Let the Doug Martin and David Wilson comparisons begin!

Some facts on the Giants 2012 draft:

  • Tampa traded up from 36 ahead of the Giants to 31.
  • Tampa drafted Boise St. RB Doug Martin, a player that was unanimously more highly rated than Virginia Tech RB David Wilson, at least among “draftniks.”
  • The Giants, unlike pretty much every other team in the first round, used up the entire allotted time to make their pick.
  • The Giants then chose Wilson.

And now my speculation:

  • The Giants wanted to pick Martin.
  • He got snagged from under their clutches.
  • They tried to trade out.
  • They didn’t find any suitors.
  • They settled on Wilson.

Giants GM Jerry Reese quickly denied that they wanted Martin:

“There’s been some conjecture that Tampa had moved up in front of us and took Martin. That’s not true … Martin would not have been our pick.”

“First of all, (Wilson) was the highest player on our board at the time that we picked,” Reese said. “That was an easy pick for us. It was a value and a need pick for us, we thought.”

What else is Reese going to say?  “We wanted some other guy more than the guy we drafted?”

Anyway, whatever the case, these two players are going to be connected throughout their careers, so we may as well start now, since Martin ran for 265 yards and 4 TDs yesterday despite the Bucs being without their two starting guards:

Martin is on pace for 2078 yards from scrimmage.

Now, just because Wilson hasn’t gotten off to the same quick start that Martin has doesn’t mean Wilson won’t eventually be a great player.  In fact, he was one of the players in training camp that thoroughly impressed me.  Here’s what I wrote about Wilson back in August:

It’s impossible not to notice David Wilson.  He’s so fast, but there are things about his game that annoy the Giants.  Today he muffed a kick return.  That earned a “Catch the ball David!” from Tom Coughlin.  He also dropped an easy one in the flat.  But then later he got a crease, exploded through it, then made a devastating cut in between two defenders.  After practice, Coughlin was asked about Wilson and Reuben Randle, and what he needs to see from them against Jacksonville this week.  ”We need to see ball security, we’d like to see David’s big play potential, and Reuben has been a guy that has caught the ball consistently all throughout camp.  Very smooth, got himself open, caught the football, and I wouldn’t think that there’d be any reason not to expect him to continue to do that, but we’ll see how they do competing against someone else, other than our own people.”  No surprise that “ball security” is the first thing Coughlin noted.  Wilson is currently running with the 3′s behind Ahmad Bradshaw and DJ Ware, and you can kind of see why.  Ware had a really nice blitz pickup on Chase Blackburn today.  He’s a known, trustworthy commodity at this point.  Wilson is not.  I think that’s smart to have Wilson running with the 3′s.  Make him earn a jump up the ladder when he does all the little things correctly.  But again… obvious bigtime talent.

Wilson may very well be a stud whenever he proves he can protect the football, pick up blitzes, and be where he’s supposed to be in the passing game.

Doug Martin, however, was a ready-to-go product out of the box, and is suddenly tearing up the league.


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  4. Mstewart9 says:

    I totally agree with you on every point. I felt the same way on draft day when the Bucs leaped frogged over the Giants and selected Martin. Theres no doubt in my mind that the Giants were targeting Martin and were shocked when Tampa took him.

  5. TylerD says:

    Jimmy you know I love you but I know the Giants a little better than you do. Martin is obviously a very good looking rookie RB, but there is just know way TC would use him as his regular back early in his rookie season unless there was an injury. TC’s approach fustrates a lot of us, but rookies have to earn their way onto the field with the Giants. If Martin played for us one miss of an assignment could put him back on the pine, plus I would wager Tampa’s O-line is a better run blocking line so who knows if Martin doesn’t fumble if he is on the Giants. If you want to compare the two backs at least wait till Wilson starts carrying the mail on a semi regular basis. That’s my only point.

  6. TylerD says:

    Bad comparison because TC only plays rookies if he has not choice, Martin wouldn’t get the same chances Tampa gives him to run the ball on the Giants unless Bradshaw went down.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      That’s not really true here though. Wilson got a chance on the second drive of the season. He lost a fumble.

  7. Eric says:

    You can tell a lot about who teams preferred by when they trade out or when they take a player at the same position prior to their pick but is considered a lesser player, Among other examples.

  8. nflmockscom says:

    I’ll say the way the giants draft–athletic freaks–I didnt doubt they preferred David Wilson

    1. ct17 says:

      JPP over Derrick Morgan. Same as Wilson over Martin. First round you grab potential, not safe.

  9. BBI says:

    The YPC are the same. Doug Martin has a touchdown every 19.25 snaps. David Wilson has a touchdown in 17 snaps.

    Only thing missing is the opportunity. Wilson hasn’t had it. Martin has.

  10. NYG_slater says:

    Doesn’t matter. Even if they drafted Martin, Dougie wouldnt see the field this year. TC is a bitch when it comes to playing rookies (or new guys) versus veterans…..Perfect example is David Diehl….Dave would (and should) be unemployed if it weren’t for Coughlin’s loyalty to his vets.

    1. I’m not sure I agree there. In 2007, a whole slew of rookies contributed during that Super Bowl run. Martin was ready to play out of the box. Wilson wasn’t.

      1. nflmockscom says:

        During the Superbowl run, towards the end of the season. I don’ think too many rookies have come out and contributed early in the season. Hakeem Nicks is one. Ross a bit too.

        I think Martin would be playing more than Wilson, but not nearly as much as he is in Tampa Bay

        Not that I’m complaining. Coughlin and the coaching staff do a wonderful job of developing talent.

      2. NYG_slater says:

        um…no? Some rookies contributed during the postseason…but during the regular season.. just no.

        Kevin Boss contributed after shockey went down. before that in 15 weeks 5 catches 64 yards total.

        Steve smith had 8 catches for 63 yards in the 5 games he played during the regular season. Rode the pine for 11 games.

        Bradshaw had 6 carries for the first 15 weeks!!!!! When Jacobs got dinged up he got his first real opportunity vs buffalo and had a great game.

        Aaron ross was the only rookie who significantly saw snaps in the regular season. Corey webster was struggling…and the other depth was R.W. and Sam madison.

        Not sure if this is what you call contributing……

        Well jay alford played in every regular season game….as a long snapper for field goals.

  11. atwollsatan says:

    Follow up – It’s hard to say who was rated better than who and whether that was a good pick. Look at AJ Jenkins – basically anonymous before the 49ers picked him… he hasn’t played at all this year, but it’s hard to question that pick because he seems like a scheme fit.

    How about another one – Ryan Tannehill. Consensus bust pick and basically was gonna be terrible if he played this year according to “experts”. He hasn’t been perfect, but he’s been fantastic for a rookie.

    Stephon Gilmore was rated the best cornerback by Greg Cosell (If I remember correctly), and he’s been shit so far. BRUCE IRVIN – that pick came out of nowhere, but he’s been fantastic for Seattle so far.

    My point is that just because one guy was rated higher than another by Kiper doesn’t mean an NFL GM was going to pick the higher rated guy.

  12. atwollsatan says:

    Doug Martin is built in the Ray Rice mold that he is plug and play. MJD, McFadden, Stewart, Richardson… these are all primarily power guys who have speed and lots of elusiveness. All of them run with power

    David Wilson is the CJ Spiller mold that he takes a while to get used to playing in the NFL. Some of the best backs in the NFL are of the same mold, and took time to break out. These are all primarily speed guys who used their speed and elusiveness a lot in college. That doesn’t cut it in the NFL, and they needed time to learn to run between the tackles with their head down, and once they got used to that, they broke out: Lesean McCoy (1 year), Jamaal Charles (year and a half), CJ Spiller (2 and a half years), Reggie Bush (5 years). Chris Johnson did it well for a bit, but then stopped running in between the tackles. That’s why he’s sucked…but he’s been following his blocks for the last few games.

    TL;DR – It’s unfair to compare a plug and play feature back to someone who has to be molded to the NFL

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