NFL TV Maps – Week 10

Here are the games that will be on in your area of the country.

Only two NFC East games this weekend, since the Redskins are on the bye week.  Here are the other two games:

Giants at Bengals: FOX 1pm, Kenny Moose and Goose:  How is this game getting more national attention than Falcons-Saints?  I get that the Giants play in an enormous market, but isn’t Falcons-Saints way more compelling?  Anyway, whatever.  Good for the Giants fans around the country.  This is one of those games, where if the Giants win, their fans get to kick back, relax, and laugh at the loser of the 4pm Cowboys-Eagles game.  However, if the Giants lose, does a little tinge of worry begin to creep in about whoever wins the 4 o’clocker?

Cowboys at Eagles: FOX 4pm, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.  It’s kind of funny that two 3-5 teams attract the “#1 FOX broadcast team.”  But obviously, the Cowboys and Eagles are always going to be of interest whether they’re good or bad.  Only Northern California, the Pacific Northwest and the area around St. Louis will miss this one.  I’m sure fans of AFC teams that don’t give a rat’s ass about the Eagles and Cowboys are going to be saying, “Really? This game is our only option?”

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