Help out Hurricane Sandy victims

Obviously, we all love football, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog.  But I think it’s also very safe to assume that the majority of us love knitting.  My friend from college Sarah started a drive to collect knitted and crocheted hats for victims of Hurricane Sandy and deliver them to the most devastated areas affected by the storm.

So if you knit (don’t lie – I know at least 95% of you do), or if you know someone that does, please point them in the direction of my friend, and let her know that you’d like to knit some hats for people that have lost everything.

You can go to Sarah’s blog for contact information, or email her at


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  1. Sarah Hughes says:

    Don’t lie…I KNOW your readers LOVE knitting!!!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing. It’s times like these that old friends, neighbors and family come together! We will make it better and rebuild….AND keep our people warm!! Thank you so much Jimmy this means so much to me!!

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