantly trying to find a good signal.

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        Yea, it’s much like any NFL stadium in the country(except for maybe the SF/Oak games)…Go there, cheer for your team, but don’t be obnoxious…

        Although some old white guy in his late 70’s threatened my life when I questioned why JG would call a screen on 3rd and short to Jason Witten. His point was that Witten was the only player worth his worth on the Boys roster, and I should not blasphemy him.

        I also got threatened by a 14 year old for celebrating the Dez TD that was not overturned. When I said “Blame the ref for the bad call, I’m wearing a blue jersey, not stripes today”, the young lad told me to “Shut up, or I’ll punch you in the face”

        Great great time….

    2. horatius says:

      So, you are not the Cowboy fan whose car was burnt in the Linc. parking lot, I take it.

      1. When did that happen?

        1. David_Does_Dallas says:

          It happened towards the end of the game and I believe it was actually an Eagles fans car after people did some investigating.

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