NFL TV Maps, Week 6

See who will be on your TV this weekend here.

Lions at Eagles: Kenny, Moose and Goose, FOX, 1pm.  Minimal attention this weekend.

Cowboys at Ravens: Sam Rosen and Brian Billick, FOX, 1pm.  The majority of households in America will get this one on FOX.  If you’ll remember, the last tim the Cowboys played the Ravens, Jerry Jones reportedly specifically requested Baltimore, thinking they wouldn’t be a good team and the Cowboys could come out with a win in the final game at Dallas Stadium.  This was the game where the Cowboys gave up the two long runs to Willis McGahee and LaRon McClain:

Giants at 49ers: Thom Brennaman and Troy Aikman, FOX, 4pm. Here’s the conversation I had with Joe Buck in the Steelers’ press box last week.

  • Jimmy: “Hey Joe.”
  • Joe Buck: “Hey, how it going?”
  • (We both continue in the different directions we were already headed.)

True story.  No Aikman-Buck pairing this weekend, with my new best friend doing baseball games.

Vikings at Redskins: Dick Stockton and John Lynch, FOX, 4pm. “The catch is made by Santana Hankerson Jr.”


  1. SteveH says:

    Cool story bro.

    1. DerfDiggy says:


  2. NYG_slater says:

    jimmy you better not short me on the giants vs browns recap. I want to read me some Eli lovin.

    1. Probably won’t get to that (although I might), but I’ll definitely have plenty on the Niners preview.

  3. David_Does_Dallas says:

    I remember watching that Ravens-Cowboys game in a bar. That was the last game I watched in public. Those back to back runs were sad to watch.

    1. DerfDiggy says:

      Oh wow…me too…exact same scenario. Except I live in MD, I was with a group of around 5 people, 2 of us were Cowboys fans…The bar was a “ravens den”, wall to wall purple jerseys. People from Baltimore are good folks…much better than Philadelphians…and they didn’t give me too much of a hard time after the first run…The 2nd run was heartbreaking, and I haven’t been back to a bar to watch my Cowboys since. Worst exit from a bar and drive home everrrrrrr….Since that day I’ve paid a hefty price for Sunday Ticket and I’m either at home watching the game, or on my laptop somewhere.

      I’ll be at the Eagles/Boys game…The game is on my anniversary actually…My wife so graciously bought tickets as a present. JimmyK come on down from your cushy box seets and meet Mr. Diggy, escort as many beers as you can hold, and feel free to accidentally leave them. I have great seats so you can see D.ware up close as he sacks Vick, and we can toast to a Cowboys win!

      1. Ha, if you get there early enough and park in Lots D or E, I’ll definitely stop by.

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