Bowles movement: Notes from Andy Reid’s press conference announcing the move to replace Juan Castillo with Todd Bowles as defensive coordinator

These are paraphrased notes. They may not be precise quotes:

  • Juan Castillo is a tremendous coach. However, I need to do what I think is best. 3-3 obviously puts you as an average football team, and I think we’re better than that.  I’m going to do what I need to do to make this team better.
  • I take full responsibility for putting Juan in this situation. On the other hand, if I don’t think things are working, I have to make (tough decisions).
  • It wasn’t a phone call. I talked personally to Juan.
  • I thought we were making progress. We made progress through the first four games, and then I started seeing some trends come back that I wasn’t real happy about. I’m not going to go into detail on (those trends).

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  • My decision and my decision alone.
  • Offense, defense, special teams: We need to get better.
  • This is what has happened… so far.  I’m not saying that more will happen, but I’m just being upfront with you on this (move to fire Castillo).
  • I’m going through the process (of evaluating other moves).  Am I still evaluating?  I’m still evaluating.
  • When I interviewed Bowles earlier to be the defensive coordinator I liked him, and being around him I’ve gained trust.


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  • All the coaches have a phase of the game plan that they do. Bowles and Castillo had open communication.
  • There was nobody else involved in making this decision other than Reid.
  • I’m going to stick with the staff that’s in place.  Not going to look outside the organization.
  • I expect aggressive, emotional football under Todd Bowles.
  • I think that Bowles is respected (by the players).
  • Expectations weren’t as high as they were before you start winning games.
  • When you bring in the Wide 9, you’re giving up a little to gain a whole lot. Jim Johnson didn’t blitz as much as it’s perceived, but he blitzed at opportune times. We need to do a better job of that.
  • Addressed the team yesterday, then members of the staff individually.
  • Bowles has a good understanding of the game, not just in the secondary, but understands the game as a whole.
  • Todd Bowles is self-scouting right now.  Scheme isn’t going to change, terminology won’t change.
  • I’m the one that brought the Wide 9 here for a reason, but Todd will have a big influence on that (and its utilization).
  • Sometimes a risk works out in big way, and sometimes it doesn’t like it didn’t here (with Juan).
  • As I stand here, Michael Vick is still the QB.  We’re still evaluating.


  1. […] Tuesday morning, Head Coach Andy Reid announced that defensive coordinator Juan Castillo would be relieved of his d… This comes as a surprise because the defense is one of the better performing units on the team […]

  2. RJ Allentown says:

    Stop saying, “we gotta do a better job”, we already know that. We have the players, use ’em. You wouldn’t settle for less that four quarters if you got change for a dollar, why do in the game?

  3. afinemessi says:

    Todd Bowles. From the school of Joe Gibbs. Won the Super Bowl with the Redskins in ’91 as the starting safety. Always has been a smart player and coach. Defense will be just fine.

  4. afinemessi says:

    Todd Bowles… from the school of Joe Gibbs. won the super bowl in ’91 with the Redskins as the starting safety. Always been a smart player and coach. Defense will be just fine.

  5. WeGotLinemen says:

    I feel badly for Castillo. Sure, he struggled early on last year. Still, it was a shortened pre-season (because of the strike) and he had been asked to transition from coaching the offensive line to DC, what did everyone expect. Moreover, most of the defenses struggles in that time were down to a weak LB corps. I doubt there is a DC in the league who coulld have polished that turd. The Eagles front office has shortchanged the position for years and you ended up with an LB depth chart consisting entirely of backups.

    By the end of the year the defense was starting to looked pretty formidable. Whilst high profile free agent Namdi Asomugha had a relatively quiet year, Jason Babin looked like an elite pass rusher for the first time in his career. Cullen Jenkins played as well as he ever did for the Packers and, just like Trent Cole has the third highest sack total in his career.

    This year, the Eagle defense has been stellar but it hasn’t been bad either. If it wasn’t for the rediculous number times the offense is giving the ball away the Eagles would be unbeaten. The real irony is that the sacking might actually be justified if Castillo was still coaching the o-line. Now that’s a unit that is actually struggling.

  6. immynimmy says:

    ■I’m going to stick with the staff that’s in place. Not going to look outside the organization.

    Not a fan of that quote at all. This never seems to work.

    1. Brian says:

      If we were in the offseason this might bother me, but right now you have to figure that there’s really just not too many valid solutions outside the organization. Everybody who’s worth a damn either has a job, or doesn’t want to coach.

    2. Imp says:

      After a coordinator/head coach is fired mid-season, when does any team ever look for outside coaches? There is a reason why intern-coaches exist, to keep some consistency. Then they move on in the offseason.

      It’s not a big deal.

  7. SteveH says:

    Honestly if Reid is going to look in the mirror and be honest with himself, Marty is doing as poor of a job as OC as Juan was doing DC. Our playcalling has been flat out atrocious at times, and our offense is one of the lowest scoring offenses in the league. If Reids going to get up there and talk about “trends” maybe he should look into our “trend” of getting away from the run and taking deep shots down the field when our OL is getting whipped left and right.

    I don’t think Juan is a good DC, but this feels very close to scapegoating the situation. If he’s going to sack Juan for those things he needs to put Marty and himself on notice also.

    1. I agree, although there’s a difference between Marty and Juan. Andy IS Marty.

      1. i think that is also part of the problem. he needs a counter balance

      2. prince says:

        the quote was in reference to who was gonna replace bowles as secondary coach…he mentioned bobby April the third as someone who would help out there..

  8. Dan in Philly says:

    Michael Vick, you’re on the clock…

  9. Brian says:

    “Jim Johnson didn’t blitz as much as it’s perceived, but he blitzed at opportune times. We need to do a better job of that.”

    “Bowles has a good understanding of the game, not just in the secondary, but understands the game as a whole.”

    These two things stood out to me. I read them both as indirect shots at Juan.

    1. The first quote definitely was an indirect shot at Juan. The second was (I believe) in response to a question about Bowles’ experience as an interim head coach, and his ability to move into a role as a DC, which he hadn’t had before.

      1. Brian says:

        He did it in college for 3 years.

  10. iskar36 says:

    “This is what has happened… so far,” and “As I stand here, Michael Vick is still the QB. We’re still evaluating,” to me are very interesting comments. In the past, AR has always put support in his coaches and players, even when he was planning on making a move. This is pretty much as negative as it gets with AR and it suggests to me, at the very least a few more minor changes are going to happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a major change happens as well.

    1. 35-65, in my opinion.

  11. Doug_M says:

    The most telling was Reid’s comments to Spud, IIRC he mentioned that he is evaluating everyone and that includes Vick.

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