Jayron Hosley: A lesson in drafting the “weed guy”

Jayron Hosley had 9 picks at Virginia Tech in 2010, but fell all the way to the back end of the 3rd round because he struggled in 2011, and then failed a drug test at the Combine.  Seriously, how dumb do you have to be to fail a drug test at the freaking COMBINE.  Well whatever… good for the Giants, because they may have a player on their hands.  My Twitter buddy Jmpasq (great follow for anyone, but especially if you’re a Giants fan) reminded me of Hosley’s past.

This reminded me of a great read by Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi, an advocate for finding value in drafting “the weed guy:”


Every year, there are players who fall dramatically in the pre-draft process because they’ve been caught smoking weed. A short list of those guys includes Warren Sapp, Randy Moss, Percy Harvin and Aaron Hernandez. Guys who punch women or drive pickup trucks into old folks’ homes: bad investments. Guys who smoke dope in college? Well, that’s basically every single person in America.

I’m not going to say smoking weed is good for your health, but when it comes to football, I’d much rather have my rocked-up 270-pound monster stoned, giggling and watching cartoons than drunk, belligerent, and stumbling toward his car in the parking lot of an Atlanta strip club.

This year, it seems crazy that Notre Dame wideout Michael Floyd, who has three alcohol-related arrests in his past, is being talked about as a top-10 pick, while ass-kicking North Alabama (and former Florida) corner Janoris Jenkins, who has three weed incidents, is being talked about as someone who might be undraftable.

Jenkins is the big weed bargain in this draft, but Virginia Tech’s super-fast corner Jayron Hosley is another. Both of those guys can really play and I’ll bet they both become excellent pros – for a while, anyway. A third case, Arizona linebacker and Ray Lewis wannabe Vontaze Burfict, I wouldn’t touch. Not because of a failed drug test, though, but just because he sucks. Oh, and because he tried to rehab his image by giving an interview to Sports Illustrated – while chilling in Las Vegas.

Hosley has looked great to start off the season.  Tonight, through halftime, he has a pick and made a really nice play on a corner blitz.  Last week, the Buccaneers targeted Corey Webster 3x as often as Hosley.  Looks like the Giants hit on a value pick… again.


  1. I think of other weed guys that were good picks too: Marino and Charlie Garner. Marino didn’t test positive or anything, but that was the rumor (which was corroborated by others that went to college with him). I think the damning thing is that it’s a stupid move to test positive, so it might show your not thinking ahead, but for some positions, who cares. DT? That’s fine. I think a QB who tests positive, that could be a red flag. It be interesting to do a study of the offenses of incoming draftees and how good a player they turn out to be. Am I too lazy to do this….

  2. brisulph says:

    That applies to all players… each pick is a risk vs reward.

  3. Greg says:

    True, but how many weed guys haven’t worked out? If guys like Sapp, Moss, Harvin and Hosley represent 10% of weed guy success, that’s a 90% risk you’re taking there. Adding to that, they might just pan out to be normal players so the risk taken was a dangerous one with little reward in the end.

    1. Vince says:

      Yeah but thats not the point of the article at all. The point isn’t to just draft players who smoke weed. He’s saying teams shouldn’t devalue a good draft pick just because he smoked weed.

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  5. And he’s in there on 2CB sets too … No Amukamara.

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