A bunch of random (and mostly negative) notes from around the NFC East

• Well that was a satisfying day of football yesterday… if you’re an Eagles fan.  Tommy Lawlor and I discuss the Eagles’ various team meetings on our podcast here, and we talked about the NFC East as well as previewing Eagles-Saints here.

• The Redskins are done.  Just ask Mike Shanahan:

“You lose a game like that, now you’re playing to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come. I’ll get a chance to evaluate players and see where we’re at,” Shanahan said.

“Obviously, we’re not out of it statistically, but now we find out what type of character we’ve got and how guys keep on fighting through the rest of the season.”

Mike Shanahan: Motivational speaker.

• The Cowboys, meanwhile, are on life support after just 8 games.  Who are the Cowboys’ 5 best players?  In my opinion (in whatever order you prefer), they’re DeMarcus Ware, Tony Romo, Sean Lee, Jay Ratliff, and Jason Witten.  The Cowboys are now 3-5, and have a highly unlikely climb to make the playoffs.  Here’s how old those aforementioned players will be when the 2013 season begins:

  • Romo: 33
  • Ware: 31
  • Ratliff: 32
  • Witten: 31
  • Lee: 27

And here’s how much money those four core old guys are scheduled to make in 2013:

  • Romo: $11.5 million
  • Ware: $6 million
  • Ratliff: $5 million
  • Witten: $5.5 million

That’s very manageable.  However, in 2014, Ware’s contract jumps to $12.25 million and Tony Romo will be a free agent.  The Cowboys haven’t produced results, or even much optimism at all since 2009.  Will 2013 be the last year in which the Cowboys keep that core together?

• Nice coverage, Skins:

• He’s still probably nowhere near 100%, but here are Hakeem Nicks’ numbers since returning from injury against the Buccaneers: 4 games, 13 catches, 153 yards, 0 TD.

• The Bears have 8 defensive or special teams TDs.  Eagles WRs have 4.


• Why is David Diehl playing over Sean Locklear?  What do the Giants see in Diehl?  It’s crazy.  $20 to anyone that can give me a good reason why Diehl should be starting.  For that matter, $20 to anyone who can give me a good reason why the Redskins are trying to shoehorn Brandon Banks into their offense.

• The Redskins lead the league with 82 penalties.  They also lead the league in penalty yards, with 649.

• Mike Wallace is one of the fastest players in the game.  Nevertheless, on Wallace’s TD catch and run, Prince Amukamara had a good angle on Wallace but looked slooooow trying to get to him as Wallace raced right by.

• At least the Redskins seem to have a decent kicker now:

And 6 of those 8 makes are over 40 yards.  Unfortunately, he can’t kick the ball into the end zone on kickoffs, but I’m sure the Skins will gladly settle for a guy that can actually make field goals.

• Terence Newman picked off Peyton Manning yesterday… twice.  From what I’ve seen of the Bengals this season, Newman hasn’t been bad.  I wonder how much that has had to do with Newman maybe not being healthy last year.  Or maybe he just has a defensive coordinator in Mike Zimmer that is putting him a position to succeed rather than asking him to do things he can’t do.

• Isaac Redman is not a good running back.  Slower than dirt.  If the Giants had given up 147 yards to a healthy Rashard Mendenhall, I could understand that.  But Isaac Redman?  That’s very alarming.

• Speaking of the way the Steelers were running the ball yesterday, what in the hell was Mike Tomlin thinking with that weak-ass fake FG, where the holder flipped it back to the kicker?  The Giants can’t stop your rushing attack to save their lives, you need about a foot, and you run that junk?

• I still can’t get over the awfulness of the Ryan Clark penalty in the Giants game.  The officials called it a helmet to helmet hit.  It wasn’t even close to Cruz’s head.  Hell, it wasn’t even close to Cruz’s shoulder.  It was in his freaking ribs.  Terrible.

• You know that little read option fake into a quick slant that the Skins have been burning people with all season.  Yeah, that’s not working anymore, and Kyle Shanahan is going to get one of his receivers killed if he continues to run that play 5 times per game.

• Eli Manning has not played well recently.  I think we can safely take him out of the MVP running:

• Bruce Carter looks like he may very well be the real deal.  It wasn’t exactly Steve Atwater vs. Christian Okoye, but Carter flattening Jacquizz Rodgers in the hole last night was impressive.

• Two weeks ago, DeAngelo Hall got ejected for acting like an idiot.  Yesterday he did this.  Just cut him.  Why wait?

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  1. yuk si says:

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  2. Fan of NFL says:

    Add the Eagles O-line with the negative notes for the NFC east

  3. ct17 says:

    The reasoning behind Clark’s penalty was poor. But he took 3-4 steps and nailed a guy that never touched the ball. You don’t like the call, then you should not put yourself in a position where there is questioning whether you took one step too many. Clark is not new to those penalties. Safeties these days play more for hits than INTs.

  4. José P says:

    Well, Pat Flaherty said about Diehl, “He can’t lose his job to a minor injury”. He then followed that up with, “He also can’t lose his job to sucking worse than everyone else in all of football for a year and a half. We have his self esteem to consider.”

  5. Ryan says:

    On the Brandon Banks topic…they are trying to put him on offense because they think the NFL is like a video game where speed is more important than awareness and ability to hold on the the ball? Al Davis felt this way too. To the credit of Shanny squared, that offense does have some video game moments with RGIII.

  6. Matt says:

    Hey Jimmy, can you take a look at the 3rd down Hosley gave up to Sanders in the 4th Q, which pretty much sealed up the game for the Steelers?

    It looked like Hosley had Sanders blanketed in man and then decided to go soft zone- looked schemed (and stupid) to my eyes. Who goofed that play up?

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      I’ll take a look, but if memory serves me correctly, Ben had all day to throw.

      1. Matt says:

        Gotcha, thanks.

  7. TylerD says:

    speaking of new coaches I hear Sean Peyton’s contract with the Saints just got voided by the NFL, if I were a Saints fan I would be pretty worried he might end up as the Cowboys new coach, considering he already lives in Dallas.

  8. Eagle Dan says:

    Sad state of football when as an Eagle fan all we have to feel good about if how bad the NFC East is. Crazy that there’s a possibility of having 3 new coaches in the division next year.

  9. Jim says:

    “I’m not on the fire JG bandwagon(yet), but 3 different coaches have been retired/fired/made look like fools by this core of players.”

    I’ll throw out a different sentiment. The best teams they’ve had were the result of Parcells’ tenure. As memories of big Bill fade away, so have winning seasons. There might be something to that..

    1. Derf Diggy says:

      That’s mostly due to drafting though…Parcells’ Cowboys teams were the most penalized during that time span if I can remember correctly. He had his fair share of hits and misses on the draft front…Wade & Jerruh came in and started drafting for Special Teams depth, and this is why the current roster is what it is. JG’s playcalling leaves much to be desired, but from the very short span in which he’s handled the drafts, I’ve liked what I’ve seen. Thus….why I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

      He’ll get better as a coach with experience….I hope.

  10. dannymac056 says:

    Thank you for pointing out the David Diehl thing. What are they thinking? I usually avoid questioning an NFL coaching staff on most of their personnel moves… but I can’t get past that one. He killed a drive late in the game pretty much single-handedly.

    Same is true for Bradshaw continuing to get carries over Brown or Wilson. Few backs miss open running lanes more consistently than him. I’m not saying bench him or anything ridiculous, just spread it around a little bit more.

  11. PeterGorsky says:

    Jimmy, look at this video of sean locklear shutting down one of the best pass rushers in the league (or was?):

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU14A0McHOo&w=640&h=360%5D

    How in the world do you justify benching locklear? It makes no sense. Coughlin deserves all the criticism in the world right now

  12. Derf Diggy says:

    Trade Romo to Cleveland/SF/Philly/Arizona……reload, reboot, retool. Whatever. Get as much as you can for him, use first round currency on a QB of the future, and go into a full rebuild.

    This core is done.

    I’m not on the fire JG bandwagon(yet), but 3 different coaches have been retired/fired/made look like fools by this core of players. Ware hasn’t made a game changing play when it mattered since the Saints game years ago. Romo is what he is, and looks to be regressing. The turnovers are one thing, the accuracy(or lacktheirof) issues are something else. He’s been missing wide open receivers all year.

    Dez is dumb.

    Austin is anti-clutch.

    Bruce Carter and Sean Lee(if he returns healthy) are going to be a force to be reckoned with, along with the secondary.

    Scrap everyone else and start over….

    This team has driven me to not care. Apathy is the absolute worst emotion to have in regards to sports, and I’m there. I knew exactly how last nights game was going to end, and that’s saddens me:(

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