A reminder of how much the Eagles miss Jason Peters

So I have a new gig.  I’ll be writing for the Allentown Morning Call, or at least their website.  The main Eagles page is here.  My first article is a film/numbers breakdown of how much the Eagles miss Jason Peters.  I give it a 9.  Pretty much all my Eagles film breakdowns will be over there now.  I’ll be contributing three articles per week for them, so bookmark, please.  The breakdowns for the other teams will remain here.


  1. ATG says:

    Great article over there. One sliver of a silver lining to this is that, as a dedicated fan with an untrained eye, I never would have fully appreciated just how good Peters was if this hadn’t happened.

    I sure hope he defies my expectations, comes back in decent shape, and allows me to watch more closely.

    1. Thanks. Hilarious comment by you over there.

  2. David_Does_Dallas says:

    Congratulations on the new gig. I am sure you enjoy getting paid to write about the Eagles much more then about the Jets.

  3. TylerD says:

    Are you still writting for the Jets?

      1. Logan says:

        That gig didn’t last long. Congrats on the new gig.

  4. rage114 says:

    Will you provide a link here when you post something there?

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