Memo to the Shanahans and Danny Smith: Brandon Banks fumbles… A LOT

On Sunday against the Rams, Brandon Banks fumbled a kickoff return.  As usual, the defense somehow didn’t recover it, as the ball took a favorable roll out of bounds.  Somehow, the fumble didn’t appear in the stat sheet, but it should have, as it was out before Banks went out of bounds.  If you were to include that fumble to the tally, that would be Brandon Banks’ 10th fumble on a kick or punt return in his last 15 games.  During that span, Banks has returned 76 kicks/punts.  If you include that fumble that somehow didn’t make its way into the stat sheet on Sunday, Banks has fumbled on 13.2% of his punt/kick returns over the last 15 games.

Amazingly, although he has had a bunch of close calls, he hasn’t lost any.  That kind of luck is not sustainable, obviously.

But here’s the part that I just don’t get.  It’s not as if Banks is some kind of great returner even when he does hold onto the football.  He has 1 career return for a TD, and that was in 2010.  In fact, here is how he compared to the rest of the league in 2011 on kick returns:

And punt returns:

Brandon Banks has proven over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over (wait, how many is that? OK, one more) and over again that he cannot hang onto the football.

The risk isn’t worth the reward, and it’s absolutely mind-blowing that the Redskins continue to put him back there.

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  2. ct17 says:

    All I know is that he is an exciting player to watch. Maybe his blocking is awful. The Giants have not been able to block for punt returns for years.

  3. Dave King says:

    Where is my hierarchY>!?

    1. NFC East game recaps come first, and then I’ll watch as many NFC games as I can before I post the hierarchy.

      Tuesday is the typical day for those kinds of things to get published, but I’m actually going to try to add legitimate insights from watching the games, so that’ll take longer.

      1. Dave King says:


  4. SteveH says:

    As an Eagles fan I wholeheartedly endorse Brandon Banks as the Redskins primary return man and hope he has a long career in Washington.

  5. Chastle says:

    I didn’t want Banks making the team I really didn’t he wasn’t worth the roster spot but I can’t help but say I think he had two touchdowns taken back from holding calls I could be wrong in the number but either way if those have counted it wouldn’t be worth it to me with his fumble rate

  6. ATLeagle says:

    If it wasnt for Devin Thomas, then Banks would be the class of the NFCE in both categories.

  7. mjoedgaard says:

    But Graziano had him on his NFCE team of week (still cant wrap my head around that, consider he fumble once and muffed another punt in week 1)

    1. haha, you beat me to it. Seriously though, Graziano has had him on the All – NFCE team each week for like 2 years….no idea how or why. I guess no other teams in the division return punts or kicks.

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