Film breakdown: DeAngelo Hall’s pathetic effort yesterday against the Panthers

On DeAngelo Williams’ 30 yard TD yesterday against the Redskins, DeAngelo Hall made absolutely no effort to tackle Williams.

Here’s Williams racing around the edge with Hall in decent position to slow this play down, or at least force it back inside:

Steve Smith engages with Hall, but Hall is still in good position to make the tackle:

He turns it down, opting instead to throw his hand in the air and beg for a holding call:

Williams runs on by in route to a TD:

He can’t cover and he doesn’t want to tackle. Exactly what function is he serving?


  1. Tyler D says:

    Nnamdi’s contract 5yr/60 mil; DeAngelo’s contract 6yr/55 mil: Both played in the same secondary both came to the BEast with a reputation of shut down corner. Both are poor tacklers. Sure Nnamdi is better than DeAngelo, But can you say Nnamdi is one of the better CB’s in the beast? You jump on Rolle last year when he played all year out of position, this year you have a hard on for a CB who was exposed as a fraud years ago, just waiting for you to start calling out Eagles who are not living up to expectations.

    1. Are you kidding me? I’ve been killing the Eagles all season.

  2. tylerD says:

    It’s time to call a spade a spade, We all know DeAngelo stinks and he really has not had a reputation as a good CB in years. But the Eagles and Nnamdi contract is just about as bad as the redskins and DeAngelo’s. Nnamdi was supposed to be on Revis’s level of play and he plays on DeAngelo’s.

  3. ct17 says:

    This could be a weekly column. Can’t say Hall was any better in the Giants game. He has to be the biggest prima donna in the league right now, can’t believe more people are not calling him out on it.

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