Tony Romo voted by the players as the most overrated non-Jet in the league

From Sports Illustrated:

Personally, I don’t get why Tony Romo is considered overrated.  Cowboys fans aside, is anyone out there throwing words/phrases like “elite” or “Top 5 QB” with Tony Romo?  To the casual fan, if you were to play word association with NFL QBs, the word most associated with Romo might be “choker.”  If anything, I actually think Romo is a bit underrated.  He clearly, in my opinion, is one of the best 10 or so QBs in the NFL.  Even if you irrationally despise Romo, there’s no way anybody could have him any lower than 14th. The guy has played behind an utter mess of an offensive line for the last three years, and he makes far more plays out of nothing than most people realize.

Michael Vick makes this list as well.  I think that’s for the folks that are still holding onto the hope that he’s still the player we saw in 2010.

I’m going to throw out a few other NFC East names: Dez Bryant, Corey Webster, Dez Bryant, Jason Babin, Dez Bryant, Brian Orakpo, Dez Bryant.

Feel free to add.


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  2. SexyRexyAlwaysScores says:

    “Plus… Brian Orakpo, who isn’t too shabby either.” – Jimmy K. Make up your mind Jimmy. Is Rak overrated or not. His loss isnt felt as much since Rob Jackson has stepped up nicely in his shoes but I’ll agree with your statement from Oct 24th that Rak is not too shabby at all.

  3. How does Eli Manning get named one of the Top 20 overrated players? He helped the Giants win 2 of the last 5 Super Bowls. Both of them were against the “dynasty” Patiots. The Giants are the only team to beat an 18-0 Patriots team too.

    Doesn’t matter if it looks pretty or ugly. He is a serious QB in the NFL.

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  5. Fiftyfourd says:

    I’d probably add Phillip Rivers

  6. The top 20 that I saw included Nnamdi, Eli Manning, and Deangelo Hall from the NFC East.

  7. DerfDiggy says:

    Would any Eagles fan pick Romo over Vick?

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      As in, would I take Romo as my QB over Vick? Where do I sign?

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        Yea..basically we already know the answer to “Would you take Eli over Vick/Romo”? brainer. Giants fans need not apply…

        RG3 seems to be the answer in Washington. Skins fans need not apply.

        Just curious is Eagles fans think highly enough of Romo that they’d want him as a starting QB for their team.

        1. Benj says:

          Absolutely. I think the Eagles are in serious contention right now with Romo at QB. Could you imagine how good Romo could be if he had Andy/MM as a coach for his entire career, instead of the Jerry Jones carousel of coaches?

    2. slandog says:

      I would in a heartbeat take Romo over Vick. Vick had one career year (2010) other then that he hasn’t even been an average QB.

      Romo isn’t elite at all, but he’s way above average.

    3. Turd.Ferguson says:

      Absolutely. Teams fear Vick because if he’s having one of those other worldly games, he can basically make an entire defense irrelevant. The problem is, if he’s playing for your team, you get one or two of those games per season. The rest of the time you have to hope that he doesn’t screw up badly enough to cost you the game. Romo won’t have entire games that are highlight reels, but even if he can’t win a game by himself, he can keep your team as a whole in the position to win.

    4. Wilbert M. says:

      It’s a tough call because Romo has the same turnover issues as Vick. I think Romo is a better passer than Vick and a more instinctive QB. It’s 6 of 1, 1/2 dozen of the other…..

  8. TylerD says:

    Nnamdi is overated this guy was supposed to be on Revis’s level, he is an average CB

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  11. brisulph says:

    Romo is a top 6-10 range QB… anyone who says otherwise is jst lying/hating/stupid. And that’s from a Giants fan.

    1. slandog says:

      agree 100% and this is from an Eagles fan.

  12. JasonE says:

    Romo earned my respect after last season. Really, the win over the skins in Dallas. The O-line was terrible that day. Their were like 14 bad snaps that Romo somehow recovered and usually turned into something. He got the crapped knocked out of him last season and still hung in there. I don’t know if he’s top ten anymore, but he’s a tough dude to play behind that mess last season.

  13. My number 1 would be Victor Cruz. No doubt. He’s an okay receiver but nothing special (except getting guys to forgot how to tackle when he is in the vicinity.)

    1. brisulph says:

      at some point his numbers either level off, or these “he’s all lucky” arguments are going to have to go.

      1. mjoedgaard says:

        I think the thing with Cruz, Nicks and Manning is that all 3 make each other better. Sorta like the Colts with Harrison, Wayne and Manning. Both receivers are very good receivers but there QB makes even better.

        Jackson and Maclin are good examples, both a just as good as Nicks and Cruz, but Manning is so much better as a passer right now than Vick that there numbers aint as impressive (Vick have missed 2-3 long TDs to both that Manning would have collected on)

      2. deg0ey says:

        I think the truth is likely to be somewhere in between; I think he’s got a skill-set that’s fairly rare and as such you’ve gotta be careful with how you cover him, but once teams figure out how to defend him his numbers will go down.

        Look at Megatron as an example – 12 TDs in 2010, 16 in 2011. He’s on pace for 2.6 this season. He’s still a special player, but I don’t think he’s as effective now as he was the last couple of seasons. I’d expect a similar dropoff for VC in the next year or so.

        1. BBI says:

          Nicks didn’t play for 3 straight weeks this year, and 2 other weeks teams knew he was a decoy, and yet Cruz is top 5 in receiving, yards, and TDs thus far.

          I mean, in the 25 games he’s played, 12 of them have gone over 100 yards, while only 5 have logged under 50 yards. He’s on pace for 1450+ yards and 16 TDs this season at the halfway point. Teams have been doubling and tripling him. On the 77 yard pass play, he was doubled.

          1. mjoedgaard says:

            I wouldnt classify that pity attempt as coverage. It wasnt even a great move or anything, just 2 crap players trying to cover him.

    2. BBI says:

      Effective trolls usually vary up their arguments once in awhile. You’re sticking with yours, which leads me to believe you are just delusional, not trolling.

  14. Juz Sayin says:

    If Barkley,Geno or Klein fall to da Boys Romo is gone why hate on 88, Dez fault just like T.O.fault or Bennett fault, C’mon man!

  15. TST says:

    Speaking of QBs:

    1. Brady
    2. Rodgers
    3. Brees
    4. E. Manning
    5. Schaub
    6. P. Manning
    7. Roethlisberger
    8. Griffin
    9. Ryan
    10. Flacco
    11. Romo
    12. Rivers
    13. Smith
    14. Vick
    15. Cutler
    16. Stafford
    17. Freeman
    18. Ponder
    19. Newton
    20. Bradford
    21. Luck
    22. Kolb
    24. Dalton
    25. Wilson
    26. Palmer
    27. Fitzpatrick
    28. Tannenhill
    29. Sanchez
    30. Cassel
    31. Weeden
    32. Gabbert

    1. BBI says:

      I’d probably throw Luck up at around 17. I’d also put P. Manning at 4, Eli 5 and Schaub at 6. Put Ryan at 8, Romo at 9, and Griffin III at 10, and I’d have my list. Remarkably similar.

  16. Trueblue63 says:

    Reality Check

    To my knowledge, this is a poll of NFL players in that they send them a poll in the mail. I’m pretty sure a fair number get tossed and an equally large number aren’t filled out by the actual players.

      1. Trueblue63 says:

        Do they watch em vote? In the past this was by mail, several ex players on the payroll at ESPN said they just give the ballot away.

        Even if we think 180 actual players did vote, that’s about 15% of the league. So it’s still just about meaningless.

  17. Tracer Bullet says:

    Miles Austin looked like a beast in 2009 and 2010, but he hasn’t been able to stay healthy since and celebrates every first down like he just cured cancer, won a Super Bowl and gave it to Giselle Bundchen while making Tom Brady watch.

    1. I would say that last year, but I don’t think anybody is talking about him any more.

  18. TylerD says:

    Dez Bryant should be at the top the guy has 2 100 yard games in his career. He is going to be lucky to break 1000 yards recieving this year.

  19. mjoedgaard says:

    I would like to nominate JPP. yes he is very good DE, but coming into this season certain Giants players hinted he was Reggie White good and Jimmy here thought he was a DPOY candidate (and he certainly is not).

    I forsee JJ Watt will overrated next year because of his sudden burst into the scene and next year will be much better prepared to stop him

  20. TST says:

    My fellow employees are Jets fans so they still have a lot of faith in Mark Sanchez. I got into an argument with them once when I told them that Vick was better than Sanchez.

    Is Justin Tuck overrated? I barely hear his name anymore.

    My NFCE overrated list
    Eagles: Nnamdi, Kendricks, Herremans, DeSean
    Giants: Tuck, Prince
    Cowboys: Free, Austin
    Redskins: maybe Hall, but I think the perception of WAS is that they all suck except for RG3

    1. mjoedgaard says:

      How is Desean, Nnamdi, Kendricks and Herremans overrated? DeSean is having a really good season and would have a great one if Vick (he should be on the list) could just hit him down the field. Nnamdi, shut down Megatron for 3 quarters and what happened once he was taken of him? Kendricks is a rookie 2nd round pick, not sure how they can be overrated and Herremans is performing better than people believe.

      1. Tst says:

        Herremans got beat badly vs. Detroit on the final possesion of overtime. It almost led to a fumble. Herremans has been okay, but he hasn’t been playing like a pro-bowl caliber RT that some fans think he is.

        DeSean is too inconsistent for my fancy. It probably has a lot to do with Vick. I’m not saying he sucks, but a lot of Eagles fans would take him over Cruz and Nicks.

        Nnamdi has been targeted a lot on coverage. He holds a reputation for being a “shut down” CB when his play has been slightly above mediocre.


        player is overrated ≠ player sucks

        1. mjoedgaard says:

          Herremans has never been hyped as more than a good RT, so how can he be overrated? DeSean is very incosistent, but how does that make him overrated? He would have had 2-3 more TDs and atleast 200 more yards this year if he just had a QB there could hit him.

          Nnamdi is overrated in the sense that his reputation was more than realistic. He just held Megatron to 1 catch for I think 28 yards, 1 int and 1 OPI, then our OLcoachturnedDCnowexDC, decided to take him off Johnson and he exploded.

    2. BBI says:

      I’d switch out Prince and throw in Osi, Webster and now Snee for the Giants. Prince has been doing remarkably well. QBs do not have a good QBR throwing at him.

      1. mjoedgaard says:

        I think QBR ad an individual level is very miss leading, because a single TD or INT can give huge swings because the sample is so small. I think things like catch %,YPC ands YAC are better indicators.

        1. BBI says:

          Don’t have the YPC or YAC, catch percentage is good at a shade below 43%. But yes, I can buy the argument that QBR isn’t good for those reasons.

          1. mjoedgaard says:

            I still think Prince has really shown that he is a top 3 cb in the NFCE together with NA and DRC (yes Cowboys fans, I think both DRC and NA is better than Carr right now)

  21. I think we may have to correct for the skip bayless factor here. I’m sure a lot of people think he is spouting off general public opinion and therefore assume that Romo is overrated because Bayless ranks him so high.

  22. Bob says:

    The fact that Sanchez is no.2 on the list says a lot about it’s usefulness. NOBODY thinks Sanchez is a good player.

    1. RogerPodacter says:

      LOL good point!
      sanchez can’t be overrated since just about everyone thinks he is pretty terrible. unless, of course, that he is doing so bad that a rating of terrible is being kind to him…

  23. BBI says:

    I would add Dez Bryant

  24. Thiergow says:

    Some people do say that he is better than a certain elite QB.

  25. Bryan in the 'Stan says:

    Being a Cowboys fan I hear it all the time. I don’t understand how he can be considered overrated while I constantly hear how he is “terrible” or a “choke artist”. There are not many quarterbacks that can do what he does behind this atrocious o-line. I just think people don’t like him in general because he is on the Cowboys. If he played in Jacksonville or Cincinnati, prior to Dalton, he would be considered a franchise saver. He can’t win for losing, he’s the worst/best, choker/overrated quarterback that can never/maybe win the big one, probably not but he will or he wont….

  26. Smitty2K3 says:

    Haha Dez Bryant. Completely agree there. But Tony Romo. I hate the guy as much as the next non-Cowboys fan, but he’s a pretty good QB. Most view him in the 9-14 range I’d say and I think that’s pretty fair.

    1. RogerPodacter says:

      same here. as an eagles fan, i love to hate Romo, but even i will admit that he’s a pretty good QB. he might not be brees/rodgers/brady, but he is certainly good enough.

      as for vick…….. i would put him at the top of the list. the expectations are sky high and he has performed like dirt.

  27. David_Does_Dallas says:

    As a Cowboys fan I think Demarco Murray is overrated. I think he lives and dies by the line, if you give him space he is great, but I don’t think he makes a ton of plays on his own. He is still by our best back though but nothing near elite running back status as some would say he is. As for Dez Bryant, I think he is a fantastic WR that will be great. However, you are right, most peoples expectations of him are too high, including myself.

    1. Tst says:

      He hits the right holes. In my opinion that’s the most important skill of a RB. Speed, blocking, and strength come secondary.

      1. Horatius says:

        Demarco < AlMo

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