Redskins-Rams film observations, Week 2

The Redskins played the Rams in each of the last 5 seasons.  They’ve lost 3.  That’s a rare feat, seeing as the Rams had a winning % of 0.185 since 2007 heading into this game. In fairess, when you go to St. Louis, you have to deal with the Ram Rules:

And then of course, there’s the intimidation factor of the Rams of yesteryear:

The Rams averaged 283 yards per game last season.  Sunday they had 452.  The Skins secondary was pretty much what I expected it to be last week against the Saints.  Except this week, they were getting gashed by guys like Danny Amendola, Brandon Gibson, Steve Smith, and Daryl Richardson.

• Mistakes galore by the Skins. Last year the Skins had 6 FG/PATs blocked.  This year they’ve had two blocked punts in each of the first two games.  That’s how you lose to bad teams like the Rams.

• Mike Shanahan tried to freeze the Rams kicker before halftime.  He missed on the freeze kick, made the real one.  D’oh!

• Too many penalties.  Obviously, when Josh Morgan threw the football at Cortland Finnegan and took the Skins out of FG range, that was a bad idea.  But beyond that, the Skins had 8 penalties in the second half:

  1. Kory Lichtensteiger – False start
  2. Brian Orakpo – Offsides
  3. Niles Paul – False start
  4. Lorenzo Alexander – Horse collar
  5. Santana Moss – False start
  6. Trent Williams – Holding
  7. Stephen Bowen – Offsides
  8. Josh Morgan – Stupidity

• You wouldn’t know it from the stat sheet, but Chris Long owned Tyler Polumbus.  Long got pressure the entire afternoon.

• I thought Fred Davis would be RG3’s favorite target his rookie season.  Nope.  So far through 2 games: 4 catches, 52 yards.

• Really like Alfred Morris. Runs hard, but I saw a burst that I hadn’t seen before.  On one run, Trent Williams and Kory Lichtensteiger gave Morris a couple of great blocks and Morris exploded for about 20. At some point I can see Shanny moving on to another back and re-deploying Morris on battle-weary defenses late in the season.

• RG3 inside the 10 is going to be a pain in the butt for opponents to deal with for the next 10 years.  Made quick decisions and when he saw big lanes, he didn’t hesitate in running for the goal line. But he also has great touch on the football, and a strong accurate arm. I suspect the Skins will have excellent Red Zone numbers for the next decade.

• The Rams are dirty as hell:

I’m guessing this has been mentioned somewhere, but Rams LB JoLonn Dunbar took a cheap shot on RG3.  Dunbar hit RG3 as he was trying to throw the ball away.  Then, while RG3 was laying on the ground, Dunbar followed up his tackle with a forearm to the head.  Incredibly stupid play by Dunbar, but somehow he got away with it. Here’s the clean hit:

Followed by the cheap shot…

Here’s another cheap shot by the Rams.  Stephen Bowen trips and falls, and Quinn Ojinnaka pounces.  Here he is getting ready to give Bowen a double punch to the face, delivers said double punch, and then for good measure hits Bowen with another double punch to the back of his head after the play is over.


All that does is make Bowen mad.  Next play, Bowen puts Ojinnaka firmly on his ass, and delivers a shot to Sam Bradford.


And then he tells Ojinnaka that he’s a poop head:

At the end of the game… More scumbaggery from Ojinnaka.  The play is clearly over. You can see the runner down in the background, and London Fletcher is in a vulnerable position:

Ojinnaka blatantly tries to injure Fletcher:

No flag on Ojinnaka on either of his dirty plays.  Next play, a pissed off London Fletcher forces a fumble:

Now, I’m not one to root for an injury, but if Quinn Ojinnaka were to have some misfortune fall upon him, I’m wouldn’t be sympathetic in the slightest. But more importantly, the NFL should be embarrassed by this. Players are in serious danger with the replacement officials on the field, and these are clear examples why.

Anyway, back to football. The worst part about this loss isn’t even in the loss itself.  It’s the torn pectoral suffered by Brian Orakpo and the torn quad suffered by Adam Carriker.  The loss of those two players is enormous, with obviously Orakpo being the bigger of the two.  The front seven of the Skins defense was a huge strength.  It may not be anymore.  It certainly wasn’t in St. Louis.

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  1. RAMFEST says:

    skins fans are all cry babies.. they finally got a season where they can be proud that they finally got their qb and offense in sync.. ffs it’s only week two you guys swear like this shit doesn’t happen in all football games with shitty refs like this.. ram fans have been seeing dirty play after dirty play against the whole league because they think were a bunch of push overs.. but not no more. besides your team can’t match up with the eagles, the giants, or the cowboys.. bottom cellar team by the end of the year just like every year

    1. Horatius says:

      Go fuck yourself, lambboy.

    2. A Fine Messi says:

      i don’t know, Ram… all i’ve heard out of DC this week is how Josh Morgan is an idiot for retaliating against the cheap tactics of Finnegan, et all… not how the refs robbed the team.

  2. crashoveride01 says:

    It is funny how this article was so one sided about cheap shots. I was at the game and I saw plenty of late hits from Washington that were not called either. I can admit that there were cheap shots taken, but don’t try to make the Skins look like they were innocent either.

  3. Ignacio says:

    Maybe Gregg Williams is coordinating the defense from a remote location and the Rams have their own version of Bounty Ball going. It’s about time the Rams “toughened up”. I got tired of them being pushed around over the years.

  4. Mflick says:

    I will finish that article later. I can’t get myself to stop watching that “Ram it”.

  5. NYG_slater says:

    This scumbaggery is just classic Jeff Fisher. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a heck of a coach, but he loves this shit. Part of the reason he brought Finnegan with him was to guarantee his team was like this. It could have won him the game too! I didnt get a chance to watch the complete game, but I wouldnt be surprised if finnegan pulled some cheap shit on Morgan prior to Morgan’s game blowing mistake/penalty.

  6. Dan in Philly says:

    Eagles fans have been watching Vick get cheap shot hit for a I guess it’s legal to hit running QBs late?

    1. ahy nonimous says:

      Because Dogkillah goes down when he has so much as a hangnail, he gets hurt pretty much with any shot, and then the Vick apologists cry “dirty”. You’re breakin’ my heart, Danny boy.

  7. JOe D says:

    GOod news for Redskins fans it looks like they will be able to build around Rg3……bad news is they need to start building at that secondary. it has to be the worst in the league?

    1. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

      They can just use their first round picks on cornerbacks the next two drafts, right?

      1. Dez Bryant's Pulp Faced Hooker Mom says:

        Jesus Christ. You’re complaining about 2 lousy draft picks after watching what the Skins have? This dude is going to rule the league at the most important position. They stole him.

        1. Anthony says:

          And if the team can’t stop opposing offenses because of lack of secondary talent?

          1. A Fine Messi says:

            you’re right, Anthony. as a Skins fan i would MUCH rather have Morris Claireborne this year instead of RG3 and those 2 draft picks. Insightful post!

        2. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

          Good thing he’s being trained by Kyle Shanahan, then, huh?

  8. Ryan says:

    Pretty sure it was on that fumble (4th quarter play IIRC), after the Skins recover a Redskin jumps on the pile waaaayyyyy late and instigates a decent scuffle. No call on that one either, which to be fair just evens this crap out. Fisher’s titans were masters of cheap shot instigation.

  9. Pat says:

    The LA Rams Ram it video made my day.

  10. I can’t remember ever watching a football game like the one I watched between the Skins and Rams last Sunday. The first thing I said to myself during the Redskins’ first offensive drive was “Jeez….the Rams D sure is fired up. They are getting after people something fierce!”. But as I continued to watch, any admiration I had for their intensity level quickly disappeared. Literally, something dirty happened nearly every play. Things deteriorated pretty quickly as the refs proved to be too soft to take control of the game and to enforce the common rules of the NFL. The Rams came out with intensity, but when they realized they could literally do whatever they pleased without fear of the refs calling a penalty or enforcing the rule….the football game ended and the street fight began.

    Look, the Skins squandered this game in plenty of ways other than officiating. Ultimately, all of the BS the Rams did actually sealed the game for them when Josh Morgan made the stupidest play you can make at the worst possible moment.

    Jeff Fischer may be trying to chance the culture in St. Louis, but deploying your goons in pre-determined game plan designed to instigate altercations after the whistle and to try to ruffle the feathers of a young offense is total Busch League football. Any respect I had for Fischer is now gone after watching the way his team played that game. Good for them for pulling off the win, I guess but at what cost?

    What does it all boil down to? BRING BACK THE REFS!

    1. Fisher-run teams have been dirty for years. That Titans team was notorious for cheap shots.

  11. Trent Perry says:

    I liked the part where he tells Ojinnaka that he’s a poop head

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