Film breakdown: The Falcons struggle with stopping the run

The Atlanta Falcons are 6-0, and in most of their games, they were able to mount early leads.  Typically, when teams face a deficit, they’re forced to turn to the passing game to speed up their efforts to catch up on the scoreboard.  And so, it’s somewhat of a rarity that a team with a 6-0 record is so bad at stopping the run.

So far this season, here is how the Falcons compare with the rest of the league in rush D:

  • 143.7 rushing yards per game allowed (5th worst in
    the NFL).
  • 5.2 yards per rushing attempt (2nd
    worst in the NFL).
  • 7 rushing TDs (8th worst in the NFL).
  • 7 rushes of 20+ yards (3rd worst in
    the NFL).
  • 3 rushes of 40+ yards (Worst in the NFL).

Sometimes, one or two bad performances can skew those kinds of numbers.  Not so in the Falcons’ case.  They’ve been consistently bad against the run against every one of their opponents:

Falcons run D

The Eagles no longer have the kind of offensive line that is going to overpower defenses in the run game, but I do see two ways the Eagles can gash the Falcons on the ground on Sunday:

  1. Run. At. Asante. Samuel. Repeatedly.
  2. Designed runs with Michael Vick.

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  1. Corry says:

    Always good stuff Jimmy. Glad to see it’s paying off for you by literally paying.

  2. mjoedgaard says:

    As said on twitter, I really hope we use alot of stretch play out of I formation and a lot of screens. Its perfect against soft tackling CBs

  3. RogerPodacter says:

    hey jimmy, on the mcall site, some of your images are being cut off by the bar on the right hand side of the page. This is most obvious for “Falcons Redskins 4”. I actually can’t see what you circled. haha
    maybe its just my browser (chrome)??
    though if i stretch the window wider, i still can’t see it, even with tons of room to spare.

    1. They’re working on widening the margins. Sorry about that, and thanks for the heads up.

      It’s not just your browser.

  4. These are always great. That second to last play is actually called the inverted veer and the Panthers has been burning everybody with that play. I would not run it with any other qb that Cam because the qb runs inside and he has the size to take the punishment.

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