Tony Romo praises the Eagles, inaccurately

Every week around the NFL, beat reporters speak with the opposing head coach and typically one of the other team’s high profile players on speakerphone from the press room.  This week in Philly, it was Jason Garrett and Tony Romo.  The QB and the head coach are busy guys during the week of preparation for the next opponent, so I would have to imagine the opposing team’s media session is viewed by those guys as something they just kind of have to do.  They’re going to give the most vanilla answers possible and get it over with.  So obviously, Tony Romo isn’t going to say “Those guys suuuuuck!”  That’s Rob Ryan’s job.

With that disclaimer out of the way, Romo was asked what he saw on film of the Eagles’ defense this week, and I found his answer funny:

They look physical.  They look like they’re getting to the ball.  They look like they rush the QB well.  It looks like they make it hard to throw.  If anything, it looks like teams every once in a while run it OK, and that gives teams a chance.  I don’t see a lot of quarterbacks having a very good game against these guys.  (Playing the Eagles) is a very difficult game to play just because of the way they rush the passer and the way that they’re committed to that, so knowing that you have to do other things.

That might be true of previous Eagles teams Romo has faced, but he can’t possibly be referring to this game, or really almost any other game the Eagles have played so far this season.


  1. peter says:

    well, drew brees did have under 300 yards and a few fumbles

    1. That’s a little misleading. The Saints first 6 drives:

      46 yards – Missed FG
      76 yards – TD
      74 yards – TD
      15 yards – Punt
      61 yards – Fumble
      70 yards – TD

      And then they sat on the football from there on out and milked clock.

      But Brees basically did whatever he wanted to that defense all night.

  2. Mark Sitko says:

    Jimmy – I know the birds have been off for a few weeks but we did allow the lowest QB rating to an opponent for while this year – right? Maybe Tony knows what he is talking about…

    1. Well, that’s assuming he watched the Browns game on a loop. Take that one away, and the Eagles have an opposing QB rating of 92.8, and that’s with Matt Stafford missing open receivers all over the field for 3.5 quarters.

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