Statistical resumes of every current defensive coordinator in the NFL

I’m not sure if a place exists on the Internet that shows the statistical resumes of every coordinator in the NFL.  If there is, I can’t find it.  This is the time of year where fans start to call for the heads of their teams’ head coaches, so I figured this might serve as a menu of sorts for replacement options, at least in terms of current coordinators in the league.

It should be strongly noted that good or bad numbers aren’t necessarily a strong indictment of the quality of the below coaches.  For an extreme example of that very point, look no further than Josh McDaniels.  In 2007, with Tom Brady and a great surrounding cast, the Patriots were the #1 offense in total yards and points scored.  In 2011 under McDaniels’ leadership, the Rams were ranked 31 and 32 in total yards and points scored, respectively.  I’ll post the offensive coordinators a little later today.

There are all kinds of other relevant variables, such as how much control each coordinator has on the game plan, play calling duties, etc.  Still, I think a number of the below resumes are interesting.

Six teams have defensive coordinators don’t have a full year of experience under their belt.  Two don’t have an official defensive coordinator position.  We’ll exclude them.  They are:

Here are all the defensive coordinators, sorted by the average ranking in terms of total yards allowed per game over their respective careers.  A number of the below coaches have a sample size of just a year or two, so be careful not to make too much of any extraordinarily high or low rankings:


After the jump, we’ll look at each individual coordinator’s career statistical resume.  Many of the below were also head coaches at some point in their careers.  I noted the years they were head coaches, but did not include any statistics for those years.

In alphabetical order:




  1. Randyljobst says:

    Great stuff as always Jimmy. People forget McCoy designed an offense for Orton, then Tebow and now Manning. Three different offenses for three different quarterbacks in a season and a half. Zimmer always gets the most out of his defense in Cincy. They have never had great players, but they always battle. Both guys will get a head coaching job within two years or less. Zimmer has been close I believe.

  2. […] installment of this data dump, we’ll look at the offensive coordinators.  Yesterday, we looked at the defensive coordinators.  I’ll re-state the same disclaimer from the defensive coordinator post: It should be […]

  3. ChickenCheesesteak says:

    Jimmy K, excellent charts and I hope you can add more info to them in the future. One minor correction: Mike Nolan was DC of the Dolphins from 2010-2011.

    1. Crap, thanks. I’ll fix. And yeah, at the very least, I’ll update them with the 2012 numbers at the end of the season.

    2. Whew… Lucked out. I had the right numbers in there (for the Dolphins). For whatever reason, I just typed in Broncos. Changing the avg finishes would have been a bitch.

  4. Joe D says:

    Fat wade phillips

    love him or hate him, he’s actually a really good defensive mind

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:


  5. Mick says:

    Jimmy, I think you are missing some key metrics. For example, I am sure you know Fewell’s scheme is based on “the big play,” and every team he has DC’d has produced lots of turnovers.

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      I considered adding turnovers in there, but they can’t be found in the same place as the yardage/points stats. As it was, the research for this took 10+ hours. Adding in turnovers would have added another 4 or so.

      1. Mick says:

        Ugh, understood. With all the screaming frothers screaming for Fewell’s job over @BBV, I thought a look at his efficacy in creating TOs vs. the other top guys would be interesting. Notice I am not volunteering to take that on myself! LOL

  6. Jason says:

    Jimmy, as an Eagles fan I’d love to see a chart included for Jim Johnson as well. I’d be curious to see how he compared to some of the other “great defensive minds” on that list. Clearly we all know how badly he is missed, but it would be interesting to be able to do a side-by-side comparison.

    1. Yeah, I can do that. Won’t be able to get to that for quite a while though.

  7. MunichEagles says:

    So basically the decission for new HC with DC backround is Wade Phillips or Dean Peas. So Andy Reid the HC in Dallas and Wade in Philly. Funny 2013

    1. Mike Zimmer would be my first choice among this group. Another guy that I don’t know a lot about, but is doing some really good things is Casey Bradley up in Seattle, although I’m unsure if he’s the architect of that defense or if it has more to do with Pete Carroll.

      There are more compelling options on the offensive side of the ball.

      1. Dan says:

        If we’re going with a defensive-minded HC, I’d prefer Fangio. Love the way that 49ers D plays. Horton is probably my second choice. I agree with you, though, Jimmy, lots more compelling options on the offensive side of the ball, with Broncos OC Mike McCoy being my top candidate (and #1 overall, really).

        1. I’m not trying to be rude, but I’m curious why you’d want the Broncos OC… I am under the impression that Manning is running that show.

          1. McCoy is legit. The guy designed an entirely new offense, mid-season, for Tebow last year. He can adjust schemes to fit the talent already in place, as opposed to making players adapt to him. Now with Manning in place, you see a much more traditional offense. Rare for coaches to be able to do that. It’s usually “my way or the highway.”

            Keep in mind, Manning carefully selected where he wanted to go, and one of his major criteria was his comfort level working with the coaching staff. If Peyton Manning wants to work with you, that’s very meaningful.

            1. Thanks for giving me clarity and some very solid reasons why this guy is legit!

            2. horatius says:

              So, between McCoy and Kyle Shanahan, who has been more creative this year?

    2. Joe D says:

      are you from Bayern?

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