Former Bears OT/OG Chris Williams to visit with Philly

The Eagles’ offensive line has been a mess so far this year.  It all began back in March, when Jason Peters, arguably the best offensive lineman in the game in 2011, ruptured his Achilles tendon.  He then re-ruptured it in May when his “Roll-A-Bout” reportedly malfunctioned.  The Eagles then lost their promising young center, Jason Kelce, in Week 2 to a partially torn ACL tear, and full tear of his MCL.

Both of those losses have been devastating to the Eagles’ success on offense, as Dallas Reynolds has not been good so far in place of Kelce, nor has Demetress Bell in place of Jason Peters.  King Dunlap played well enough for a few weeks before losing his job to Bell after hurting his hamstring.

The Eagles are doing their “self scouting” this week during their bye.  I doubt they like what they’ve seen from Bell or Reynolds.  Enter Chris Williams, who will reportedly visit the Eagles today, per Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune.  Williams was the 14th overall pick in the 2008 draft out of Vanderbilt.  The Bears took him with the idea in mind that he would be their LT of the future.  It did not work out.  After minimal action his rookies season, Williams began his career as a regular at RT in 2009, graduating to LT at the end of the 2009 season.  He played LT for the first two games of 2010, got hurt, and when he returned he moved inside to LG for the remainder of the season. In 2011, he began the season at LG but went on IR after dislocating his wrist.  He lost his starting job in 2012, and has only played 6 snaps this season.

To be determined where the Eagles see him fitting in.  I see three possibilities for Williams if the Eagles sign him:

  1. Starting LT.
  2. Starting LG, moving Evan Mathis over to C to replace the ineffective Dallas Reynolds.  I should note that Mathis would have been the emergency center if Dallas Reynolds would have been hurt in either of the last two weeks, as the Eagles opted to keep backup center Steve Vallos inactive.
  3. Reserve at multiple positions.


  1. Joe says:

    You know it is bad on your O line when you are bringing in Bears rejects….yikes

  2. AJ says:

    I have a couple questions about this move, if you happen to know the answers?

    1. Does he fit the Mudd system?
    2. Could he move to LG and Mathis to RG?
    3. Is he more of a pass or run blocker?
    4. Can Mathis snap?
    5. Did Peters sue the company that made the roll a bout?

    1. 1. I don’t really know enough about him as a player. That’s probably more up Tommy Lawlor’s alley than mine. As a very high pick, I’m sure Tommy put in some work on him. I’m guessing you already know who Tommy is, but if not, he’s at

      2. No, I don’t see that. Watkins is less of a problem than Reynolds and Bell, although I think we agree Watkins isn’t playing well either.

      3. I would imagine he hasn’t been all that great at either if the Bears cut him, but again, that’s a total guess.

      4. I believe they worked him out at C the year they signed him. They also worked him out at OT. Mathis is an athlete and a hard worker. I don’t envision that he’d have a problem snapping if he had to.

      5. Ha, I don’t know. I believe he said he was going to.

  3. Todd B says:

    Let me throw a one more out at you:

    4. Move Herremans to LT, Williams to RT.

  4. Tommy K says:

    What about a fourth possibility? Move Herremans to LT and play Williams at RT. Then again, Herremans is already protecting Vick’s blind side.

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