Breaking: If you hit a WR’s ribs with your shoulder before the ball has even hit the ground, that’s now illegal

…but only if you’re playing the Giants.


  1. Tyler D says:

    Oh no you didn’t just try and play the storm card Jimmy. Come on man key word 4 games that’s 3 weeks before the enormous storm. By the way glad you and your family are safe though that now get ready for the Noreaster coming our way.

  2. ct17 says:

    Not a blow to the head, but he hit a guy that did not even touch the ball. Made no attempt to stop. Not smart. I make it a point never to be on the side of stupid.

  3. TylerD says:

    Jimmy ever since you switched formats I can’t reply directly to a post is there something I can do on my end? Also the text in the boxes stays and I can’t see what I’m typing over, is there something that can be done?

  4. TylerD says:

    Bad calls happen, I don’t really see the point in going off on the Ref’s, a lot of us Giant fans thought the Ref’s jobed us last week and I didn’t hear a peep from anybody on hear about those calls. Unless you and Jimmy are trying to argue that the NFL is biased and the Giants are the only team that get’s fortunate calls. Besides the Giants lost the game so as I have said many times good teams overcome bad calls and hats off to the Steelers because they overcame the calls and won the game.

    1. ATLeagle says:

      I agree with this sentiment. I have always felt that you have to play well enough to take a bad call by the refs out of the equation. The replacements showed how good the regular refs are, and I have always thought of them as pretty bad. If the game is within a touchdown, you could lose by a bad call, so if you want to avoid the issue, win by more than 8. If you are playing the giants (with the league’s preference), then win by 15.

  5. Jordan says:

    i’m not bashing on one team or another and just for the record i am an eagles fan, but i was really annoyed with the calling in the giants game yesterday, to the point where i turned it off for a bit. I counted 5 things in a row that i didnt agree with. Just want to share and see if anyone else agrees:

    1)That DPI call that led to the giants drive in the end zone. Right before the call shown above. I thought it was just fantastic defending and i see a lot more outrageous things than that go un-called all the time.

    2)The call shown above where cruz got hit. Thought it was a perfectly legal (and great) hit by Ryan Clark.

    3)The TD on the ensuing play; after watching the play 4 or 5 times, I’m still completely convinced that he never broke the plane.

    4) (Probably the most controversial) The “fumble” by Big Ben following that drive. I was under the impression that it was a forward pass and am sticking to it. Saw nothing wrong with that being an incomplete pass and was kind of outraged when it was officially ruled a fumble.

    5) (This one could very well just be me) On the “fumble” recovery, was that not a clip/block in the back on Heath Miller? It sure as hell wasn’t a dive for the tackle and it looked like he got pushed down

  6. TylerD says:

    Amen Glory, during the Giants 4 game winning streak I think the Giants got one mabye two articles on this blog, today Jimmy is on fire. If the Eagles loose tonight it’s going to be like a funeral around here.

    1. An enormous storm hit my house.

  7. LOL Giants fans the time has come. As they say “Its lonely at the top”. You will now have to deal with jealous fans trying to discredit your teams accomplishment. Cowboys STILL go through it today, but at least I know the eagles never will!!!

  8. TylerD says:

    LOL all you have to do is read your blog of late and we all know your an Eagles fan. I have talked to you on SB nation under my alias of Late for Dinner many times and I know you like to complain about Ref’s a little to much for my taste, last year you harped on the Victor Cruz non fumble. Giants caught a break on that call so what, that happens every game you get some calls in your favor and you get some you against you. At the end of the season they all even out.

  9. Tyler D says:

    Every team gets BS calls against them and for them, Jimmy your looking a little biased calling out the Ref’s where were you last week when Dallas was getting the benifit of the doubt on holding and PI calls.

    1. “where were you last week when Dallas was getting the benifit of the doubt on holding and PI calls.”

      Wait… Do you think I’m a Cowboys fan?

  10. Redskins Fan says:

    The Refs jobbed the Redskins, too, on a whistle that blew the play dead at the 17 that then “magically” became a touchdown because the Refs couldn’t see that the Redskins didn’t want to get penalized 15 yards for a late hit and pulled up instead of putting the player out of bounds. Totally changed the complexion of the game.

    I thought the real refs were going to be better than the replacements?

  11. Joe D says:

    Giants were getting gifts all over the game… If that were the replacement refs people would be going buck wild about those calls

  12. CulDaddy says:

    125 and a pick- Eli’s out of gas! Lights out Giants! too soon?

  13. “Penalty on the Steelers: Making a Giant hurt”

  14. BBI says:

    Happens. Osi Umenyiora got flagged for the same thing for hitting Aaron Rodgers in the NFC divisional playoff last year.

    1. mjoedgaard says:

      Happens on QBs all the time, but that one is not even close (that was called blow to the head)

    2. horatius says:

      The Green Bay game was the only game in the past 5 years that the Jints got bad calls from the refs. They get awarded points and whole games on a regular basis.

      1. nflmockscom says:

        you’ve watched 90 Giants games the past five years?

      2. brisulph says:

        Yeah… no. They are typically like any other team, they get some calls, they don’t get some calls. Yesterday was slanted early in their favour, the second half had it even out with some strange no-calls/calls in the Steelers favour.

  15. Dan says:

    Unnecessary roughness penalty for hitting too hard, and too legally

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