Film breakdown: Will the Eagles see the Giants’ “A+ play” three years in a row?

In 2010, in the first matchup between the Giants and Eagles, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride used Eagles LB Ernie Sims’ over-aggressiveness against him.  The Giants ran play action to Brandon Jacobs to the left, having Eli Manning roll right, then come all the way back across the field again to a wide open Jacobs running 5 yards ahead of Sims for an easy pitch and catch to an unlikely receiver for a big gain. Excellent play call, great execution, the Giants got themselves 1st and G from the 5, and scored on the next play. Here’s that play from two years ago:

In 2011, prior to the first matchup against the Giants, the Eagles announced they were moving Jamar Chaney from SLB to MLB, Moise Fokou from WLB to SLB, and Casey Matthews from MLB to WLB. I’m guessing that Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride perked up on hearing that news, and couldn’t wait to unleash, as Cris Collinsworth called it the previous year, Gilbride’s “A+ play.”

Gilbride did indeed go right back to it again. And why not? The Eagles were in a state of flux with their young and struggling linebackers. If you’ll notice, Matthews pretty much had the identical reaction that Sims had, and the Giants burned the Eagles for an easy 40 yard TD. Here’s the play from last year:

Same exact play call, and again, great execution by the Giants.

After the game, Matthews said he did not remember seeing that play in film study that week. Bad job by the Eagles’ defensive staff. When a play works so well the previous year, I find it hard to believe they didn’t have their defense ready for it. Obviously, the Eagles weren’t ready, and it cost them an early 7-0 deficit.

This year, the set of linebackers are new once again, albeit far better than the 2010 and 2011 versions. Will Juan Castillo have them ready this time around if Gilbride tries to run this play three years in a row?


  1. Jugs149 says:

    Anyone else notice that both Ernie Sims and Casey Matthews wear/wore #50!? Bad Omen? I think Casey needs to change his # if he hopes to get any better, haha.

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  3. Josh says:

    Any idea when the next helmet 2 helmet show is going to be posted?

    1. Jimmy Kempski says:

      We’re scheduled to record one tonight.

  4. Matthew Butch says:

    They’ll try running it again this year, and it’ll be a pick.

    Eagles win easily 31-10.

  5. Peter Gorsky says:

    giants didnt go to that play when they played the eagles in november

    1. Skinsational says:

      Do you have a point?

      1. Peter Gorsky says:

        that IS the point, stupid

        now do YOU have a point? do u disagree or dispute this fact? please, f***k off

  6. AJ says:

    Seeing this brings up so much pain and frustration that can only be expressed in quilt form. I can definitely see them trying this look with Brown. I don’t know how much Wilson we will see if Bradshaw is healthy (which shouldn’t last for more than a week or two). Wilson seems set pretty firmly in the dog house, and Brown’s performance last week didn’t exactly loosen the leash. I do have a question for you, jimmy, and anyone else who has an opinion on this. Do you think that Brown and Bardon are two more diamonds in the rough for NY, or was their performance simply due to the terrible job done by the Panthers to get anything out of their D line in the form of pressure on Eli (had all day for WRs to get open) or fill rushing lanes? I, of course, think and hope it’s the latter, but I am biased.

    1. philsgoodman says:

      “Seeing this brings up so much pain and frustration that can only be expressed in quilt form.”


  7. Todd B. says:

    My guess is that they will try it with Brown and that they will have success. But the Eagles are much faster as a team. I’m thinking first down but not a huge gain.

  8. ct17 says:

    I hope they run it again, this is what qualifies for an exciting trick play on a Coughlin team. I’d put Bear Pascoe in the backfield and see if he can out jump Kendricks. Or the real interesting matchup would be the two rookies, Wilson and Kendricks. Wilson ran wheel routes at the combine, really showed off his speed.

    Of course, the intelligent move would be to fake this play, and then do something else. Maybe Marty B on a crossing route coming to Eli’s side, get the LBs running the opposite direction.

    1. Todd B. says:

      Except it wouldn’t be Kendricks that would be covering that. It would be Jordan. In both matchups, they started to the strong side, then turned and passed to the weak side. That is why Sims and then Matthews were the ones covering it.

      1. mjoedgaard says:

        If its man coverage, it could be any of the LBs

  9. maximdim says:

    Arizona ran this play in 2011 against us too if I’m not mistaking… And I think the giants ran it again later that game but Brian rolle covered it and made the deflection.

    1. Good memory.

      Cardinals play was a straight wheel route to Stephens-Howling. I think it was a 4th down play that kept the drive alive that eventually won the game. No play action though. The other Giants play was to Hynoski. It was a different look, but a similar concept.

      1. maximdim says:

        Redskins did it too right? In that Monday night massacre.. Stewart Bradley was covering I think

        Wow, this is the eagles Achilles heel!

  10. joed says:

    Wow how did you get beat by Brandon Jacobs on a wheel route ? He was the worst receiving RB I have seen in a long time. He dropped SOOO many screens and balls in the flat it was ridiculous!!!!

  11. Wow, that’s a scary lack of preparation. Hopefully third times a charm, I really don’t want to see Kendricks getting burned…

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