A little King Dunlap comedy, in pictures

If you saw yesterday’s Eagles-Cowboys game, you already know King Dunlap had a terrible game.  He had 38 penalties (estimated), and forgot that he was part of the FG protection team, which forced the Eagles to have to burn a time out.  But in re-watching the game, I happened upon this gem of a play.

The Eagles are going to run a little delayed draw to LeSean McCoy.  At the snap, Dallas Reynolds and King Dunlap are going to try to get to the second level:

Foles hands to McCoy, who has room around the edge with King out in front and likely a nervous Brandon Carr, who thinks he’s got a 6’9 behemoth bearing down on him:

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  1. SteveH says:

    Jimmy, there was a wide reciever screen we ran where King Dunlap came over and knocked down our reciever, you gotta find that one and show it to people.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Yeah, that was the same drive as when he racked up penalties and had the FG brainfart. He basically tackled Maclin.

      1. SteveH says:

        Please please please put video of that up, I was incredulous watching it live. Not only did he fail to block anyone but he knocked down our ball-carrier. Just insane. What do the coaches say to players when they’re watching film during the week? I mean if I was a coach in a meeting with the D breaking that down, I would just facepalm for like 2 minutes and then tell Dunlap to get out lol.

  2. horatius says:


  3. ATLeagle says:

    I saw him do this in NO last week from the left side, and couldnt figure out what the hell was going on. He was standing in the middle of no where, 5 yards down field, arms spread wide ( REAL wide ) while everyone else was hammering away at each other. Is the scheme to get out there, pause, find someone, and attack, and he is just getting stuck at step 2?

  4. juz askin says:

    So ,Da eagles won the Sean Payton bowl?

    1. SteveH says:

      Looks like it.

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