Film breakdown: Dez Bryant was to blame for Tony Romo’s INT on Sunday in Seattle

On their 2nd possession (not including Felix Jones’ fumble on the opening kickoff), the Cowboys were driving and looking to close the gap on Seattle’s early 10-0 lead.  Tony Romo proceeded to throw an interception to Brandon Browner, and they wasted the opportunity for more points.  The announcing crew put the blame on Romo, but full blame for the interception, in this case, goes squarely to Dez Bryant.

Here’s the Cowboys’ formation.  Miles Austin is lined up slot left.  Dez Bryant is lined up wide left.  Austin will run a quick 2 yard out, with Bryant running a slant.  On the right side, Jason Witten, lined up in line as a TE, is running a 5 yard in:

Tony Romo does a 3-step drop and pump fakes right:

Dez Bryant sees the pump fake, thinks the ball is going elsewhere, and quits on the play (it’s difficult to see him quitting in still shots, so you’ll just have to trust me, or click here for video of the play):

Romo sees an open Jason Witten, so he fires.  There is no way that Dez Bryant should still be anywhere near the vicinity of where Romo is delivering the pass.  However, because Bryant quit on his route, Seahawks CB Brandon Browner leaves Bryant, steps in front of the pass, and is going the other way:

Dez Bryant has all the talent in the world, but plays like this are prime examples of why he is nowhere remotely close to the best of the best in the NFL.

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  1. chris says:

    i think this is exactly why the cowboys won’t give dez an extension after this season .. he’s just simply not worth the headaches he gives u .. personally i’m done with dez, he’s immature and doesn’t care about his teammates .. enough is enough

  2. DerfDiggy says:

    Seems like there’s quite a few different takes on the same play.

    Doesn’t absolve Dez, cause he did let up…but BTB broke down the play, and there are two uncalled PI’s on the same play…specifically one holding Witten from getting to the spot he needed to.

  3. James says:

    Jimmy former scout Bryan Broaddus was on the Talking Cowboys show said Jason Witten ran the wrong route he was suppose to turn right instead of left thats why Romo pumped fake 1st time because he thought Witten saw what he saw also Mike Fisher said the same exact thing even Romo & Witten had a heated discussion after that play on the sideline so I think its more Witten to blame than Dez on the INT eventhough Romo had no business throwing it into coverage like that anyway

    1. Jake says:

      Broaddus broke down the play there. Said the same thing. Never mentions Dez quitting on a route.

      1. Broaddus should have mentioned Dez quitting on his route… because he did.

      2. In fact, I’ll say the same thing I said earlier:

        Broaddus’ assessment doesn’t really compute. Regarding Witten’s route, if Broaddus has inside knowledge of the play call, then I’ll yield to his information. But if it’s just his opinion, I see no evidence whatsoever that Witten should be running an out route. How long has Witten been in the league? Has he been a player that’s prone to screwing up his assignment?

        OK, that aside… Any way you slice it, Dez still quit on his route, which is unacceptable. If it happened the way Broaddus is describing, Dez is clearly a 4th player at fault. If Dez continues his route like he’s supposed to, Brandon Browner isn’t in the area and it’s probably a completion. But personally, I think Romo and Witten are clear of blame here.

        1. Bryan Broaddus says:

          It was a combination route on both sides of the field, the outside men had slants the inside guys had outs…Witten ran the wrong route…reason why Romo pulled the ball down. I am not stupid enough to blame a player for running the wrong route or missing a block without asking the players and coaches. Thats what people that report on the team do, ask questions instead of guess.

  4. […] • Dez Bryant had a terrible day as well.  He had two bad drops on 3rd down that would have sustained drives, and I felt like he quit on the play that led to a Seahawks INT. […]

  5. Todd B says:

    Can’t give Romo a complete free pass. All those players looked like they were in a huddle, they were so close together.

    Good catch in seeing that it was Dez that caused the problem but Romo has to see those players and just hold onto the ball.

    He Vicked that one. Couldn’t allow himself to take the sack so tried to force it.

    1. And another pick by Vick says:

      Haha its funny because Vick is a turnover machine.

  6. Frencheagles says:

    Ok, when I saw the title, I thought “Jimmy is once again firing on Dez, is he really so much responsible”. After reading, I wasn’t so sure, but when I saw the video… Man, I’d be a cowboy fan, I’d be so angry to see a player not finishing a route…

  7. Dez Bryant's Probation Officer says:

    Why are you always picking on Dez Bryant?

    1. GermanBird says:

      Because he can.

    2. Rick says:

      Because it’s easy.

    1. Ah, thanks. I’ll add it in the post itself.

  8. You caught that on your first time watching the game? Nice work.

    1. Yes and no. All I noticed initially was that the Cowboys had two receivers right in the same area on the INT, and I knew that the Cowboys didn’t draw it up that way. From there it’s just a matter of rewinding the play 5 or 6 times to figure out what went wrong. In other words, I had an idea a receiver screwed up the play on first viewing, but didn’t diagnose all of that in one shot.

      …and thanks.

      1. Derf Diggy says:

        Great catch..

        And egghhkk @ Dez

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