30 (somewhat basic) NFC East statistical nuggets through Week 3

Some of the following statistics below matter.  Some may just be a matter of a small sample size.  But to me, they’re all interesting in some way, so I thought we’d take a look at some basic statistical nuggets through Week 3:

1. The Eagles and Cowboys have each scored 47 points.  That ties them for dead last in the NFL.  Meanwhile, the Redskins have scored the most points in the NFL, with 99.  The Giants are tied for 3rd with 94.

2. Despite their lack of scoring production, the Eagles are 5th in total yardage, with 416.7 yards per game.  In fact, 3 NFC East teams are in the top 6 in total yards.  The Giants are 3rd with 426 per game, and the Redskins are 6th with 404.3 per game.  The Cowboys are 20th.

3. Why are the Eagles racking up yards but not scoring points?  It might have something to do with their 12 giveaways, which is dead last in the NFL.  The next closest team has 9.

4. Last year the Eagles were tied with Redskins for second worst in the league with -14 in turnover differential.  This year the Redskins are 2nd best, at +6.  The Eagles remain 2nd worst, at -6.

5. 8 fumbles for the Eagles. That’s dead last in the NFL.

6. Despite having the most points scored and the 6th most yards per game, the Skins have the 2nd worst 3rd down %.  They’re 11 for 40 on 3rd down (28%).  Only the Bucs are worse.  Meanwhile, the Skins have the 4th most 1st downs per game.  Does not compute.

7. The Cowboys are 4th worst in the league with 16.3 first downs per game.

8. Penalties are killing 3 of the 4 NFC East teams, as noted earlier in the week.

9. The Redskins are second in the league in rushing yardage.  The Cowboys are 4th worst.

10. The Redskins lead the league in rushing TDs with 6.  The Cowboys have 1.

11. The Giants have the 2nd most passing yards in the league.

12. The Eagles have the 3rd fewest passing TDs, with 3.

13. The Eagles have the 4th worst passer rating in the NFL.

14. The Giants have the 3rd most pass plays of over 20 yards, with 15.

15. The Eagles lead the league with 6 INTs thrown.

16. Three NFC East teams are in the top 6 in yards per pass attempt.  The Giants are 3rd (8.5), the Redskins are 4th (8.4), and the Cowboys are 6th (7.8).  The Eagles are 13th (7.2).

17. The Eagles have allowed the most hits on the QB with 28.  The Redskins are 2nd with 23.

18. As noted above, the Redskins have scored the most points in the NFL.  They’ve also given up more points than they’ve scored (101).  That’s 4th worst in the NFL.

19. The Cowboys have the #1 defense in the league in terms of total yards.  They’re only allowing 250 per game.  The Eagles are 5th, with 275.5.  The Redskins are 3rd worst with 429.3.

20. The Cowboys are allowing the lowest number of yards per play in the NFL, with 4.4.  The Eagles are 2nd with 4.5.  The Redskins are dead last, with 6.9, with the closest team being the Giants at 6.5.

21. The Eagles are only allowing 15 1st downs per game.  That’s #1 in the NFL.  The Cowboys are 15.7.  That’s 2nd best.

22. The Eagles and Cowboys are both holding teams on 3rd down.  Opposing offenses are getting 1st downs on just 29% of 3rd downs.  They’re tied for 4th best in the NFL there.

23. The Redskins and Giants are tied for 3rd in takeaways, with 8 a piece.

24. The Cowboys are 2nd best in passing yards allowed, with just 137 per game.  Then there’s a big gap to 3rd best, the Eagles, at 172.7.  The Redskins are 2nd worst, with 337.3.

25. The Giants are allowing 9.3 yards per pass attempt.  That’s the worst in the NFL.  The Redskins are allowing 9.1 per attempt.  That’s 2nd worst.  The Eagles are allowing 5.7.  That’s the best in the NFL.  The Cowboys are 3rd with 5.9.

26. The Redskins have allowed 10 TDs throught the air.  Worst in the NFL.

27. The Redskins have given up 16 pass plays of 20+ yards.  They’ve given up 4 pass plays of 40+ yards.  They’re 2nd worst in both categories.  The Cowboys have given up 6 plays of over 20 yards.  That’s 3rd best.  They haven’t given up any pass plays of over 40 yards.

28. The Giants have 6 INTs.  2nd best.  The Eagles have 5.  5th best.  The Cowboys have just 1.

29. The Redskins and Eagles have only given up 1 rushing TD.  Of course, in the Redskins’ case, it’s difficult to give up rushing TDs when they’re too busy giving up passing TDs.

30. Only the Texans (+46), Falcons (+46), and Ravens (+31) have better point differentials than the Giants (+29).  Last year, the Giants were -6 and won the Super Bowl.

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  1. Jeff says:

    DAVE is mostly a preseason projection; I’d rather focus on how they have actually played.

    Honestly, I’m not one proclaiming greatness for RGIII. I really just commented because I disagree with the notion that St. Louis has a bad defense. I’m actually a Dallas fan. ;]

    I think YPA is a good stat to measure the effectiveness of the passing game. I’d probably go with net yards per attempt (NY/A) because that adds sacks (pass attempts) and the yards lost from sacks to the total. And it doesn’t seem unreasonable to think that RGIII will be getting sacked quite a bit this season.

  2. Dan in Philly says:

    FWIW, they are 19th in DAVE, but even if you accept 12th, they have faced 12th, 27th, and 32nd ranked Ds, averaging 24th. You can’t really call that murderer’s row, can you? When you consider the fact the best game RG3 had was against NO, and it has been documented they used what is basically a college offense which NO could not have game planned for, well, consider these numbers:
    12.31 – Yard per attempt game 1
    7.10 – yards per attempt game 2
    6.50 – yards per attempt game 3

    Of course this does not mean that by game 8 he’ll have -3.12 yards per attempt, but it does throw a little cold water on the idea that he’ll have a Cam Newton v2 kind of rookie season, doesn’t it? He might end up being a great QB, he might not, but I will put pretty good money that he won’t have a good first year.

    1. horatius says:

      What you failed to mention here is that in each game the Offense used completely different philosophies. There is a fair bit of experimentation going on here. And these stats can go either way. The dropoff to 6.5 can be attributed in large part to the absence of Trent Williams and the presence of the worst tackle in football Jordan Black on the O-Line. If Trent plays for any period of time, the numbers will automatically go up.

  3. Jeff says:

    I don’t know how well the Eagles are actually moving the ball. Looking at Football Outsiders’ drive stats, they don’t seem so impressive. Eagles have 39 drives – the most in the NFL. They’re averaging 29.31 yards per drive – 24th in the league.

  4. joed says:

    It hasn’t been pointed out that the GIants have played a really poor schedule so far also? Panthers, Cowboys and TB are nowhere near top 10 or even top 15 teams. Sun should be a good test for them not that the Eagles are that great, but our defense is for sure

    1. David_Does_Dallas says:

      Yes the cowboys are nowhere near a top 15 team. We are only winning the division.

      1. horatius says:

        In a three way tie for 1st. Let’s not get carried away here.

      2. Stuk says:

        really dude?

      3. Tiebreakers after Week 3! Hooray!

    2. Joe says:

      Cowboys # 1 def in yards given up and # 7 in points allowed….and that is after playing the Giants who have put up huge yrds against the other teams they have played. The Eagles do have a good D, but for the moment, Dallas is # 1

  5. Skinsaholic says:

    Also consider that Vick is a seasoned veteran, while RGIII is a rookie.

  6. David_Does_Dallas says:

    Cowboys fans are pretty happy about those defensive stats. The offense on the other hand… Chicago will be a good challenge for our offense. Hopefully they will live up to it.

  7. NYG_slater says:

    some interesting stats.

    Clearly, turnovers are killing the eagles since their defense and offensive production in yards have been very good. I think its safe to say they will get better in the turnover department because (a) either Vick fixes the problem, or (b) they bench him for foles. Eitherway, turnovers come down.

    For the Giants, the Bucs/cowboys game killed their secondary statwise, but i’d expect some improvement here as Hosley and Amukamara get more PT, while Tryon and Coe see less. Offensivley, the passing numbers for the GMen look like they did in 2011–very strong.

    Not really sure what to make of the cowboys or redskins. Statwise, they look kinda like I expected, but not sure if you can make any future projections. We knew the D in DC was bad, and it is, it might just get worse with injuries. The oline in dallas looks like it could be an achilles heel. It’ll be interesting to see if Romo can play like Eli did in 2011–carry the team regardless of O-line play.

  8. Willgfass says:

    I was going to call shenanigans on #11 (The Giants have the 2nd most passing yards in the league), but then I remembered Shaun Hill came in for Stafford to give the lions a lot more yards.
    Eli has the most passing yards of any QB so far.

  9. Everyone down here in DC is still scratching their heads about the cliff dive the Defense has done. If you told me our offensive stats only less than a month ago, I would have bet my life saving we would be 3-0 right now….its seriously mind boggling. Yes, we knew there were problems in the secondary but really not much changed back there if you think about it over last season. Landry and Otogwe barely ever player, thus forcing us to rely on our backups in 2011. This year we have still had to rely on our backups as Tanard Jackson is done-zo and Brandon Merriweather can’t get healthy yet.

    I am 25 years old and I can not remember a season where the Redskins offense was so explosive and consistently scoring over 28 pts per game yet the D looked like they couldn’t hold the University of Hawaii to under 30pts.

    Complete role reversal in one year’s time. SMH.

    1. poolboy87 says:

      Offenses are HAVING to attack your secondary now. Last year that wasn’t the case.

  10. AustonianAggie says:

    Defense is definitely back this year. Weird bunch of stats. I think Yards Per Pass Attempt, and Yards Per Pass Attempt against told the story on recent seasons, and can again once we get past 5 or 6 games.

  11. Dan in Philly says:

    Here’s an interesting nugget for those excited about rookie quarterbacks: What do New Orleans, St. Louis, and Cincinnati all have in common? They all have bad defenses.
    NO: Dead last in yards, tied for 30th in points
    Cin: 29th in yards, tied for 30th in points
    St. Louis: 19th in yards, 22nd in points.

    Stats at Football Outsiders back up the above stats. RGIII has had one, count em, one really good game, co-incidentally against the worst defense in the league and with an offense not yet seen and studied by the NFL. Since then he has steadily declined in his results against St. Louis (a poor D) and Cinn (a terrible one).

    While your stated opinion that he’s better than Vick might be true, it might not be either…

    1. mjoedgaard says:

      Also Consider the Eagles have played 3 really good defenses. While the Skins have played zero good defenses.

      1. horatius says:

        St. Louis is a No. 12 ranked D so far.

    2. Jeff says:

      Hm? Per Football Outsiders, St. Louis has the 12th best overall defense – 6th against the pass. That looks good to me.

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