Some random Redskins-Bucs film notes

RG3 led a nice game winning drive to get into field goal position for the win on Sunday.  The Bucs cooperated by leaving the middle of the field wide open, but RG3 took what was there and easily drove the ball down field.  It was later revealed that his headset was not working on that drive, so he was actually calling the plays.  There’s a lot that is happening on drives of that nature.  Some coaches struggle with managing the clock in those scenarios, but to have a 22-year old rookie managing the clock and making the play calls in his 4th game as a pro is extremely impressive.  I’m going to take a deeper look at that drive later, as it probably deserves its own post.  If the season ended today, RG3 would be the unanimous choice for Rookie of the Year.  He might even get some consideration for MVP:

Good stuff circled in green, bad stuff in red.

For now, a few other random RG3 notes:

  • RG3 took some shots yesterday.  That’s got to be encouraging in a weird way.  He took a solid hit going into the end zone on the play he fumbled, he got body slammed by Mark Barron on a sack that drew a garbage personal foul call, and had another big one at the end of the game on a scramble.  Obviously, you want to avoid those, but he bounced right back up on all three hits.
  • For now the play action boots are working.  As Michael Vick is learning in Philly, NFL defenses only fall for that so long before the QB turns out of the ball fake to find a DE that is not fooled right in his face.
  • RG3 already looks like he has mastered the hard count.  He got the Bucs to jump offsides on three separate occasions, one of which was on 4th down when the defense knows (or should know at least) that the hard count could be coming. RG3 even got his own guy once on a hard count that led to a false start.
  • I’m going to nitpick RG3 a little here.  There was a play on 3rd and long, where RG3 took off to run, but decided to get out of bounds to avoid getting hit.  The announcing team praised that as a “wise” decision.  Nonsense.  If he turns this back inside, there’s a decent chance he can get into realistic field goal range, or possibly even pick up the first down.  The option to slide is always there if you need it.  Instead, they had to punt:

• Alfred Morris continues to impress me.  He’s more than just a banger.  Love the “get off me” stiff arm here on Eric Wright:

Followed by the cut on Ronde Barber:

And he was gone.  Bonus points for the homerun swing celebration.

• Fred Davis the first two weeks: 4 catches, 52 yards.  Fred Davis the last two weeks: 11 catches, 160 yards.  I thought he was primed for a monster season this year as RG3’s security blanket.  Turns out RG3 isn’t a security blanket kind of guy, but this kind of production that last two weeks is more in line with what I had in mind for Davis.  He looks fast.  He caught a jump pass from RG3 on a little TE screen that looked like it wasn’t going anywhere, but he made a guy miss and turned it upfield for about 25 yards.

• The Redskins receivers in general do a great job of turning into running backs after they make the catch.  Bad tackling in the NFL, particularly by defensive backs, has become an issue in recent years.  The Redskins receivers do a great job of fighting for extra yardage after the catch.  Prior to the season, a lot of people (myself included) pointed out that the Redskins are a team with 2’s and 3’s at receiver… but they have a lot of them.  While you’d prefer a stud WR to be in that mix, the upshot is that if a WR goes down, the next guy can step right in and you won’t lose much production.  So they may as well fight for every yard.

• In the final 17 minutes, DeAngelo Hall was targeted three times. He gave up 3 catches for 83 yards an a TD.

• The Redskins know a thing or two about having field goals and PATs blocked.  They had 6 blocked last year.  On Sunday they almost got one of their own. Check out the massive amounts of beef they stuck directly over the LG on the Bucs FG protection unit  There are 5 Redskins inside the yellow circle below:

That’s about 1400 lbs of man beef.  Notice the push they get, as Jarvis Jenkins gets enough penetration to make the block, but simply over-shoots the trajectory:

The Skins need to be careful there.  Great push, and almost a great result, but if opposing teams see that on film, they can easily notice that DeAngelo Hall and Reed Doughty are the only obstacles to tackle somebody if they want to run a fake to the that side.  I’m pretty sure three offensive linemen can handle those two:

• Billy Cundiff was 1-4 on FG attempts Sunday.  I’ll give him a pass on the 57 yarder at the end of the half, but the other two were ugly.  One was a 31 yarder.  The other, a 41 yarder, missed by a mile:

Graham Gano is a better kicker.

• To the right, this is Buccaneers RT Demar Dotson lining up waaaaay off the ball on almost every pass play.  This is a penalty, but he got away with it all afternoon.  All it takes is for someone on the Skins staff to point this out, and you can get an easy penalty, or at least get the officials to warn Dotson that’s he’s playing too far off the ball, forcing him to move up to a more uncomfortable position.  Ryan Kerrigan seems more like a player than a whiner to me, but he might be wise to open his mouth if future right tackles are lined up this far off the ball.

• Another solid day for the Redskins’ OL, who have had a pretty decent season so far. In my opinion, that group is playing better than any of the other 3 NFC East teams’ offensive lines. It doesn’t hurt that the game plans being devised by Mike Shanahan involve a lot of misdirection designed to keep opposing defensive lines tentative.

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  2. joed says:

    those are very impressive rookie #s…Though, those defenses are all, really bad

    1. Redskins says:

      Since when is Cincinnati ‘s defense awful? I could have sworn they were top ten. And I could have sworn Tampa’s defense was #1 against the run going into last week but that the Skins run offense shredded it for 185ish yards on the ground.

      The only “awful” defense the Skins have played was New Orleans. And how much of that was that the Skins torched it?

  3. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    You should rename this blog “1400 lbs of man beef.”

  4. Nice write up. I can’t even bare to look at those numbers you put up for DHall in the last 17 minutes of the game……flat out awful. Though to be honest, the one deep ball he gave up to VJax was pretty tight coverage on an excellent throw and an even better diving catch. The other two passes he gave up were debatable, but the stat you’ve shown is proof that teams are targeting him when in counts and succeeding, which is all that matters.

    Want to know an even worse, sickening number? DHall will be due $7.8 mil next season (only $300k guaranteed) if the Skins retain him. Thankfully the Skins can use that money to help counter the $18M that Jon Mara whined about and had taken from us next year. This is DHall’s last year in DC.

    1. horatius says:

      Unless he agrees to a much lower salary.

  5. Dan says:

    Alfred Morris is extremely cool. He’s so compact and powerful in his lower half, which allows him to break tackles, but also swift and nimble with excellent feet. There’s an undeniable smoothness to Alfred’s running style. And, yes, the home run celebration earns extra brownie points — even THAT is smooth. Redskins found themselves a good one.

    1. horatius says:

      And so far in his limited time, he has run over Lance Briggs, Will Smith and Geno Atkins. He did run over CBs all the time, but I don’t think those count.

      Also, he had 65 yards after contact on a Bucs defense that was #1 in the league and only allowed 45 total running yards per game. (The after contact number is much lower).

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