Week 8 NFC East picks

Redskins at Steelers: I remain extremely bullish on the Redskins.  Wait… let me fix that.  I remain extremely bullish on the Redskins’ offense.  I think Mike Shanahan and Co had some things to prove this year, whether that be an improved record, or at the very least, the ability to show that there was promise in the immediate future.  To date, Shanahan’s record with the Skins is 14-25.  I have no idea what record the Skins will finish with this season, but I think Shanahan is very safe.  What he has done with a rookie QB and good (but certainly not great) talent around him has been impressive.

They’ll get another big test this weekend in Pittsburgh.  I think this game will be like many of the other Skins games this season.  They’ll run the ball effectively and they’ll score a lot of points, just not as many as the other team.

Steelers 31-27.

Falcons at Eagles: The Falcons are very susceptible to the run.  They have a pair of corners that would prefer not to tackle running backs, and they’ve given up at least 116 rushing yards to every team they’ve faced so far this season.  It’ll be interesting to see what kind of weather this game will be played in.  If it’s ugly and forces the Eagles to run the ball, I think that’s their best shot.  If it’s not so bad that the Eagles feel comfortable passing the ball, I can’t help but shake the feeling that Andy Reid will be saying “We thought we saw some things we could attack in the passing game” in his post-loss press conference.

For me, it boils down to one major issue: I have next to no trust in Michael Vick to stop making huge mistakes.  Falcons 21-17.

Giants at Cowboys: In re-watching the Giants-Cowboys Week 1 matchup this week, I was reminded of how bad Victor Cruz was in that game:

  • 3 drops. Bad ones.
  • False start penalty.
  • Block in back penalty (although in fairnss to Victor, that was a ticky-tack call).
  • He missed a block on a screen pass in which the Giants had the perfect call for a Cowboys blitz.

Meanwhile, Hakeem Nicks didn’t look right.  He still looked kind of gimpy.

Cruz has since gotten his head straight (and then some), while Nicks should be feeling better. Plus, some other players have since stepped up for the Giants’ offense.  This will not be the same team this time the Cowboys saw Week 1.  Not to mention, they’ll be without Week 1 stud DeMarco Murray.

I see the Giants putting 2.5 games of distance between themselves and the Cowboys in this one and evening the series.  35-20.


  1. Duke says:

    Jimmy, did you see this email the Cowboys sent out to their season ticket holders? It’s old, but LOL. They have to beg their fans to obey a video board graphic and get loud….

    More fake than “true” to me…


    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      Ha, yeah, that’s bad. However, Eagles crowds this year have been terrible. Back in the day, on 3rd down… any 3rd down… that place would be loud as hell. Now… nothing.

  2. JasonE says:

    “For me, it boils down to one major issue: I have next to no trust in Michael Vick to stop making huge mistakes. Falcons 21-17.”

    Alright. So the Eagles will win by 20.

  3. BBI says:

    Since Week 1

    Cowboys: +Ratliff, Hatcher. -Lee, Church, Murray, Costa
    Giants: +Amukamara, Beatty, Canty, Hosley. -Bernard, Phillips, Williams

    Giants definitely get the advantage in terms of the injury situation. In the Week 1 loss, they did not pass protect, did not get enough pressure, did not pass cover well.

    Instead of Coe and Tryon, we have Prince and Hosley. Instead of Bernard, we have Canty. And most importantly, Instead of Locklear-Diehl, we have Beatty-Locklear. Not to mention a relatively injury-free Nicks. Demarcus Ware has been suffering from an illness as well. That should hinder him slightly as well.

    1. Jason Hatcher played in the first game.

      1. As did Phil Costa (for awhile a least)

        Michael Coe got hurt and missed most of the second half of the game as well.

        1. That should read and Costa, played, but only for awhile. He was basically out the first game.

  4. Cruz & Nicks wont catch SH !

  5. talon talent says:

    Jimmy! You never bet against the fat man after a bye week. Hell he won after the bye week in the abysmal 2005 season. Sure a lot of luck was involved ( Matt Ware lol) but he just somehow gets it done.

    1. ATG says:

      The schedule makers bet against Reid’s post- bye success, giving the Eagles their third straight opponent coming off a bye. Does the Falcon’s bye cancel Reid’s magic? I hope not, but it certainly diminishes it.

      1. talon talent says:

        Over at the ATL SB nation site, they were discussing how one of their after bye losses were against the Eagles after their bye. So why the multiple opponents after their bye week is unprecedented playing a team after their and our’s bye is in the same week, isn’t. Call me a believer I guess.

      2. mjoedgaard says:

        In 2008 we faced them after we both have had our bye and we beat em and the team wasnt really looking good before the stretch run.

    2. talon talent says:

      I’ll go back to shutting my whore mouth now.

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