NFL TV Maps, Week 8

Here’s what games will be on your TV this weekend.

Falcons at Eagles: FOX, 1pm, Dick Stockton and John Lynch: An undefeated team headed to Philly in Week 8?  That should be getting all kinds of TV attention, right?  Nope.  Along with Seattle-Detroit, it’s the least televised game on FOX’s lineup this weekend.  That’s how much the rest of the country cares about Michael Vick these days.

Redskins at Steelers: FOX, 1pm, Sam Rosen and Brian Billick: The new hot ticket in town of course is RG3.  The Skins and Steelers have a combined record of 6-7.  And yet, they’ll be getting the most TV love this weekend.  And I really can’t blame FOX at all for that decision.

Giants at Cowboys: FOX, 4pm, Thom Brennaman and Troy Aikman: This is one of those games that will shape the opinions of people around the country that don’t follow these two teams regularly.  This is the only 4pm game on FOX, so the entire country will see this one, except for the fine folks in Kansas City.

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