Marcus Vick wants his brother traded

Interesting usage of the word “we.”


  1. yuk mi says:

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  2. slandog says:

    I’m all for it, trade Vick, I was never a fan. I’m actually OK with just straight cutting him. NEver knew why we signed him to begin with. Everyone loved him after 2010, but that was his one good season EVER. He’s not a good QB.

  3. triplej says:

    Dear Marcus,

    Attached please find a Philadelphia flight schedule for yourself and Michael.



  4. TylerD says:

    I thought Marcus was on the run from the Police, now he is tweeting WTF? Anyway how he thinks he is helping his brother is beyond me.

  5. Juz Sayin says:

    Sunday! da Sean Payton Bowl,Cowboys vs Eagles!the loser wins!

  6. bula says:

    hey marcus, we’d be thrilled if we could trade him. instead we will be forced to cut him

  7. CulDaddy says:

    Trade deadline is past. What an idiot. Hope you have those Reid post-game loser quotes ready to go.

  8. Logan says:

    This offense as currently composed is awful. There is NO reason to not make major changes this off-season, including at head-coach and offensive coordinator. Enough with this nonsense.

    By the way, the defense sucks too now that Bowles is in charge. Good call Andy.

    I’m ready to eat crow and watch the Eagles come back, but damn they do not look good.

  9. He had enough characters to insert the word “are” in between we and requesting

  10. Clearly shows Mike has been bitching to his bro, stupid move by brother

  11. eagles2zc says:

    No one else wants him..

  12. Trade implies you could get something in return. His value really couldn’t be lower … well I guess at one point it was, lol.

    1. Not to mention, the trade deadline already came and went. Come on, Marcus, know your NFL calender

      1. maximdim says:

        When can we trade players during the offseason?

        Is it the same time we can sign free agents?

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