Enemy film breakdown: Some statistics, and the one player Michael Vick must account for on the Saints’ otherwise bad defense

The Death Star in Star Wars was the ultimate power in the Universe, but had one glaring design flaw, as discussed here:

The New Orleans Saints are in many ways almost like a “Reverse Death Star,” in that they’re a gigantic mess of awfulness, with one shining bright spot. ┬áHere’s what I mean by that:

Saints rankings
However, those above numbers don’t even begin to tell the story.

Let’s start with their defense, which is extraordinarily terrible:

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  2. Derf Diggy says:

    There’s obviously a Eagles slant, but that’s to be expected and I usually ignore the comments about the number of posts on the other B(e)ast teams…..buuuutt…

    JimmyK you need some help here, BTBeast seems to have fallen by the wayside, and I know there’s a # of reasons, and you’re busy, and there’s hurricanes…but people seriously enjoy your site and it’s become more and more apparent that you just don’t have the time to go as in depth as you’d like regarding the 3 other teams. Look at the post count regarding the Eagles(nearly 100 more posts vs. the other 3 teams), and then the comment count regarding each team(You’re obviously drawing farrr more eagles fans). I obviously don’t have the stats regarding site hits and page visits, but just from my viewpoint it seems like you’re losing readers(sans Eagle fans).

    There’s a # of great writers out there that I’m sure would love to contribute. I don’t know how much this site means to you vs. the other sites you’re paid to write for, but I enjoy it as a Cowboys fan, and I’d hate to see you lose readers.

    Just my worthless .02…

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