Initial thoughts on Giants-Panthers

After watching the Panthers-Bucs and Panthers-Saints games, I previewed Panthers-Giants earlier this week.  A lot of rightness here.  (Self pat on the back).  Good job, Jimmy.  Thank you, Jimmy.  You’re welcome, Jimmy.  You’re a handsome man, Jimmy.  Likewise, Jimmy.  OK, so does that rightness offset my wrongness on Martellus Bennett?  It does?  Yes!  Good.  Then let’s never speak of that again.


• Nice win for the Giants traveling on a short week to play a Thursday nighter.  They’ll now have a few extra days to rest up and prepare for Philly Week 4.

• The aforementioned Marty B:

Martellus Bennett Rec Yards TD
2012 (3 games w/Giants) 15 185 3
2011 17 144 0
2010 33 260 0
2009 15 159 0
2008 20 283 4

• Here were the Giants’ first four drives tonight.  All at least 8 plays, all over 3 minutes in length:

And here were their last 3 drives against the Buccaneers last week:

The Giants can score on long sustained drives, or they can put points on the board quickly.  Impressive.


• Andre Brown looks good.  Big back, but has no shortage of speed.  However, be careful in anointing him the new starter or anything like that.  As I noted in the Panthers-Giants preview, this Panthers team cannot tackle.  I feel like a healthy Ahmad Bradshaw would have had similar success.  But certainly Brown has earned the right to get on the field more as part of some kind of rotation.

• Giants OL:  Wow.  Great night.  Opened up holes in the run game and gave Eli all day to throw.

• Jayron Hosley looks like the real deal at CB.  He’s playing ahead of Prince Amukamara, and he’s playing better than Corey Webster.  I did a quick post on Hosley during halftime of the game.

• Eli: 27 of 35, 288, 1 TD, 0 INT. Ho hum.

• Oh, there’s Ramses Barden. 9 catches for 138.  Caught the ball well, and got some YAC.  Great game for his confidence.

• Giants run D was good.  20 rushes, 60 yards for the Panthers.  Don’t run at JPP.  Waste of a down.

• Corey Webster still looks shaky.  A pair of pass interference calls went against him, both legit, and the Panthers were able to throw on him.

• Michael Boley has 3 INTs this year already.  That ties him for the league lead with the Bears’ Tim Jennings.

• 5 for 5 for Lawrence Tynes. Still perfect on the season. Underrated kicker. He has become very dependable.

• +5 turnovers. That’s usually a good thing.

I’ll have a deeper look at this game, probably on Monday.


  1. NYG_slater says:

    Jimmy when you do the writeup for monday, keep an eye on Linval Joseph. He is not getting enough credit. He was beating Kalil pretty soundly and getting a lot of pressure up the gut. I think Linval vs your backup center is going to be a big factor next week. If he can get pressure up the gut, it makes the angles that much easier for JPP and Osi on the edge.

    1. I actually think that the backup might be a better matchup against Linval. Kelce struggles with guys that are all power. But I agree… Linval has looked good so far.

      1. NYG_slater says:

        thats the thing. I used to think linval was all power and just great vs the run, and eating double teams. But it looks like he added a bit of shimmy to his game…they used to pull him in the nickle packages, but not anymore…Its been (JPP-Tuck-Linval-Osi) I really think he would be leading the giants in sacks if he could just break down and finish…but 325 pounds creates a lot of inertia lol…

  2. ct17 says:

    The anointing of Brown has begun. A good win gets fans too excitable. Also, G fans are feeling free to put all of the OL blame on Diehl.

    Disagree on the first Webster penalty. Yeah, he touched Smith. But he also got an arm around the front of him cleanly and got to the ball first. This is contact football, not high tea with the Queen.

    1. Philly’s run D (oddly enough) will be a much better test.

  3. lt519 says:

    Jimmy, don’t forget Mario Manningham was a weed guy who fell in the draft. And let’s also not forget Bradshaw’s month in jail after being drafted in the 7th round.

  4. SteveH says:

    The panthers D looked awful, their pass rush was pitiful. Eli was just murdering them with that clean pocket. Carolina looks like a team on the decline, not on the rise.

    1. ATLeagle says:

      I cant believe that the NFL is constantly reminding us about the integrity of the game, when allowing McDermott to run a defense is obviously not even attempting to be competitive. It looks like he is just sitting back hoping the other team will make a mistake. Hint… Eli doesnt suck so bad that with no pressure or tight coverage, that he wont complete at least one out of three attempts very regularly.

      I apologize to any Eagle’s players that I thought were bums during his tenure, as it is completely obvious that coaching and scheming were the issues.

      1. but not to ernie sims right?

        1. ATLeagle says:

          after last night,I feel bad for the shark for having his career derailed! Of course he looked like he couldnt figure out the mental side of playing defense… the coach was busy telling him not to pressure, pursue, or tackle. 🙂

  5. Dan in Philly says:

    The Giants/panthers game gave me flashbacks to the Sean McDermott era in Philly. Lots of players around the ball in both the running game and passing game, but not really doing anything.

    1. Haha that hilarious because its true

  6. Derf Diggy says:

    Got damn you Marty B.

  7. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    Giants impressive. Made Carolina look like UNC, minus the academic fraud.

  8. NFC South is massively overrated. Bucs, SAints, Panthers are all bad. And the Falcons are frauds.

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