New podcast, and a break for the hurricane

Tommy Lawlor and I recapped the Eagles-Falcons game last night.  It’s a special 80 minute hurricane edition.  Rants, comedy, sadness… the full gamut of emotions.  I’m working on a film breakdown from the game that will be live at the Allentown Morning Call’s site, although I’m not sure I’ll get that done by the time I lose power.  I’ll link to that from here when that’s a go.

The lights already flickered once.  Perhaps a puny little tree merely glanced off of a power line.  But the outage is definitely coming.  I can’t wait to take a harder look at that epic Cowboys-Giants game. A lot more on that at some point, and I have some thoughts on the Redskins’ draft this past offseason, as well as DeAngelo Hall, which I’ll share soon.

But for now, I’ll be in “man of the house” mode.


  1. White & Jones vs Claiborne ,Carr WOW !

  2. Owen Wyatt says:

    We (I’ve bought enough Redskins merchandise over the years to feel comfortable saying “we”) need to cut DeAngelo Hall ASAP. He’s one of the worst corners in the league and has been for years. His ability to stumble into the occasional big play has masked his awful play for a long time, but now that the big plays seemed to have dried up there’s nothing to hide behind anymore. He can’t cover anybody, he can’t keep his cool, an he’s a terrible role model for the young guys on this team to model themselves after. Cutting Hall would be the definition of addition by subtraction.

    Go Skins!

    Vote RG3 for president!

  3. Bryan in the 'Stan says:

    Prayers to you out there. Take care of yourself.

    1. Thanks bud. It’s gonna be a long couple of days, I think.

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