New podcast: Eagles-Giants preview

Last night Tommy and I previewed Eagles-Giants.  Good show.  We went pretty long on this one, but we got into a flow, so hey, why not?  Apologies for the lack of podcasts this week.  I believe our last one was Sunday night.  We talked about the Eagles-Giants matchup from every angle.  I think I called Keith Rivers a starter (oops), but otherwise it’s all good stuff.

We also talked a little Brian Dawkins and our favorite Dawk moments.  Tommy liked Dawk’s hit on Fred Lane, which is a forgotten one.  I noted his tackle on Ahman Green in the 4th and 26 game that led to the Eagles’ goal line stand just before halftime.  Without that tackle, there probably is no 4th and 26.


  1. PhilthyisPhunny says:

    So Jimmy give me your honest thoughts on my horrid Dallas O-Line versus your well coached, well drafted Philthy O-Line? Don’t include numbers or % as I am your typical bandwagoner Dallas fan so I don’t dig them numbers just give me the cheese baby. Give it to me!

    1. Both are in big trouble. Demetress Bell does not look good, so the sooner they can get King Dunlap back the better. Dunlap has been good so far, when healthy. The loss of Jason Kelce hurts pretty bad, in my opinion. They’re going to lose a lot of flexibility in the running game with him out. Watkins has not been what the team hoped either. But Mathis and Herremans are both very good players.

      Dallas OL is a mess. I’m stunned how Doug Free turned out, and I figured the move from RT to LT would not be as smooth and some people envisioned for Tyron Smith, but that has not gone well so far. Those two guys lead the league in penalties, and both have given up a lot of pressure, especially Free. Meanwhile, Bernadeau is not good. The only player that I think is having a decent season so far is Livings.

      It sounds to me like you’re crowing as if Dallas’ OL is playing well or something (apologies if I’m mis-reading your tone). But even with 3 major injuries, I’d STILL take the Eagles OL.

      Also, very busy week in non-football related matters for me. Apologies for the less than usual content this week. Should be back on track next week.

  2. PhilthyisPhunny says:

    How about Bloggin’ Philthy? Balanced, this site is not.

  3. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    I’m wearing my Andre Waters jersey all weekend in honor of Brian Dawkins.

  4. SteveH says:

    I feel like a lot of the same Dawk highlights get used over and over and theres so many great hits and plays he made that you don’t see on the highlight tapes. For instance both the ones Tommy and Jimmy talk about you don’t see on the youtube videos…

    My favorite Dawk play of all time is another one you never hear about or see. It was four years ago (I think, might have been 5) and the Eagles were playing the Cowboys. The Cowboys were driving into scoring position and had a 3rd and 1, and they ran a run play with Marion Barber. They had two offensive linemen pulling out in front to the right side of the formation and Barber in behind them, and there were no Eagles defenders in front of them, it looked like it was going to be an easy first down pickup and then some. All of a sudden Dawkins comes screaming out of the backfield and takes out both pulling offensive linemen and grabs Barbers legs and gets him down short of the first down marker. *WOW*. 1 player took out both pulling OL AND managed to get the runner down, who happened to be Marion Barber back when Marion Barber was a tackle breaking machine. The Cowboys only needed 1 yard and they didn’t get it.

    I remember after the game the sportscenter guys were going bananas showing that play and saying thats why Dawk was still the best safety in the game. Most impressive play I’ve ever seen and one that you never see or hear people talk about.

  5. joed says:

    who did dawk hit where he knocked himself out and the WR, then got up screaming.

    1. joed says:

      i think it was ike hilliard

  6. David_Does_Dallas says:

    I can’t get enough of these Eagles-Giants previews! Keep them coming.

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