Hogs Haven breaks down the Redskins’ running game

On Twitter yesterday, I noted that I thought the Redskins’ offensive line has been by far the best in the NFC East so far this season.  It’s partly because they’re playing well, but it’s also due in part because the Shanahans are putting them in position to succeed.  The Redskins’ read option offense has been wildly effective in the run game, and because the run game has been so successful, defenses haven’t been able to pin their ears back and attack the QB in the passing game.  It’s a ripple effect.

My buddy Mark Bullock of Hogs Haven broke down the Skins running game, and showed how it has progressed since Week 1.  Throwing together a few film observations of one game is easy. It’s a higher degree of difficulty showing the progression of concepts over several games.  Mark does a great job of that here.  Great read.


  1. Awesome write up.

    We gotta have one of the biggest fan bases of football and none of us can come up with that kind of stuff ?
    It’s both depressive and shameful.

  2. crapboys says:

    Skins will win this upcoming week and ‘boys will lose next week. So that’ll drop them to last place.

  3. Mick says:

    Yeah, not very thrilled about seeing him twice a year for the next ten years. GMen are still the team to beat for the next couple in the div, but he (and Morris too!) is a scary dude.

    Jimmy, I come here for YOUR insight, not links! ;-P

  4. Tyler D says:

    RGIII is the truh NFC East just got harder.

  5. Skins back in Last Place in the NFC East But RG3 is a Beast & DA Skins may be the best in the NFC east in Years to come.

    1. skinsaholic says:

      I definitely like where we are headed. Looking forward to a few years down the road when that secondary has been addressed. The skins can win any game with Big Play Bob this year, but man that secondary is painful to watch.

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