Buccaneers-Giants film observations: Week 2

• On the first series Week 1 against Dallas, David Wilson lost a fumble.  Tom Coughlin sat him for the rest of the day.  On the first series in Week 2, he had a bad drop.  He played only 5 snaps the rest of the way, despite Ahmad Bradshaw being lost for the game with a neck injury.  Andre Brown got 53 snaps.

• Big hit by Adrian Tracy on the Bucs’ first kick return.  He got his hat on the ball and forced a fumble.  Tracy looked good to me in training camp.  Fast for a DE.  He got down the field quickly in kick coverage.  Those are the kinds of plays that might get you more playing time with the defense.

• Do NFL teams know something about Corey Webster?  According to PFF, he was targeted 6 times last week against Dallas.  He gave up 127 yards and a TD on 5 completions, with 34 yards coming after the catch.  The Buccaneers came out and attacked him right off the bat on Sunday.  They threw a quick hitter to Mike Williams, who made Webster miss and picked up a first down.  Then later in the drive, they went up top to Vincent Jackson for 41 yards.  On the Bucs’ second drive, they went up top again on Webster, and had him beat, but Josh Freeman overthrew Jackson:

They targeted Webster so much early, that FOX even put up a graphic pre-snap, as if to say, “Hey, here’s that matchup again…”

Webster played better as the game went on, and even had a pick on a bad pass that went right to him, but it is interesting that they targeted him 7 times, as opposed to Jayron Hosley, a rookie, on the other side, who only saw 2 targets.

• I highlighted a nifty little running play that the Giants tested in the preseason.  They ran it again on Sunday on the Giants’ 2nd drive.  It got 5.

• On the Giants second series, Eli Manning hit Will Beatty in the hands, drop.  Then a run predictably went nowhere.  Then Beatty had a false start.  Then Eli hit Martellus Bennett for a would-be TD in the hand, drop.  “Aw shucks guys, come on, help me out here fellas.  Gee whiz.”

• On Eli’s first INT, it just looked like a bad throw to me.  Here’s what Eli saw:

It’s a tough, tight throw, and one that Eli can make, but not a bad decision in my opinion.  He simply underthrew it, and the lineback Mason Foster (circled), made the easy play.

Eli’s second INT was more of the same.  Not a bad decision.  He simply sailed it over Victor Cruz’s head.  Ronde Barber got away with a little hold here:

Troy Aikman absolved Eli of the bad throw because of the hold.  I disagree.  As you can see, Eli still would have still sailed it way over Cruz’s head:

Still, bad call that cost the Giants possession of the football.

INT #3 was just an amazing play by Eric Wright.

• That wasn’t the only bad call to against the Giants.  The other was on Vincent Jackson’s TD catch.  Michael Coe had good coverage on Jackson, as he was right there with him:

But Jackson pushed off and got separation:

This should have been offensive pass interference.  Easy call.  OPI is the most under-called penalty in the game.  Wide receivers get away with murder.

• On the Giants 3rd series, they ran with Henry Hynoski on 2nd and 10.  May as well just send in the 3rd and long call at the same time as the Hynoski dive play.

• I don’t like Stevie Brown as the gunner on the punt team.  Looks slow.

• The Buccaneers have a very good left side of the line in Donald Penn at LT, Carl Nicks at LG and Jeremy Zuttah at C.  Their entire line did an outstanding job on the Giants pass rush.  Chase Blackburn had a sack on a blitz, and JPP had a sack on play in which Freeman had 4.4 seconds to throw (that’s a lot).  Otherwise, the Giants didn’t get much pressure at all.  Where is Osi Umenyiora so far this season?  Justin Tuck?  Even on the Bucs drive to tie the game at 34, when everyone in the stadium knew the Bucs were passing, no pass rush at all.  Nothing.

• Osi Umenyiora is a liability in the run game.  We kind of already knew that, but here’s a quick visual.  FB Erik Lorig engages with Osi (you can see him behind big Donald Penn), and proceeds to clear Osi 4 yards off the line of scrimmage.


Doug Martin easily gets around the corner for the TD.

• Andre Brown looked great on the Giants 3rd drive, and had a very good game overall.  Ran hard.  Showed some nice ability to cut.  Got his pad level low.  That opened up the passing game and Eli hit Nicks for an easy pitch and catch on a little post pattern.  Also liked this play from him on a fumbled snap.  Brown saw the fumble, aggressively ran up and picked it up off the turf and actually turned it into a 1 yard gain instead of a 4 yard loss.  I have to wonder if Brown communicated with Eli that he would pick it up.  Brown had the play in front of him and could see that the fumble wasn’t in immediate danger of being picked up by a Tampa defender, and you can see that Eli had every opportunity to fall on the ball, but patiently waited for Brown to grab it instead. Heady play:


• Reuben Randle showed some nice punt return ability. He had a long return called back.  There were two penalties on the play (a hold and a block in the back).  They probably could have called five.  Still, Randle looked the part.

• I mentioned some calls that went against the Giants earlier.  They had some go their way as well.  Here was an atrocious no-call on Kenny Phillips:


That has the trifecta: He hit a defenseless receiver, he launched, and it was helmet to helmet.  It’s couldn’t have been more in the middle of the field, where pretty much any referee could have seen this.  What the hell are these officials watching?

• Good Martellus: 5 catches, 72 yards, TD.

• Bad Martellus: Dropped 2 TD passes on perfectly thrown balls.

• Eli Manning’s bomb to Victor Cruz was placed in the absolute perfect spot.  If you sent a receiver with no arms down the field but you fixed a fishing net over his shoulder, the no-armed guy would have made the catch.

• If the Giants are going for 2, great chance it’s a run.

• Last season, the Giants were able to score last season because Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz were outstanding.  Against the Cowboys, Hakeem Nicks, in my opinion, didn’t look like he was fully recovered from his broken foot and Victor Cruz had a terrible game.  This Sunday against the Bucs:

WR Rec Yards Avg TD
Hakeem Nicks 10 199 19.9 1
Victor Cruz 11 179 16.3 1

That’ll do.  In related commentary, the Buccaneers’ secondary should not be allowed to reproduce.  Vasectomies all around.

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  1. Peter Gorsky says:

    That was a horrible breakdown of the doug martin TD, jimmy

    Sure, Osi got blown off the ball. But it was a double team. He held his ground against the offensive tackle then the FB comes in and washes him down. Thats tough

    That play is completely on linebacker mathias kiwanuka, whom bit on the inside. The FB made a bad read double teaming Osi. Even if Osi had gotten blown off the ball by the FB/OT, NO way he gets to the corner to prevent Doug Martin. If he had disengaged and chased down martin, martin would have beat him to the corner easily because of kiwanuka overpurusing

    I’m not going to even get into corey webster’s role on the play

    1. It wasn’t a double team. Penn blocked him initially, but disengaged. The FB then came along and blew him off the line of scrimmage. But at no time were they doubling him.

      Osi can’t consistently anchor. Never could. Probably never will.

      1. Peter Gorsky says:

        Re-watched it and you’re right, it wasn’t a textbook double team. Osi excellently anchored against Donald Penn with his quality length and active hands-work. If the FB doesn’t block Osi (and blocks the second level or a LB like he should have), Osi likely is there for the tackle or pursues Doug Martin laterally if he still cutbacks. The problem is that Osi did not anticipate the FB blocking him. Osi’s base was very high and the FB got under his pads and got good movement, Osi didn’t really react to the FB coming downhill very well otherwise I think he meets the FB with a solid punch to protect himself. Instead, Osi did not protect his body thus unable to gain leverage and getting pushed back. No defensive lineman in the NFL are that weak, lets not make Osi out to be some weakling that gets blown up by FBs. Like already stated, Osi didn’t engage with the FB at all, like he wasn’t expecting contact. Perhaps poor awareness by Osi there (probably focusing in on martin), but it was practically a blindslide block

        The real responsibility on that play, like I said, is Kiwanuka. Even if Osi chased martin laterally, martin would probably dive for the pylon or something. 2nd level defense was not there. As a giant fan I’ve seen jpp get blown off the ball by tight ends before, and when that happens, its because he had lazy technique, not because he is a liability

  2. ct17 says:

    Webster has shown through the years that he is very good when allowed to be physical and play man coverage (Spagnuolo era) and he is poor when in zone coverage (Fewell, Sheridan). Last year the Giants had success letting Webster play man while the rest of the team played zone.

    The Giants DEs were doubled all game. This is the one time I’ve let Osi slide.

    And no one pushed off like Michael Irvin.

    1. Michael Irvin’s career was built on non-called OPI.

  3. Willgfass says:

    Kind of saddening that this has 2 (okay now 3 comments) and the Schiano nonsense has thirty something.
    Spot on for the most part though

  4. mjoedgaard says:

    wow big blow to the Giants, Nicks is not healthy

  5. Kenny Phillips has made of few of those dirty hits over the last 2 years. I’m starting to dislike him very much for this.

    I’m worried about Tuck. He doesn’t play well for starters. Secondly, he seems passive on the field, like he doesn’t care much about what’s going on. No fire, no nothing. 2 rings, injuries are starting to pile up … has he lost it ?

    I just watched BAL @ PHI and there’s no questionning who’s got the best DL between the Eagles and the Giants no more ….

    The defense reminds me a bit of what we saw around weeks 10 to 14 (or so …) last season. Jason “One man defense” Pierre-Paul, some DT play on AC and then nothing.

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