Podcast: Eagles-Cowboys preview

You can find the podcast here.

Typically, the podcasts I do with Tommy Lawlor of IgglesBlitz.com revolve around the Eagles, but this week we talk quite a bit about the Cowboys as well.  It’s a long one – Worth tuning in if you’re a fan of either team.  I think we found some common ground that it’s one crappy team playing another, although the Cowboys are more of a “functional” crappy team than the Eagles.

We also get into some detail right off the bat on Todd Herremans’ injury and the Eagles’ dismantled offensive line.

I’ll have an Eagles-Cowboys film breakdown a little later today.

And finally, my cat hates the Cowboys (Don’t expect much: 2 out of 10 on the comedy scale):


  1. Nick S. says:

    That was a ten in my book.

  2. Imp says:

    Aww. Your cat is absolutely adorable.

    1. His name is Butters. I love him, and he loves me.

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