I have to believe Jeffrey Lurie took note of this…

In OT today in Philly, the Lions were lined up to kick a 46 yard FG for the win.  For the better part of the game, the Eagles had played really bad football, and fans were rightfully disappointed/disgusted.  I’ll get to my notes on the game once I’ve had a chance to digest what happened today.  But allow me to be clear… You’ll get no argument from me that the fans had every right to be upset with the way the Eagles played today.

That being said…

For a fan base that is considered among the most rabid in the country, this was the scene here at Lincoln Financial Field for that final kick (You can click on the picture for a larger view):

Are there more empty seats than full ones?  Last year, there were chants of “Fire Andy” during the home loss to the Patriots.  That kind of thing happens in a blowout.  Today, in a game that went to OT, there was indifference.


  1. Gareth A. says:

    I know McNabb wasn’t the best, especially at the end, but we would SCORE with him. It almost feels like touchdowns are so hard to come by, and they really shouldn’t be with all the “talent” on this offense.

    By the same token, it sort of feels like Marty is sabotaging Andy with some of the play calling…

  2. jiggawhat says:

    I think this team is legitimately bad. This isn’t a good football team. The defense is good when the starters are playing but we lack depth at linebacker and safety. Cole and Babin appear to be done. Moving forward, we need to draft a nose tackle (the 4-3 equivalent that is) to complement Fletcher Cox because Cedric Thornton and Cullen Jenkins are both penetrating DTs that pass rush. A NT to plug the holes down the middle is what is needed, preferably someone 6’4″ and 350+. Graham will take one side at DE and the other side would be Cole’s/Curry’s (done with Babin). Longer term we may want to draft a DE but OT is more important at the moment.

    On the offense I have no problems with the WRs, TEs, or RBs, all of which are fine. The only thing is that we need a slot receiver a la the Giants or Steelers that can get open and be effective. That should be targeted in the next draft. Michael Vick needs to go by next season. Nick Foles might not be the answer but I think Foles can be a decent game manager and not turn the ball over.

    Honestly I long for the days when we had McNabb who would not turn the ball over. He’d throw the balls into the ground but he wouldn’t turn it over, and he would generally make good reads.

    I think people like JasonB who just defend the Eagles from all criticism (Oh it’s not Vick’s fault etc. etc.) are simply in a state of denial. This is not a good football team. This is not a team that will go to the Superbowl, and it is not a team that will even win a playoff game provided we get there (I have my doubts).

    We are so close though. So close. Front office needs to make the changes.

  3. dan says:

    You don’t think people just left when we were up 10 with 5 minutes to go?

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      I didn’t notice how empty it was until the end of regulation. It could have been that I simply didn’t see it thinning out when they had a decent lead, but I doubt it. Those last 5 minutes took an eternity, and to me, the biggest exodus occurred when the Lions tied it up.

  4. Steve says:

    I was at the game- the eagles came out flat; the fans knew it. We in turn responded with a half hearted effort- if they weren’t going to give it their all, why should we? Truth is, we are the consumer, and we need to demand a better product. This one has started to rot.

  5. MannaFromKevin says:

    I was at the game. Pathetic.

  6. SteveH says:

    Every game so far this year has felt like a protracted knee to the balls, win or lose.

  7. JasonE says:

    When that pass was batted on third down, it just felt like the game was lost. I’m surprised there were as many people left as there were. You couldn’t hear the crowd at all on TV during OT.

  8. Birdbrane says:

    The team made lots of mistakes today and they do have weaknesses; every team does. But one thing is very clear to me- a single player cannot turn the ball over 3+ times a game. That is historically fucking bad. I could probably rattle off 20 Quarterbacks you could insert into out lineup and we would be 4-2, 5-1, hell 6-0 would even be possible. Vick has to go. I’m not calling for Foles, I’m calling for someone who turns the ball over less than 3 times a game. Fuck, give me Trent Edwards. What is Kafka doing…

    Secondly, there is one person who is making the decision to keep putting a player on the field that turns the ball over 3+ times a game. Andy, you stubborn fucking jackass. You gotta sit him. If for no other reason, to send a message to the team, the fans, and the entire organization. What sort of sane person would take 3+ turnovers a game from their starting quarterback when they know they are playing for their job. Does he not want to have a job anymore? If he doesn’t do something vastly different in 2 weeks he absolutely most go.

    Thank you for letting me rant, I’m going to go kill some cute baby animals and snort blood pressure medicine now….

    1. Birdbrane says:

      P.S. I have managed to be positive about my eagles for 25 years. I will officially join the “Negadelphians” next week if shit doesn’t change. I will keep watching; but no more supporting the same stupid bullshit

      1. mjoedgaard says:

        Next week is bye week

  9. Charlie says:

    “When we recycle, everybody wins.” says the sign in the bottom right. Maybe the Eagles offense is just trying to recycle, turning garbage into points for the opposition?

  10. TF says:

    A horrid game. I got my head bit off over a BGN for saying the Eagles were terrible. but it was done of the most uninspiring play I’ve ever seen across the board.

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